Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WOYWW #273

Not here!!
Sunning myself on the south coast!
Not really .... just not at my desk at the mo!

Sorry I have nothing interesting ......

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

WOYWW #272

Wonderful week!  so much happened!  I cleared my desk and cleaned it - well, the top!!!  So good .... I didn't know it was so large!!!
Do you want to see it?
Of course you do!?!  That's why we are gathered here .... courtesy of the Fair Lady Julia - thank you my hostess.  If you want to snoop look at other desks but don't know how, then click on the tab at the top of the page for all the goss.
Looks good doesn't it??
Not like that now ..... cards ready for posting ....
Do you wanna know what else happened?
We had quadruplets!!!  Yes!?!
In the fish world of course!  Here's two of our babies ..
You can read about that here ...

Wanna know what else happened?

Course you do!!!

One embarrassed lady!
My washed out, faded, very pale pink hair was transformed into a tremendous, very bright, striped pink!!!


Way to go!!!

Can't see it properly?

Got your sunglasses on?

HERE IT IS!!!               BRIGHT PINK!!!

Shame about the nose ..... my Mother had one like it , we called it her witch nose.  Mind you, her chin stuck out a bit more than mine ... just a bit!!!

Friday, 15 August 2014

An August Birthday

I have been making cards from the free kit given away with Papercraft Essentials, they will appear on this Blog over time.
For this card I wanted something not sewing related, just pretty as the person who will receive it.

I used a pink tent fold card, one of my larger ones.  I cut a sheet of paper from the pack to size so that the paper was central on the front.
I chose a gold lettered sentiment and attached it with 3D pop-ups, adding a pink organza bow to the corner.

I used Crystal Glaze on some of my punched flowers and left them to dry.  Once dry I scrunched them up and then attached them with Collall glue to decorate the lower righthand corner.
A small lemon butterfly in the top right hand corner makes it ready to write and post.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WOYWW #271

Looks like rain today but I can't stay indoors .... going to be in the pink .... again .... hopefully not washing out after two washes!!!  The hairdresser and I are enjoying this adventure as we try out different shades of Bright Pink on my hair ..... but we WILL find the right one .... soon!

So here we are .... one desk ....

Details on ATC Wannabee Blog
No, not really!

That's how it was before I started looking for this ....
I am knitting flowers for a Church Fete and I need some yellow wool for the stamens ......

.... and this is the real desk!


I know that Lunch Lady Jan will enjoy this and understand!?!  The rest of you will have to click on the tab at the top of the page to find explanations.
Thank you Julia for hosting .... again ... 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

WOYWW #270

Oh! Dear!  You have caught me out  - using up bits of left over paper ...
I have set myself the target of using up freebies given with magazines, I mean - why do I buy the magazines?  Because of the freebie .... I really am trying to save my money and not buy anymore stash but these magazine people .... well really!  What's a girl to do?
So I bought this magazine with all the 'sewing' embellishments & papers and have made the suggested cards.  I am now left with the rest of the paper pad, a few embellis and bits of paper sheets.  So I have punched out some flowers and butterflies out of the left overs and in my pot they go for future use.  
When I have cleared up the flowers I shall use some of the stamps given free with another magazine - well, two actually - BUT they are back copies which I managed to buy slightly cheaper .... I did save £2 buying them this way ...... does it count as saving money?

Why don't you share your desk with us .... we try not to laugh .... really, we do!
Click the tab at the top of the page and you can join the 'Lady Julie', our honourable hostess, and all the Wednesday WOYWWsers.
Have a good week  .....

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Fourth July Birthday

Not another one! I hear you saying .... yes! 'fraid so!

I used one from my Hunky Dory kit for this one.

Lovely shiny paper and lots of bling!

It is a simple easel card so I started with a basic plain white card with the front folded in half inwards.
A piece of mirri card along the lower edge of the front is dressed with a few bits of bling.

The large circular topper is attached centrally but the glue stick was used only along the lower half.

Inside I added a smaller piece of blue paper and a matching border was adhered an inch or so from the edge.

When the card is opened up it is very pretty.
I remembered to post this one - stamped as well!!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Wedding card ...quick!

Having only a short time in which to make this card I had to go online and Google Asian Wedding Cards.  I decided that as the invite was Red and Gold I would make my card in these colours - but how?

Then I remembered the free gift with Simply Cards & Papercraft this month ...... 

.......a Sheena Douglass embossing folder .....

I sorted some red card, my embossing folder and Grand Calibur, gold inkpad and away I went .... well, not quite!  I had to recut my card to fit the folder so, after a rethink, I decided my card would be C5 and not the DL one I had in mind.
No problem! 
 I embossed, inked and cut.  It was very plain so I wrapped a shiny gold ribbon round the card, which made it a bit more blingy!
I typed out my sentiment and formatted it to fit within the confines of an insert.  Cut and folded and punched and stuck to the inside .... folded the card shut and oh! no! the insert crinkled!!!
So again I typed out my sentiment .........  
Cut and folded and punched and stuck to the inside carefully ..... 
...... breathed a sigh of relief!!

I signed said card and popped it into an envelope - being a C6 I had a cream envelope handy so .... ready to go!

Just need now to decide what to wear ....