Thursday, 28 April 2016

April Swaps

A full list of swaps this month, we have been busy but they have all been completed.

Noobie Swap
I used some gold peel offs on pale green glitter paper for this card and then added the square to a ark cream card - looks white in the picture but it is a deep cream.  I fussy cut the flowers, adding a bit of bling to the centres, then attached them to the square.  I don't think it needs any sentiment.

I received this gorgeous card by return.  Caro has used top quality papers and coloured beautifully.  
Thank you Caro.

Alphabet Swap - O
I used another Craftee Kit for my swap this month.  The peel offs in the kit were different and not the one I wanted so had to search around in the stash for a suitable one.  Like this card very much.

I received this great card by return.  The embellishments are diecuts, gorgeous colours!  
Thank you Olive.

Colour Swap

I had first seen this card on the web and thought it would be perfect to CASe one day.  It has been so long since I found it I do not have any links etc.  Sorry.  

I used some peeloffs for this swap following the pattern on the original card.

I received this well thought out card by return.  Doncha love it!
Thank you Karen.

Technique Swap - Pleat Fold
I used some of my Craftwork Cards paper for this card.  I couldn't follow the instructions, not a theory learner, so had to work out all the dimensions, not very successfully, but manage to put it all together.  Some candi, string an a couple of sentiments later and the card is finished.

I received this brilliant card by return.  It's a different take on the Pleat fold but beautifully created.
Thank you Caro.

In case you wanted to see the inside ....... here it is!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

WOYWW #360

This is WOYWWednesday - if you want to find out more then checkout the tab at the top of the page - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting this weekly meet up.

Well, you've done it!!!  Congratulations!
What? do I hear you ask?
Caught me in action .... well, post action ..... looking for an envelope .....
I have a male birthday coming up so I have made a great card for him - he's a Nautical Engineer (crawls around in ships looking for leaks!).
Now I need an envelope and so far have been unsuccessful in finding one to fit ..... looks like I will have to make one ........ out of nautical paper of course!

I have only just managed to buy this issue of Craft Stamper and then found out that the next one is due to hit our shops next week!!!   Wonderful!!  You never know I might pick up some ideas for my Anniversary ATCs - already lined up to make don't worry (several in case anyone would like to swap!).

Thank you to all my visitors last week, I had a fine time visiting your desks, if I didn't make yours then please accept my apologies!  

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

WOYWW #359

Desk Sharing Day - details on the WOYWW tab above - Thanks go to Julia for hosting... Short and sweet!

First off - thank you to all my visitors last week, I managed to visit several desks but if yours was not one of them - I'm sorry, I ran out of time.

I have the starting of a matchbox swap all over my desk this week, along with a to do list .... yes, I know that is unusual for me but I have several cards to make and also several 
birthdays this week (yikes!) so I have to remember them ..... just hope they are all on the list!
I also have a couple of 'Spring' poems printed out for the match box swap - guess the theme!!!

We had an interesting trip this time to Paris (more details will be posted on my Recollections.... blog later), the highlight, apart from spending time with friends, was floating boats on a pond.  I float my own boat ....... and PJ floated his own ...... how sweet!!!  Twas very energetic, racing round the pond, but so worth it especially as I couldn't stop laughing ..... no photos of me unless any of the many photographers took any!

So I am back home safely and off now to fetch Little Soldier ..... I hear he has taken his first steps .......

Have a good day and I hope to catch up with you all later 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

WOYWW #358

Check out the tab at the top of the page for further information on WOYWWs.   Thanks go to the Lady Julia, our wonderful Hostess.
The desk .....

I am not really working at the desk at the moment .....
I did start measuring out some paper for a matchbox swap, but while I was looking for the new pack of matchboxes, found my Paris 'Fix' book and sat reading that.  It is getting outdated now, La Defense has been improved and Nanterre beyond is looking good, but just to look at the photos and think - come the weekend we will be here, sitting drinking coffee - makes me feel good.
So .... not a lot of crafting going on round here!!!  Pre-packing washing and ironing .... yes! lots!
This time next week I shall be back home, lots of postcards, papers, magazines and other ephemera filled files ready to start another crafting session with all my new 'free' goodies!
Until then have a really good week, Spring is here and British Summer Time has started, light nights........ reasons to be crafting!!!

BTW - I posted about the Balsa Wood on my last post ......

Friday, 8 April 2016

Balsa Wood

I know that this isn't strictly Cardmaking but ....
I had several enquires about the Balsa Wood on my last post, so I thought I would try and let you know the thinking behind the buying/breaking of the Balsa Wood.
It all started when one of the ladies at my Craft Group, during some casual conversation, mentioned that Balsa Wood could be diecut!  My imagination went racing off and I could just imagine some steampunk cogs all embossed to look like metal ..... 
When I visited the art shop in town - see previous post - I bought the Balsa Wood. 
On my ATCs For All Forum is a crayon swap so I thought I would take this opportunity to try out the diecut Balsa Wood.
 I have some Heartfelt Creations dies and some Spellbinders Tim Holtz dies and a broken piece of Balsa Wood!!!
The wood and dies would not go through my Grand Calibur!  No way ...... and I was so upset.
I cut some ordinary printing paper - which wasn't very good with either dies and then tried some grey cardboard.  Better but the Spellbinder dies just would not cut - I think they maybe just for embossing.
Then I put the Balsa Wood through the Calibur on its own, it came out half the thickness so progress had been made.
I attached the HC dies and die cut the cogs and chain links!!! Yeah!!!
I was pretty impressed.
With suitable embossing powders arranged on the desk, I went to work, changing plain wood and grey cardboard into metallic objects.... Well, sort of .....
I got bored.
I pulled out the Distress Inks - all three of them! - and went to town ..... Balsa Wood absorbs the ink like .... wow!  soooo bright...... compared to the grey cardboard - see the two circles on the right.
I had a great afternoon, my Grand Calibur, inkpads, embossing powders and Distress Inks .... all to add to Crayonned cards - details over on my ATC Wannabee Blog!!!

And I still have some Balsa Wood left to play with!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

WOYWW #357

This is WOYWWednesday - if you want to find out more then checkout the tab at the top of the page - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting this weekly meet up.
My desk this week is just a dumping ground ..... I'm sorry but I have been rather busy ....
There's some papers, embossing folder and dies (free with a magazine), some balsa wood and a pack of wipes.  Just dumped there!
Mind you, what you cannot see is the story behind the picture ...... the balsa wood...... go and get a cup of coffee and I'll begin.......
DDC and I had a 'girlie' day in Birmingham, just shopping and chatting and more shopping and chatting!!!  We had started our day just north of the actual City Centre and then came back into town to continue.  As we were walking down the main street DDC wanted to go into New Look but I spotted a new Art Shop on the other side of the road - Cass Art shop.  We went our separate ways and I bought a length of Balsa Wood among other things and, as we would be continuing to shop, the Sales Assistant wrapped it very, very, very carefully.
We stopped for lunch, continued shopping and in our last shop, wouldn't you know, I heard a sharp crack as the wood broke in almost half.  The last shop.  Isn't it always the way?!?!
So there you see ..... two pieces of Balsa Wood on my desk.... such a fun day that a broken piece of wood just adds another smile to the memory.
Wednesday has now become Dexter WOYWWser day so I have to schedule my posts and try to remember to link up before I go out to fetch Little Soldier.  He has now worked out how to move his feet in order to walk forwards, so the next stage of his life begins.  Our eldest Grandaughter (GDTK) is cruising round the Canary Islands at the moment, doesn't seem five minutes since she was learning to walk!!!
Thank you to all who visited and left comments last week, I hope to visit a few more desks this week ..... But it is Spring and gardens need tidying ......