Wednesday, 28 October 2015

WOYWW #334

This is WOYWWednesday - checkout the tab at the top of the page for further info - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting again.

And my desk?    I am filing my wallpapers in a lovely pale lavender folder, under the pretext that at last I will be able to find them when I need to!
I have several 'styles' now but my latest acquisition is a beautiful wood print, with pale pink roses dusted over it........... it's just on top of the silver books .......

Someone asked about 'wall papers' once .......

I use wall papers in various ways ......

.........fussy cut some images ........

....... cut out some of the details from the paper .....

........ fussy cut an image and then colour with watercolour pencils .........

......punch shapes and sentiments ........

....use as a background ..... punch some flowers ...........

...... use as a background with some fussy cut images and embellishment ....... 

I love using the wallpaper samples, one day I shall use some paint samples to match the paper!!!

Have a good week ........
UPDATED: OOOHHh!  Welcome Marcia, so pleased you're enjoying our desks, all very interesting with a bit of laughter thrown in for free!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

WOYWW #333

This is WOYWWednesday - if you want to find out more then checkout the tab at the top of the page - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting this weekly meet up.

**Happy Dancing**     **Happy Dancing**

The BIG DAY has arrived and I have started on my first journal!   Actually the day arrived yesterday and after the paint dried I have continued ........
DDC has a memento she would like to present to her friend - a reminder of her Hen Party.  DDC has made a start but, now it is in my hands, I have decided to have a try at making a mixed media journal.
I stripped out the contents, ensuring that everything was in the same order, removed as much tape as I could and set to work.
I painted as many pages as I could with two shades of pink, white and black.  I used a dry babywipe and spread the left over paint on some basic ATCs.  I am hoping that on completion of this journal I will have a stack of ATCs with painted backgrounds.
So today I am trying to get some stencilling done on each of the pages.  I am using colours that are in the photos and ephemera so at present this 'idea' makes it all look a bit of a mishmash.
I have added some green and red stencil marks to several pages, a bit of 'this is my happy place', a few hearts, a 'hug' or two, some circles and small dots - punchinello .  I have very few commercial mask so have had to make my own or recycle discovering that I am not very patient when it comes to waiting for paint to dry!!!  

I've switched to applying the paint with my latest purchase.  I bought these sponges with sponge holder, from my Avon representative, I think they are supposed to be used with nail varnish, but as paint brushes they are wonderful!!  
I thought I would use each sponge for a different colour but not so, the paint just washes out and I have only used one sponge so far.

I hope to post my progress in stages cos after this journal I have  ....... DDC's pregnancy journal!!

Thank you to all my visitors last week and your kind comments.  I shall visit as many desks as I can this week, now that we have the heating working, I will be able to use my laptop of an evening.

Monday, 19 October 2015

August Swaps

It has taken a long time to complete this swap.  There has been a lot of Life intruding on our cardmaking lives but most of the cards are now in.

1 to 1

I covered a centre fold card with paper from Lellibot, colouring in some of the flowers with Promarkers.
I matted one of the toppers on patterned paper and adhered to the left hand side of the card.  I matted a sentiment onto silver card and placed it slightly lower on the left hand side.  
I applied a piece of matching paper to the inside of the card.

I received this gorgeous card by return.  The flower is well worth a second look.
Thank you Helen.

Make a Card with .... Pinpricking

I pricked this design some time ago and coloured it in with chalks for the swap.  after adding a ribbon down the right side of the card I used a peel off sentiment on the lower right.

There was no return swap this month.

Follow that Sketch ....

 I used some of the papers from my paper book for this card and then stencilled the sentiment with red paint.  For a first attempt at stencilling, I am pleased with the result.

This is a beautifully stencilled card!!!
Thank you Helen.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

WOYWW #332

This is WOYWWednesday - checkout the tab at the top of the page for further info - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting again.

oooh!  dear!!!! you've really caught me out today!!!
Here is my desk as is ..... paint samples punched ready to make Aster Flowers for last month's ATC swap..... and the next swap all lined up in the Rexel.  Ignore the clutter to the left - I was sorting out my ATC swap for this month ......
 This will be my last item for catching up with last month's swaps. 
 My hand is all healed after being cut with Topiary Clippers (don't ask!) just have a small scar but have the full use of my hand, Praise God!!
Will pop in to 'see' as many as I can .......
Take care and have a good week.

Monday, 12 October 2015

More September Swapping - delayed

You may not know this but I had a 'bit of an accident' when gardening so there has been no crafting for a couple of weeks.  I clipped the palm of my hand whilst trimming some bushes but I am completely healed now so back to crafting , yeah!!!!

1 to 1

I made this card from a kit whilst on holiday in a place looking out over the sea.  It seems a long time ago now, thank goodness I have this decoupaged card to remind me.

This is one cheeky little imp.
Thank you Helen.

Colour My World - Orange Card with Green embellishments.

I have some great green peel offs to put on this card.  Knowing this is going to Australia, I thought it would be apt considering it is Spring over there at the moment.

Beautiful card, love the embossing and the diecuts.
Thank you Pat.

Make a Card with .....  Postage Stamps

I have a large tub of used Postage Stamps from all over which I have not yet used.  I chose four U.S.A. stamps, two 'Global Forever', one depicting John Wayne and the other Jimi Hendrix. I found the map background in one of my paper files, it's a map of Yorkshire - one of our most picturesque counties.  As soon as the stamps were in place I added the sentiment, a silver one which I coloured up blue - to match the blue 'Motorways' on the map.

I love this concept - an envelope which has travelled round a bit!!!
Thank you Pat.

Follow This Sketch

I raided my wallpaper sample file for this card as i am really not very good at matching colours and patterns .... have I mentioned that before?!!!
So I cut the large flower design to size, cut the fold patterned paper to size and then cut a slice of the plain border from another piece.
Once these papers were lined up, I needed a sentiment so chose a gold rub on.  A few pearls and a flower - done!!

I love the colours used on this card, so bright and cheerful.
Thank you Helen.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

WOYWW #331

This is WOYWWednesday - checkout the tab at the top of the page for further info - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting again.

Craft Room

Back Bedroom
Not much crafting going on here!!!

After many years of discussion, the decision was made and actioned..........

I have been very brave, I do not recognise my own house and it HAS meant several meals out so I mustn't complain.

Front Lounge


 Most of the piping and rubbish will disappear today as my DH clears and bags and takes to the tip and scrap metal merchants.  I am out visiting family so hopefully my garden will be back to normal when I return home.
Please note: garden takes preference as I really need that open space.

But then  .............
I now have these in every room - varying sizes - and they all work.

I woke up this morning to a very pleasantly warm house .... ok, it was quite hot!!
We will conquer the thermostat!!!
The rest of the week will be spent cleaning and tidying, and chucking of course.  We now need a plasterer and decorator ....... hhmmmff!  knew it would be a can of worms!!!
But just imagine when we are straight - I will be able to craft in my room ALL day long in the WARM!!
I shall need to make a lot of visits this week as it will be the only escape I shall have from this house ...... see you soon..........

Monday, 5 October 2015

September Card Swap

My cardmaking has really travelled this month and then became delayed.

Alphabet Swap - I is for Iris Folding
Another kit from Craftee - very sadly they have announced they are closing, this month there is a special sale, due to a new home being found (I wish them luck but how I will miss their kits!!!)
I sat looking out at the sea as I made these wonderful flip flops.

Someone else had the same idea!!
Thank you Liz W. 

Colour Swap - Blue with Pink

Another card made while watching ships sailing past the window.  This is a Decoupage Sheet from Craftee.  I though that I would try something different this time, the papers have a lovely finish to them.

I received this gorjuss card very early in the month.
Thank you Karen D.

Technique - Pop Up Box

I love making these cards!
I used a wallpaper sample to line the box, managing to get just enough pieces from the tartan section.  I die cut 'with love' in white and then water coloured with a slightly darker coral colour.  The wallpaper consists of several patterns giving it a quilted effect, from the flowered section I punched sever flowers of differing sizes and some butterflies etc.  I found some green grass silhouettes so cut them to size as a 'filler' along the lower struts.  After I had glued several flowers together I then attached them to several acetate 'sticks' trying to arranged them at different heights.  I then attached the 'sticks' to the struts and left to dry.  I used flowers and leaves to decorate the outside flaps of the card. 

I received this beauty and really love it.  I love the colour and especially the way the flaps are all heart shaped.  What a wonderful idea!!

Thank you Olive.

 Olive sent her cards all together and included this clever little card .......
Before I could finish all these cards I had a 'slight' accident at work so was unable to get them finished in time for the swap.  Happily my partners agreed to wait for my cards.