Wednesday, 26 November 2014

WOYWW #286

Well, hello there!
I'm back at home, not my desk as yet so it remains the same as last week except for the ephemera that was dropped on top as I passed through ......
We collected all this on our visit to Abbots Langley to see Rover 3 in his show, and stay over for a meal and catch up.

Then it was all left as we rushed off to catch a train to see Rover 1& M in Paris - I cannot believe that on Sunday night I was sat out on a Balcony with friends watching the sunset and the next day, freezing cold here in my frosty home town!!  Guess I'm just lucky!

So now I have to sort out my craft room and start back crafting - I have 12 Cards of Christmas to post before the 30th ...... I'm off to make a start ..... see you all later ......

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

WOYWW #285

This is my week for travelling so it is very hit and miss with the computer - if you're here then I guess I'm back in town - nah! only kidding, this is a scheduled post!
I am in the middle of trying to complete my November swaps so my CardWorkShop cards are on my desk ready to complete.

The Theme is Weddings and my cards will be: -
Wedding Dress
Tuxedo Suit
Wedding Cake

The ribbons and nets are for the dress, so far so good but I have to leave them now till I come back ..... have I mentioned Paris?  yeah! 

After I have made the cards I shall paint some more ATCs so I have the sheet of pictures ready for my paintings - top right hand corner of the photo.

There you have it!
Now why am I sharing?  Cos there is a kind lady who just loves seeing nosing sharing her desk with us and then we share back to her!
What a great idea!
So good there are others who are starting the same thing but under a different name of course!
Have to laugh .... we got there first!!
And like all good ideas, and I stress the good, they have to be copied.

Thanks Julia for WOYWW.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

CardWorkShop October Swaps

Since I instituted the new swaps it is all change every month, although the 1 to 1 swap still remains our own choice.

1 to 1

I love this design.  I printed it out, rounded the corners and backed it onto a dark brown card.

I received this beautiful card by return.
Thank you Pat McC.

Colour My World -  Gold card with Orange embellishments plus one other colour.

This is made with the papers and card from my latest purchase from Craftwork Cards.  I applied the background paper and then added a strip along the left side.  From a third paper I diecut a label, ran an orange inkpad round the edges and attached it to the background.  The image on this paper just fits the description of the swap. Oh, I also grunged round the edge of the card so it looked like a bit of dirt!!
I received a superbly made hallowe'en card in exchange.
Thank you Patty.
I'm sorry but I do not agree with hallowe'en so will not show the card on this blog.

Make a Card with … Beads this month!  
Any design can be used so long as there is two or more beads incorporated in the design.

This was a first for me.  The use of wire.  I found the kit amongst my stash and managed to thread some beads into a pattern  and attached them with black brads, twisting the wires so that they looked like loops.
I used a diecut to add the colour and sentiment - smart!!!

I received this card back - love the way the beads drape across the card!  That is one superb bow.
Thank you Pat McC.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

WOYWW #284

Hello Wednesday!!! 
Thank you Julia for hosting yet another fun week of visiting - all info as per the tab at the top. 

Well, the Christmas cards got put to one side ..... the stamps are beautiful but I remain a very poor stamper!!!
Now I have new dies to play with ..... 
I cut a load of pink paper, and then tried to make some flowers .....

I am going to enjoy playing with these dies but ...... I have to use up all these 'bits' first!!!

I hope I can visit a few more desks this week, last week ran away with me before I could get round to everyone - sorry, will try harder!!!   
Did I mention that PJ has bought a new pond base?  It's much larger and will need two of us to clear the land and dig holes for it!!!!!!

Hope to see you later ......

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

WOYWW #283

This is our outside thermometer ..... Lefthand side is night temp and righthand side is daytime temp, I press the button in the middle every morning to adjust the temps.

...... in case you can't expand it .... the left hand side reads -3C ........

...... so here is my 'craft room' today ......

..... here is my 'desk' .......

The Fig Tree is about 3 years old ....

..... and here is some more of my 'stash' ......

Do not worry my friends .... I am well wrapped up and hope to have these 'potties' secure in the warm greenhouse and back room of my house before the temperature drops again tonight!

Then I will be visiting you as I sit in front of the fire  ..... warming up!!!

Tomorrow I will be back outside again - rain permitting - this time at my Training Garden getting that one ready for the winter ...... sometimes cardmaking has to stay in the house  .....

Until later .... have a good week, thank you Julia for hosting - who's Julia?!?!  
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