Tuesday, 29 April 2014

WOYWW #256

It's Wednesday!
Such a lot has happened in the preceding week .... but I'm here today .... Oh! yes!

And here is my desk ....

This is the desk of someone who has found out that she may not have had a desk this week.  After spending last Thursday in A&E, I am pleased ... so very pleased ... to report in this week!!!  Like I tell my family .... I am the same but with a bit more information ..... and a load of tablets!?!?!

Multitasking is my forte ... I am enjoying myself enormously!
On my desk you will find ....

An AOY decoupage card almost finished .....
A pile of yellow ATCs ready to post.
3 almost finished Sea Themed ATCs.
A Black card with white and one other colour embellishments.
A sketch for the next card to be made.
Christmas themed glitter Peel Offs sorted and ready to be sent to a cousin.
(smug) (smug)

... and now I am off to visit other desks .... and enjoy myself some more ....
Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

WOYWW #255

Hello and Welcome!
On my way back from town I realised it was Wednesday and I am MIA .... not for long my friends!  Coat off, camera at ready, photo taken - desk really as is!!!
So why am I rushing around like this, what is so special about Wednesday?  How could you ask?  Just go check out the tab at the top of the page and then go meet our fab Hostess, the inspirational Julia ...
I promise that this desk is just as I left it yesterday evening.  Three almost finished ATCs and four soon-to-be finished ATCs.  Eagle eyes may spot a few Paris purchases on the right.
Had a wonderful time in Paris, still trying trying to write up all the nitty gritty details but having to travel to Manchester over the weekend, sending a daughter and grandaughter to Vegas, sorting arrangements for other daughter's medical needs ..... the writing slipped a little!?!?!
Suffice to say I enjoyed every minute (almost) in Paris - you knew I would - but no underwear was bought, tee shirts, bag and coat, yes!  Will just have to go back ..........

Have a good week all you WOYWWers and thanks for visiting.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Wishes

I made eight cards over all, I just chose images and sat colouring, and colouring, and colouring ... forgot about dinner!  oops!

So here was the desk with images and pencils all ready to meet ....

Some of the images I downloaded ready coloured, some were watercoloured and others, I coloured with my Inktense pencils.

I selected a diecut heart to hang on this cross and used a diecut greeting from Craftee, bought a long time ago. 

I used shades of brown with red in the appropriate places, backed this onto gold paper and added the diecut greeting with dimensionals.

Another image from the web, coloured and backed onto gold paper.  the greeting was added with dimensionals again.

Using shades of pink and red, I coloured the flowers leaving the lilies white and backed the image onto fold paper.  I printed out the sentiment from Clear Dollar Designs, cut it out into a banner shape and added it with dimensionals.

.These two designs were printed out last year but not used so, after colouring, I diecut them and then added one straight to the card.

The second design, slightly miscut, was added to a diecut frame and a fancy bow added to the top of the image.

This image I decoupaged so that the heart stood proud, the sentiment says it all.

I love this picture, backed onto gold paper and then onto the card ....  this is surely one precious picture.

I just hope that the recipients were blessed by these cards and thought on the true meaning of the Day.
I celebrated the Risen Lord with my Nigerian Friends in Manchester and was so blessed.

Friday, 18 April 2014

April Swaps for CWS

I love making the swap cards in April, and any other cards if possible, to feature St George who is our Patron Saint.  There are lots of stories and legends about him and slowly but surely the English are banding together to make 23rd April a National Celebration Day.
I hope that one day the English will cause it to be as big for the English as St Patrick's day is for the Irish - Being in Birmingham when the bombs destroyed the nightclubs (and lives of our young people, my friend's 17 year old daughter lost both her legs) I do not enjoy seeing the Irish Tricolour flying here.
But back to the cards,the reason for being here .....
1 to 1
As soon as I saw this little bear I knew he was mine!
I applied the ink and then cleaned it from the centre of his shield, stamped him out on several pieces of cardstock and coloured him in with pencils.  I used an England peel off in the top right corner, stamped a spray of roses using a free stamp along the lower edge.  I coloured the roses red (English symbol) and some of the leaves green.  All the sentiments were printed on my PC and cutout to shape.

I received this beautiful card with a fantastic embossed background, the appropriate words were chalked in matching colours.
Thank you Carol J.  

I stamped a scene from an old stamp from Sheena Douglass and coloured with pencils, spraying with clear water afterwards.  I cut several England peeloffs into flag shapes and 'draped' them across the top of the card added a 'string' using a red pen.  A printout sentiment from my PC completed the card.

Colour My World - Green card, yellow embellishments and one other colour.

I punched a border on yellow paper, several pieces of yellow paper and sorted out a focal picture.
 I used one of the cards from my ATC kit then attached it to the yellow background which I then attached to the card.  The sentiment was also from my ATC kit and I carefully rubbed it onto the yellow card and then discovered ..... I had used a different yellow card!  I hope it isn't too obvious.

I received this cute chicken with an embossed background.
Thank you Carol J. 

Teabag Folded
As there are just the two of us swapping this month I have tried to food 'out of the box' as it were.  I googled and found an inspiration.

I punched several circles from a paper pad given free with a magazine.  I followed the tutorial on the blog, adhering them onto a piece of pink card cut to size and added my own embellishments, several pearl flowers, a length of pink string tied into a double bow decorated with a pink pearl.  I had an adhesive sentiment attached to pink card, then rounded the corners and attached it to the lower edge of the green card.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

WOYWW #254

Whew!  running as fast as I can ......

Making it home just in time to join in I think - I'm sorry to be so late ...... but here's a short WOYWW report.

My desk .....

Well it was yesterday!

Where and what was I doing ......?

Guess!!  lol

Happy Easter everyone, thanks for visiting ... I'm off to bed to catch up on some  zzzzzz  z z z  z  z  z    z   z      z         zs

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

WOYWW #253

Late today but it's still Wednesday here!  On my workdesk are .... my Easter cards, waiting to be coloured and finished and posted.  I hope to finish colouring them tonight and put the finishing touches to them tomorrow.  That's the plan ......
Meanwhile .... my desk ....
so that's it for today ... short but sweet.

Sorry I didn't get round to visiting many desks - still going last night until I found out what day it was!  lol
Thank you for visiting me ...  the comments are much appreciated.

Have a good WOYWWeek

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

First of the April Birthdays

PJ's new sister has her birthday at the beginning of this month and so her first birthday card from her new brother will be special ........
I decided that 'dancing' from my 'Docrafts bag' would be THE design.  On the ideas printout there is a picture of a card with Art Deco outline so I decided that I would CASe this.
I used a black high gloss card and holographic peel offs as backing to the picture, sparkle is definitely needed for this birthday .
I placed peel offs on the top corners of the card first, placing the picture to help decide where the peel offs should go.

I scored the card down the side of the top left peel offs and then folded the card at this point.  After trimming the card to fit round the picture and trims, I then attached the picture with dimensionals (pop dots).  After adding the lower corners, vertical and horizontal strips, I trimmed the happy birthday sentiment and attached that with a dimensional.

Did I tell you that I found my new guillotine/paper trimmer which was 'somewhere safe', it has been a pleasure to use it on this card.

I used some parchment paper for the insert and sorted through my punches for a suitable punch.  I used this one, I thought it looked Art Deco, to decorate all the corners.

Happy Birthday Lynn.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Last of the March Birthdays

Male cards at the end of the month ... both on the same day .... 24 hours notice .... good here in't it?!?

I looked through my card folder and found a card from Technique Junkies technique of the week - Rounded Squares - a design that I could CASe.
I used two papers from my PaperWishes stash to cut out the squares, round a corner and then the diagonally opposite one.  Using dimensionals (3D pop-ups) I fixed the squares to form an imaginary square in the top two thirds of a blue card.
I used some wallpaper samples from my collection, different kinds and colours, to cut the sentiment.  The die was given away free with a magazine and I had great fun trying to cut with it on the wall papers.
One thing I learnt is that when you fold a thin paper into four and die cut it .... there are two good shapes and two reversed ones!!
From one piece of thin dark blue/white paper, I managed to get two blue and two white sentiments although I was looking for four blue cuts!!!
I used the blue marble 'kitchen' wallpaper for one card and an 'aged/crackled' brown paper for the second card.
I love these cards and sent them off to the fellas with our love.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mother's Day Cards

At this time of year ... I really miss my Mam ... really, really.  I miss buying the bunch of violets that I bought every Mothering Sunday, the look on her face ... she knew I would buy them and yet .... she hoped I wouldn't forget .... I didn't .... ever.
Violets are not on sale anywhere nowadays .... I have  a small patch growing in my garden!
This year I am sending Mothering Sunday cards .... to my children ... to remind them that I love them.
I searched on the net for an appropriate sentiment, printed it out twice with different borders and trimmed to the size I wanted.
For C it had to be purple, for N it had to be red ...

So I backed the quote onto the individual colours and added flowers in the corners.

Whilst looking on the web I found a suitable quote for TK and changed all the lettering and borders to Pink - a very modern girl is TK!

I backed the quote onto a pink sparkly background and added a leatherette flower.  Modern girl is TK.

My cards were loved .... 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

WOYWW #252

Hello there ...
Another busy week and it is Wednesday again!   WOYWWednesday ... Thank you Julia for hosting ....

I want to record that I have at last managed to make my BIG BOX for my cards.  I finish my cards and put them to one side in a box, so I am accumulating several of these boxes ... what I need is a bigger box to put them all in and one day I will make one ...... that day has arrived!
So far I have covered the outside in Winnie the Pooh paper - orange (what?) with Tigger on (Tigger's ok).

Now that it is finished - for the time being, now I will recycle that McD's bag on the left.  I aim to use that for ATCs.  The Hat things are still there, I dare not move them or they will just disappear ... I know they will and ... while I was looking for the paper, I found some Easter sentiments, pictures and embellis so they are also in my desk ready to use.    
I may appear to be very busy and 'organised' at the moment but I am on a 'high' as we are arranging a trip to Paris.
I am suffering from severe Paris withdrawal symptoms and, anyhow, I need some new underwear ....  from C & A .... in Paris .... not my fault if they closed all their branches in England!!! 

Enjoy the week ... thank you in advance for your visits ....au revoir ...