Thursday, 31 July 2014

Fifth July Birthday

I found these deckle edged cards in the drawer so I have no idea where they came from.

With the fold on the left I added a diecut happy birthday, using patterned paper and trimmed along the tip and lower edges.
Positioned on the lower half it left me room to attach a 3D butterfly embellished with a pearl, in almost the same papers!

Plain and simple but straighter and more feminine.
I know that this card will bring a lot of happiness to the recipient, she just loves my cards ......
the problem being - it has to be given to her!!!!
I went down to Aylesbury on her birthday and the idea was to post it through her letterbox as we left our house - I forgot!
No problem ... post it through when we get home - I forgot!!
Post it the next day - I forgot!
This memory thing is very bad when I am busy going here, there and other places.
I managed to give it to her four days late, but she was very gracious and thanked me saying  'no worries'.  :-))

First July Birthday

Love this HunkyDory kit, such a brilliant free gift!!!  I have used HunkyDory papers before so I knew what to expect this time.

I used a basic plain white card with the front folded in half so that it was landscape .  .

I added a piece of pale blue card cut down to fit the lower half and attached it to a silver mat, and then fixed it all to the lower half .  One of the larger rectangle toppers was attached to the front along the lower half only so that it stood proud.
I put a pretty circular sentiment in the top right corner of the topper and added three little pearl buttons to the left of the blue card.

Along the inside edge I used a small piece of blue paper, showing a ribbon and butterfly print.

I added a piece of border on 3D pads so that, as it was proud of the card base, it acted as a 'stop' for the easel part.

I hope this card makes the recipient happy - yes! it will!!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


not for long I assure you!!!

I'm sorry but this really is my desk this morning  .... we are waiting on an Advisor who will check to see if we are suitable to have free cavity wall and loft insulation (the answer is NO but they want to check it out .......) so I am filling in my time with this .....ugh!     double ugh! ugh! 

The old cushion on the floor is because I stand on a cushion while ironing, it stops my back from aching!  Honest!

Then I will move outside with this ...... 

......yesterday at my Craft Club meeting we were all given a bag to decorate in any way we would like.  Most of the girls (and boys) used felt, stitched, crocheted and/or drawn flowers.  
I wanted my bag to make a statement so  .....COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS will be stitched in different colours  ....... (are you singing?)

I have ironed a motif on the other side.


Underneath in a white bag, waiting to be collected, is one of my cushions ......  it's for my niece.  I have made an 'angel cushion' for all my grandchildren, they will receive them when the Will is read.  My niece felt a bit left out so asked for one of her own ... now as she "didn't want to wait until I was dead!"  Her words .... too funny!!!

Have a wonderful week - and if you're in England .... there's rain on the horizon!!

Why am I sharing this?    Cos this is Wednesday and I am a Wednesday WOYWWser ............... I join in with Julia, the gracious and now healed Julia, and share my 'desk' with other like minded friends.  Friends we have become over the years and if you would like to join us then click the WOYWW tab at the top of the page for details.

Friday, 25 July 2014

July Swaps for CWS

Another month but this time with the added bonus of me being a co-owner of the Group.  I have been asked to be the moderator and co-owner by the present owner as the previous holder has had to step down.
I wish all the best to you Melody and say Thank You to Helen for asking me.

1 to 1 Swap

I used one of Rick St Dennis images for my first swap.  I bought some Burlesqueluphant images some time ago and coloured them with my watercolour pencils.

I layered some pages from my Paris ephemera onto a blue card and then added a blue diecut as a background for the image.  After the image was attached, I added a couple of gold flowers along the lower edge.

This is the first card I have made from Lelli-bot package which I received last week.  I spritzed one of the sheets of paper and put it to one side to dry.  I spritzed a small amount onto the work sheet and then painted the dress of the lady on the embellishment.
When the paper was dry I cut it to size and attached it to a deep pink card.  I used double sided tape for the embellishment and mounted the sentiment on pop-ups.

CMW Swap - Red Card with Blue embellishment and one other colour 

I love making easel cards although the instructions for this particular card left me with a smaller shape than normal.

I used some of the leftover papers and embellies from my Hunkydory kit adhered to a red card.

I could not find an envelope to fit so, after placing the card in a cellophane bag, I made an envelope from some white paper.  The paper was used in some packaging and is A3 size, used over my workdesk to collect excess sprays and embossing powders and now, an envelope!

Third July Birthday

We have a tradition in our family - we all sing Happy Birthday on the correct day, no matter where we are or who we're with!!!
In a room of two, one singer singing the song is not funny ....

So I sang along with the card!!!
I took a blue card and embossed 'Happy Birthday' along the top and side of the card, and embossed 'With Lots of Love' across the lower corner.  I attached the diecut Happy Birthday on the top half.
Then I outlined the embossed letters in blue glittery gelpens, using two shades.  The same pens were used to outline the butterfly bodies and wings before sticking the 'body' part of the butterfly to the card.  (I don't give out the names of my equipment very often because most of it I have for years in unlabelled boxes.)
This card was for my DH who was taken out to dinner by myself and our daughters and yes! we all sang 'Happy Birthday' to him ... the diners at nearby tables all joined in .... that's what you call 'singing Happy Birthday'!!!  lol

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Name Badge Completed!!

I have managed to finish my name badge!
The design changed a little lot during the course of the day but it is finished.

I had started with my red base diecut and, a dress form diecut from a ticket for an event in Solihull Library - which just happens to be where we have our CRUNCH meeting!!!

I attached the dress form to the right side of the diecut and then attached the whole to a red holographic piece of card, basically because ..... the centre of the card was cut when I cut the initial shape.  I'm new to cutting machines!!

showing shiny paper
I diecut letters from red lurex paper and added them at different angles to spell my name across the card.
My small jar of punched flowers came to the front of the desk so I selected a few flowers and a couple of tiny butterflies.  I placed the flowers along the lower edge with a couple of butterflies in the centres.  I settled another butterfly on the shoulder of the drees form and now it was ready for the metal fastener to be attached to the back.

This name badge is red because I just love red.  The dress form is for the stitching that is carried on in the Group.  The flowers are for all the different types we make in the Group and, just like butterflies, we flit in and out of the Library for two hours ever other week.
Good eh!
I'm quite proud of this!

WOYWW #268

My desktop makes me look as though I am multitasking but I am not!  The story is ....

The Paris magazines on the right are to remind me to finish my ATCs for Summer of Colour - they don't really work as a reminder cos they keep hiding under other stuff!
My needle broke while I was stitching on the fabric ATCs and, as yet, have not found another needle.  Truth be told .... couldn't be bothered to get up from my desk and find one ... too hot!
Started making name badge so that other members can remember my name - I am hopeless at remembering names - so we had a session of making name badges ..... I was on another planet at the time and missed this completely!  
My thinking is .... red, cos it's me..... dress form die cut from Library event ticket, cos I sew and C.R.U.N.C.H. is held at the Library.  Gold C and handwritten letters, cos my name begins with C. 
So this is my desk for today, it will change tomorrow and the next day until this hot weather starts to cool down.  The heat makes me feel so ill that I try to stay inside as much as I can and the best room to stay in  ...... the box room or Cat Free Zone!
Thank you Julia for hosting another WOYWWednesday - you do a grand job lassie!
Thank you to all my visitors.
Thank you for all the lovely comments - haven't yet found a way to respond properly but they are really appreciated.
Have a creative week everyone.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Second July Birthday

So now we are into July and although I know these birthdays off by heart I am not prepared this year.
It is the day of the birthday ...... and it is a male card I need ....

I sorted through my diecuts, removing a white and a black ones.
I attached the black one centrally on a deckle edged card and then attached the white diecut centrally to the black one.
Sounds simple doesn't it?
Look closer ....
NEVER rush making a card .... even a simple one!!

I redeemed myself with the insert though ... I used a pre printed verse and then I cut it deckle edged to match the card.
Thankfully I managed to deliver the card by hand on time .....

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WOYWW #267

I have had a busy time getting all my postings ready so that I could visit my PO and send off all my cards and ATCs for the month.  I have just found out about Mail Art so this is my desk today .... as it was before I bundled everything into my bag to post.  

Lots of inks and stamps, some of the latter being unwashed .... I know  .... but when DH shouts 'Dinner's on the table' it's up and away!!  I will be posting at a later date about this months envies so until then .....
Have a good week and see you next week.
Thank you so much to all my visitors and their good wishes last week, I did have a great catch up with my friend and we shall meet up again next month.
I'm sorry I haven't visited very much since #266, I really will try harder this week.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

More blankets!

I received a lovely surprise in the post this morning!
A parcel from Lunch Lady Jan full of tiny blankets.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all these pretty things Jan, they are really appreciated.

These lovely blankets, but  alas! the photo doesn't really show the true colours.

This pink one is just sooo soft, glittery and pinky!

Thank you again Jan.

WOYWW #266

Welcome one and all to another WOYWWednesday.  All the details for this joyous event are on the WOYWW tab at the top of the page.

It turns out that I have a couple of ATC swaps this month where the Theme is Metal of one kind or another so I am having fun creating.  I have started to get them ready for posting out so this is my desk today .....
I have used wallpaper, plumbing tape, card and lots of embellishments, probably from the Fruit Pixie as I just love their £1 bags!!!

I am meeting up with a 'back in the day' friend today, having a coffee and a natter ..... after over ten years there will be lots to talk about!!!

I hope you all have a good week, lots to talk and laugh about.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

WOYWW #265

Thank you Julia for being here for us, or there, or where ..... oh! in the chair .........

What's on my workdesk?
And here's why .....

I am enjoying myself tremendously making these little blankets for Premature Babies.  I have managed to use up some 'bits' of wool as well as investing in a couple of B I G balls of speckled wool - another seven into the pot - and that's not brown it is red, funny photo colours!!!

We have had a couple of days in Wales and I just have to show you what luggage I used .....

Can you see that smashing silk bag in the pocket on the front?  It is just the right size for all my new tablets ...... isn't that brilliant!!
Thank you Patsy for this wonderful prize, it is perfect.

Won't be visiting until Thursday this week, I have to get the gardens at the steam trains works ready for Open Day.  Woo!  Hoo!

Thank you again for all your wonderful comments and support  - I am enjoying the pink hair immensely ........ I have to say  .. wish I had done it earlier!!!  LOL

Enjoy the week and see you soon ......