Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Birthday Last one

Craftwork card number one. 
I used one of the square cards to make an easel card and the inspiration sheet as a guide again ....
I cut a piece of small butterfly paper, attached it along the inside outer edge of the card and  I popped the sentiment in the middle of this paper.   
I placed some of the confetti pieces along each end of this paper, using some tiny pads inside each piece.
I swiped one of the toppers along a gold inkpad, folded back the top piece of card, and attached the topper to the right hand side.  I selected some of the butterflies previously punched from the paper, picking the brightest ones and some tiny punched flowers.  I attached these along the lefthand side of the card.  
Now I must find the tiny labels which have the instructions to display it ........

Happy Birthday Doreen! 

Friday, 30 May 2014

Craftwork Cards

I succumbed and bought this Paradise cardmaking pack.....
I have waited a long time to persuade myself that I needed this pack, but it was on special offer ..... and as I have invested in some special blank cards - swing, easel and pop up box - this gave me an opportunity to try the cards and papers.
The pack consists of a Paper Pad, several packs of toppers, packs of flowers, sentiments and a pack of confetti.
The pack came wrapped in a cellophane bag, with an inspiration sheet, and it sat for a couple of days as I was rather busy.  Eventually I managed to find time to sit with this pack and have a real good look at it.  The paper pad was amazing value, heavy paper and the first six pages were foil embossed .... and was so pretty!!!!
I was really going to enjoy playing with this package!

I spent the day making cards - well, only two actually as I got distracted ..... as I do.

Some of the left over paper was quite plain so I thought that I would punch out some flowers and butterflies ready for future cards.  I swiped the edges of the flowers with a gold inkpad and then wondered if I could emboss the edges with some two tone powder.
I wiped the edges of the flowers, wings and sometimes bodies of the the butterflies,  with Versafine ink and then dipped them into embossing powder and heat embossed.  All different colours and I had a lovely couple of hours engrossed in changing the look of all my flowers and butterflies.
This pack is going places ..... two cards down ...........

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WOYWW #260

YEAH! Anniversary Week!!
Well done Julia, congratulations on a great event ..... as well as the great WOYWW Crop!
All the details can be found on the tab at the top of this page.
After another wonderful year of shared laughs and sorrows we have made it through ....
I was very lucky to receive the following ATCs at the Crop, my cards are along the top:-

Thank yous go to Debbie @Tattered Rocks, Julia @ Stamping Ground, Helen @ StampingbyH, Zoe @craftygasheadzo, Dolores @ Cardarian, Chris @ pearshapedchris, Shaz @shazsilverwolf, Ali @ craftycouldron, Lynda @ sparksofart, Cindy @Mynameiscindy
Thank you all so much.

On my desk today are some flowered 3D Decoupage I brought home from the Crop.  If you brought these for the donation table then all I can say is Thank you! Thank you!
I have spent a lovely day putting them all together and hope to use them to make some cards and ATCs later in the week.

That's it for today, short but sweet.  With a bit of luck, and sunshine, I shall be on my own today as PJ will be 'up the allotment', I am hoping to use the time wisely by watching Create & Craft TV and visiting desks .... if the sun shines .....
Have a great week everyone .....

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Crop Day 2014

Leaving the house so early in the morning, going goodness knows where, wearing the sunglasses, we were off to meet fellow Bloggers!  This was a day that was a long time coming .... and I was sooo excited!!!
I had packed what I thought I would need in a large basket, made the toast, sorted the route so off we went.  We travelled through the rain, through the sunshine, realising an hour or so later that I had forgotten my watch and neither of us had brought the toast!!!
We arrived a little early but as we parked up as little hand waved in our direction through the window.  We sat waving back and then PJ said - if we run fast enough we won't get too wet ..... and he was right!!!!
As we entered into the hall, Shaz was there to greet us along with Lunch Lady Jan and Queen Julia.
I said Hello and just wanted to jump up and down excitedly!!
I looked around the hall, oblivious of all and sundry.  Empty tables and chairs, soon to be filled, I was sooo excited - did I say that?!?!?

People soon started to arrive and the tables filled.  After a hello and welcome from Lunch Lady and Julie, we were off ..... talking, chatting, moving, laughing, painting, stitching, beading ...... ooooh!   it was all going on!
donated stash on tables
Then suddenly .. it was lunchtime!

Food was laid out on more tables so we filled our plates and moved to the other side of the room to eat.

Then we all moved back to the work in progress .....

Julia had kindly lent her Big Shot, which was on one of the centre tables, along with several dies and embossing folders ....

ok then ..... 

lots and lots of dies and embossing folders!!!

Cindy was making banners ......

Maggie was very patient with me, explaining how she created such wonderful pictures .......

Helen sat beside me, creating a journal before my very eyes .... about Paris!!!!
I was mesmerised by her working ......

and here we all are!

All thanks to these two lovelies .....
They can never be thanked enough

I have to show you this photo ...... so lovely.  They both were .... Shaz just as colourful and creative as I expected .... and Doug .... sitting to one side for hours sorting out PJ's laptop..... many more thanks are due here.

 You might know I would be hugging the food lady!!!?!?!?!?!?

PS  Several of these photos were taken by other attendees, most by Mr Lunch Lady Jan.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

WOYWW #259

You lucky people - you not only get to see my desk but also some of my room - don't know which is worse!!!
Haven't been in here much of late so 'things' are sorta chucked in there.
 I did manage to get  few puchases in a box before it found itself in the room ..... 

I bought a magazine for the wool as we were crocheting at the local new Craft Group I have joined.   I forgot to take some wool and WH Smith kindly let me buy this mag.  
Unfortunately the Works is close by and shouted out that there were some stamps on sale.....

Box on the desk has some ATCs I am or have been working on .....

There are some ATC ideas that I am playing around with ........

..... and what's this on the floor?

It's a piece of plastic I had stuck to the back of the door, the idea is I shall attach some magnetic sheets to hold my dies - it fell off!!

So this is the start of my Wednesday .... nothing prepared for Saturday which has come round tooooo quickly .....I am soooo looking forward to the Crop and meeting everyone.
Until then folks .... enjoy the view, thank you for visiting and more information can be found at the top of the page.
Have a good week .....

Sunday, 18 May 2014

May Swaps for CWS

I happened upon some wall paper whilst looking for some Embossing Folders .....  patchwork type .....

1 to 1 swap

After I had cut up all the individual pieces, I used a pair of edging scissors to cut out this bird and a smaller oblong.
I took a speckled edge card, adhered a piece of striped piece of the paper to fit just inside the card.
I added the larger square to the left hand side of the card, then with the smaller piece I added the sentiment.

I received this pretty card in return.
Thank you Pat McC. 

I love 'All Our Yesterdays' by Faye Whittaker and managed to purchase several decoupage sheets of her designs.
I made up the decoupage and attached it to a piece of wall paper, blue striped, which in turn was attached to a pale blue card.  I mounted the sentiment onto a piece of the wallpaper and popped it to the top right corner.

Colour My World - Black card with white embellishments and one other colour.

I sorted out my branch embossing folder and embossed a white piece of card. I placed this along the top half of a black card, adding a die cut branch.  I found a pink card circle that was just the right size for the circular sentiment.  I placed this on the lower right front of the card.

Technique Swap

We were given this Diagram for our Technique Card this month.
Looks simple I thought .... I do tend to think like that but it is difficult to change the habits of a lifetime!

Taking the design to pieces, layer by layer .........

Once again that patchwork wallpaper came into use!  I used the blue version this time ......

A piece of the blue paper (with pink roses) was attached to a green card and then I chose part of the check pattern to make the four squares.  I placed a white doyley over the squares, a circle of the green leaves and a pink sticker on the top.  I cut the banner out of the striped part of the wallpaper and added three flower stickers in the top righthand corner.

One completed technique card!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

WOYWW #258

I have had a wonderful surprise this morning - here on my desk!

Two gorgeous purses from Patsy!
Thank you so much Patsy, they are beautiful - one so soft and one hand painted.

The more eagle eyed of you may spot a bit of a steampunk card in one corner - celebrating a Rick St Dennis image.  In another corner are the instructions for my technique card - still to be made ....  and then the checklist - waiting for the ticks that say I am up to date ... this could be a long wait!!!
I am blessed so much at the moment, my prayers that I would be healed by tablets and not operation have been answered and to celebrate ... I went to work!!  Nothing like working in the garden in the sunshine ....

I am going to fill one of the purses with some overnight toiletries so see you later .....

Enjoy the week and if you want more info - click the WOYWW tab at the top of the page then go visit our wonderful hostess Julia.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sparkle and Glitter progressive Challenge May

I just love Rick's artwork and his Burlesque Elephants just blow me away ..... they are all coloured up ready to use.

But this Challenge is a progressive one and the first theme is Steampunk .... I love Steampunk but have never had the courage to create in this style.  Now appears to be a good time to try!!

I already have Ms Victoria McSteeme so I printed her off and sorted my watercolour pencils.

Blue and silver are the colours of the day, I started colouring that lady, using a silver gelpen to highlight the edges of the skirt, eyeglasses, and jewellery.   I used Crystal Lacquer for the lenses in her glasses and Lorgnette.  My steampunk embellishments were either silver and gold but I wanted something a bit more steampunkish .... is that a word?
I don't have distress inks or stains so had to be creative.
I removed the back pegs from the brads, placed a silver inkpad, some blue, green, yellow and silver embossing powders on my desk and started changing those silver and gold embellis.  I tipped a small amount of each embossing powder onto a sheet so that they formed a small pile while still remaining separate colours.  I tipped the embellishment into the inkpad and then into the embossing powder.  Once the powders were heated, there was a lovely silvery, greeny blue sheen to each embelli.
Placing them onto the card with the image, there was just no colour there.  I used a blue decorative diecut for a background and then added a doyley, cut into two pieces and stamped with silver and two shades of blue ink.

This card was now looking a bit more like the image I had in my mind.

Now to enter this card into the Challenge.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Third May Birthday

This card is for a very dear friend, we were work colleagues for many years and have remained friends.
 Using my pink wallpaper .....
I cut a band for the centre of a pink card and then carefully cut two butterflies from another piece of the paper.  The beautiful, glamorous, shiny, ornate numerals were bought especially for this card.  I love them!

I shall send this card with my love to my friend for her to have a most wonderful birthday - she will, as she is away from home ... who knows where .....
......but I do know she is with her best friend and lover!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

WOYWW #257

I am here, better late than ..........  between the loss of internet and energy ..........

My desk is full of new   ........ NEW ..... stuff today ..... PJ bought some stuff for his pond so I bought some stuff for my Calibur ..... fair swap as they say!

Lots of diecut butterflies on my desk, a silhouette of a flower border, embossed Happy Birthday and some wallpaper .....
The shop (The Range) also sold household items and this was my first visit - I had been online but as I didn't buy anything it doesn't count!
Among the wallpapers there was a roll of shiny white paper with the most brilliant butterflies de-bossed on it.  Had to have a sample of course..... and then a look round .... and a few more samples ..... and a cup of coffee and a piece of cake ..... and a lovely couple of hours were passed .... expensively when we managed to drag ourselves away to the tills!  
But we both agreed very interesting and pleasant.
So I have been trying out my dies and embossing folders - now I am resting so would like to visit as many desks as I can (internet willing!).
Have a good week ..... we have rain forecast so I might just manage to visit you all ....