Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Happy Anniversary to WOYWW!!

Happy Anniversary to Julia et al.  
I hope we all have a wonderful day!  Mine has started well .... had to explain about 'Conservation Area' to our new neighbours who started to have the front garden removed!!!  More flooding as we will catch the water run off, less oxygen in the area .... don't get me started!!  lol

So ....onto the good things in life such as the Wednesday WOYWsers .... my desk has changed at the moment.  I am preparing another batch of Prem Babies' Blankets.  They are all ready to be washed and then we hope to deliver them to our local hospital early next week.  Then I think i will start some more as I have tested out a new pattern on some of these and rather like the idea!   Useful use of odds and ends.
Have a good day, lots of chatting and ATC swapping - mine are ready to post so if anyone is interested in swapping...... drop me an email and it will be in the post tomorrow.
Have a fantastic day ......

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

WOYWW #363

Well, it's all change here while our usual Hostess takes time out for herself (enjoy!) and then gets a 'seeing to' .... which will be successful of course, why? Because we say so!!  
Love you Julia.
The Party is now being held over at Lunch Lady Jan's for a few weeks so just ignore any links if you visit the tab at the top of the page ...... the info is the same but the link is now here.  You will receive a great welcome over there and lots of info, laughs, well I nevers etc.
As for me?

Well, here's the desk ....
Just as I left it on Monday night.  
And here's the telling of it ......

I have had a very busy week as I have started the garden tidy up after the Chicken Ranch has been finished.  Yeah!!!!

We took advantage of the good weather to get out into the gardens ..... yes, there supposed to be an S there! 
In one week ...
.. spent time at the Client's garden, at the Steam Train garden and then our own garden.  Shame it is raining today because I was just getting into the habit of spending all day outside!!
On top of all that I made my first cake in ages ..... trying out a new 'cake tin' with which I am very pleased - I might tell you the story on my Recollections Blog!

I visited the Doctors - I just wanted a short pop-in but  ..... I am up the hospital today for an XRay ..... 

Then I remembered that Little Soldier turns one this week so a card was the order of the day .... then I didn't like it so tried to re-do it.... looks a bit better but I think my brain was somewhere else!  
No change there then.

So yesterday, I shut the craftroom door and went out celebrating with Little Soldier et al.

Now I am going to spend the day after the celbrations just playing around with ..... guess who!!!

You all have a good week and please forgive me if I don't get round to visit many of you.
Updated to add that I have made several ATCs for the birthday swap so if you are interested in swapping please drop me a mail.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

WOYWW #362

Welcome one and all ..... hope the rain and wind has passed you by and you are back in the sunshine.  I really thought that summer had arrived, the swallows are here and the sun was shining.... for two days!!

My desk has the makings of an ATC double sided swap.  Yes, I know!  Another one!  Couldn't resist this one.  I have sorted out the sides, direct opposites this time - thumbs up/thumbs down, Red cat/green cat and male/female.  I am using ideas collected from the internet and sorted some direct opposites.
ALSO on my desk is a cow mug - a present for DDN, a few diecuts  - new dies had to be tried out!, and if you look carefully you can see a pile of ATCs..... I am also working on my Birthday swap ATCs, the backs are all I am showing today!!
Here's a smile for you - Little Soldier tried out the lawn!!!
Thanks to all my visitors last week, if I didn't make it to your desk .... sorry, I'll try to do better this week!!!

My thanks also go to Julia, our wonderful hostess, who provides the space for us all to meet up.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

WOYWW #361

Thanks to Julia for hosting this weekly deskhop, all the details of WOYWW can be found if you click the tab at the top of the page.

This week I am reminiscing ...... I was looking for something ...... you know how it goes ..... in a box I found several items which brought back lots of memories .....

Here is the infamous desk and I am smiling to myself.  
I'll tell you why if you want to stick around to find out ..... on second thoughts you better grab a cup of something and find an easy seat!!!

There's a map of Southern France and the Alps.  I sat looking for the Tunnels (du Chat, Monte Bianco, Frejus) through which PJ and I crossed into Italy (he used to make this trip every week).

Here is an interesting leaflet I found in the Chapel in East Midlands Airport as wewere passing through to go to Lago di Garda with GDTK.  The leaflet suggests how to spend five minutes with God. 

Just underneath all that is a serviette from a restaurant on Malta.  That particular meal was taken with our friends, after spending a great morning walking round Marsaxlokk.  This is a small harbour in the south of the island and is famous for its seafood restaurants. 

The business card is leftover from our Paris trip, we called into this Bistro to get out of the rain - Rylan Clarke look alike works there. :-)

A miraculous medal, still on its original string.  As children we were all given these medals, to keep us safe and help us pray.  The wording round the edge reads - O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to thee - and the words were repeated often!  Then I became 'born again' and, in finding Jesus, didn't need Mary to pray for me as I found out I could speak straight to Jesus myself..... and He hears....

A keyring from Gibraltar.  
We had a holiday in Spain  and managed a daytrip into Gibraltar.  I had so wanted to go there as my Father was stationed there for several years during which time my Brother was born. 
My mother used to speed round the island in an open topped car and this is where she developed her love of speed. 
Such happy memories from her and for me!!!

Another list!!!!  lol
This time it is for a trip to Africa and was attached to the flyer.  We used to go to Nigeria every year, and at the same time - according to my list - I was learning Shorthand at Evening Class and preparing for an Executive Skills exam.  May I say that I was in fulltime employment back in the day .... must have had a lot (lot) more energy then!!!  lol
More happy memories and a chance to have a good prayer session for the people there.
Woo! Hoo!
I found my 'button' diecuts!!!  I bought the die to make some 'buttons' for an ATC swap, but then lost the diecuts!!!

Talking about ATCs, there happens to be some gold papers and oriental images/papers .... sorted ready for another swap .... betcha can't guess what themes!!!!!

The stories behind my desk this week ..... hope you found them interesting.  
I am out today checking out Chicken Houses with PJ and Little Soldier, sounds like a fun day ..... hhmm .... we'll see ......

..... in the meantime ..... enjoy your deskhopping and, if you haven't joined in before, maybe this is the time to join in.... details on the the tab above.
Have a good week, stay safe and happy.

Monday, 2 May 2016

May Birthday One

The first birthday in May has arrived!  It is for a Nautical Engineer, he tends to spend an awful lot of time crawling round the insides of ships, checking that they are safe to sail...... yeah! one of those!  Ship's Health and Safety!!

A friend created this embossed stamped image and I have saved it just for this time.  The scene is beautifully embossed in a warm shade of brown on a creamy parchment, which I matte onto a tan card.  Then the whole is backed onto a black card.  I used a cream parchment paper for the insert and the sentiment was written with a brown biro.  
One thing that nearly always happens when I make my own cards ....... no envelope!

I found a beautiful patterned paper in one of my Debbie Moore's envelopes, perfect..... Measured to fit round the card, cut then stuck .......

Just imagine his face when this little package drops through his letterbox!!!