Wednesday, 29 June 2016

WOYWW #369

Another week has just flown past, missed it again!  
After recovering from all the acci's last week, we then went into the Open Weekend at Tyseley Steam.   I managed to get into the gardens and tidy them up a bit - weed and strim -  but could not make it over to the opening.  PJ donned a flat hat worn low over his forehead and manned the car park for both days.  Now we are recovering!!!

My desk this week has the remnants of trials using some of my new purchases.  
We had several errands to run prior to the weekend and a couple were on the same site as Hobbycraft.... had to pop in ....... then, halfway through my selecting, PJ had a phonecall from the Drs (an earlier appointment to have his stitches out was available) so we checked out and set off.  Wasn't till I arrived home that I checked the bill ..... didn't have time at the shop to sort through the basket and put back what I didn't really NEED so ...... ooops!  
The dies were ones that I wanted, I don't have any squares ...... the jigsaw was a maybe ......  the ink was also a maybe ...... then the  ...... well, you get the picture!
The corner rounder punch was perhaps the only thing I would really have bought, along with some other steampunk dies (put into my steampunk box) but when you're in a rush ......
I do seem to be the only one that is bothered by the amount of money spent as PJ did point out that I haven't had a good spend up for ages! (Bless his cotton socks!) 

I have been trying out different patterns on my baby blankets and last night found an interesting site, Little Woollie, which offered a pattern that was just tooo tempting to miss.  
I have managed the repeat a couple of times, it's called 'Catherine Wheel' and not too difficult for me.  
I am now hoping I have enough green wool to complete the blanket.

Thanks again to Jan for hosting the get together - glad that Mr Linky is now behaving ....
Have a good week.

...... sometimes it is hard to take in all that vastness when you first visit the beach .........

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

WOYWW #368

Good to have Julia joining us this week.  Keep up the good work.
Thanks to Jan for hosting again - hope that this weekly meet up is getting easier to arrange.
What's it all about?   Check out the tab at the top of this post ......

So what have I been up to I hear you ask? 
 Why has there been no input on the old PC?  
Well, I'l tell you .....

This is the desk I have been working on.  
I have ticked off my list of swaps....tried to print out some paperwork.  
My black inkwould not co-operate so I had muted grey, which is very nice but not quite right.  
Have managed to get it to print now, it has taken nearly all week off and on but then again .....  I have been at the Chemist, Doctors, Hospital ........ 

 I had some new tablets from the Doctor, I felt fine but he did insist so ...... This rash appeared ...... return visit informed me it was just a side effect and would go away - yeah!  By Friday night both legs were burning up, I stopped taking the tablets and applied cold compresses.

Saturday morning I was awoken with a phone call to say that PJ had fallen and (he was in Derby with the Steam Engine 6201) would be on the next train home.  I met him at New Street Station with his glasses and ended up in Hospital with him having his head stitched.  As the Doctor stitched his head she noticed my leg - couldn't miss it really! - and suggested I went back to the Doctors with it.
I went back Monday and now the Doc wants me to try a different tablet  ... hmmm ....
SIL's foot got crushed at work so we were at a different A & E for him!!

All in all an eventful week ...... 

I'm afraid visiting, crafting, life in general was put on hold but we are all ok now and getting our lives back ..... I would say back to normal but  ..... that's not us!!  One of the good things to come out of this is that I have crocheted another pile of baby blankets!

I hope to catch up with as many desks as I can this week, also with the life that was put on hold while I was incapacitated.   Maybe I will take up a craft .....

You all have a good week, take things easy but above all ..... enjoy!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

WOYWW #367

Linking up with fellow deskers with our honoured Temp Leader Lunch Lady Jan  who provides a link for us to a World Wide Group, although at the moment she has more important business to attend to - Our prayers are with you and yours at this sad time.  You're next to Julia ......

Good morning fellow Deskers.
We have rain again .....everything has been washed and well watered .... the chickens look bedraggled but it doesn't seem to be bothering them.....Little Soldier is asleep .... PJ is waiting to go on a run with the Steam Engine 6021 ...... I am linking up with fellow Deskers .... all's right with the world!!!!  
Round here it is anyways .....
My desk has new on it .... I have made a 'floral' card, a pop up box from a kit given free with a magazine.  All the pieces were diecut so it was easy to put together although quite an intricate project.
Also on my desk is the start of an experiment ......
Creative Stamping is one magazine for which I have a subscription - a Christmas present from DDC.  I love the stamps and all the ideas but then they are filed away ..... and promptly forgotten!!!  Mainly because I don't do a lot of stamping, I feel that I lack the imagination needed to use them properly - there's a good negative thought!! - but this month one of my swaps is 'Stamping' so I have signed up for it..... good practise .....
I am going to attempt the lower of the two cards and, as I don't have a mask, I am using a Fiskars Template.  The 'Mackintosh' stamps were the freebie so I am looking forward to creating ...... 

Off now to try to visit a few deskers before sleeping babies wake up!  Thank you to all my visitors last week, I'm afraid I only managed to visit a few desks ..... hope to do better this week.
Have a good week.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

WOYWW #366

Say Hello to Julia - on a sabbatical for a while - so handed reins over to LLJ.  Visit here and you can meet up with all us WOYWWsers - info on top tab - Jan is looking after us all so well, even managed to arrange the Birthday Party!  ThankQ LLJ.

Good News today .....


More ATCs arrived safely, ShazSilverWolf and Angela@FelixtheCraftyCat.  

Thank you so much girls.

Here is the desk then ......
You may not think it has changed but it has ....
.... the papers have moved to the 'working' part of the desk and some ATC bases are also there .......

Just for information - I went to a BBQ on Saturday and the food was served on these dishes with wooden cutlery.  
So what?  

I could not throw my plate away so it came home, is washed and ready to use either to hold my embells etc or to be cut up and used.  
It is made out of what looks like wood fibres.
The cutlery will be used for mark making.

That's it then, I'm meeting up with CRUNCH friends in Solihull Library at 12.00hrs and I want to have a look round the town beforehand so I will catch up with you all later  ......
Have a good week and take care.............

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

WOYWW #365

Thinking of you Julia and praying for perfect healing, comfort and strength.

Linking up with fellow deskers over at Jan's  who never thought she would be the Leader of a World Wide Group .... but she is ..... and she's making a grand job of it!!

My desk today is just like my life at the moment ..... a mess!  Full of the past, present and future!!
There are the remains of an artwork created for the Steam Trains gardens - soon to be seen on my Recollections Blog.  
The box containing my glue gun and tapes, the plastic container containing my left over diecuts - just slung there while I moved on to other things ..... no time to sort .... no time .... doing the whole white rabbit thing!!!  
A June birthday card is to the left just needs an envelope nearer the date (wonder if I will be able to find it  .... the words 'safe' and 'somewhere' come to mind!)
Then there is the gold paper waiting to be changed into ATCs (where are the fairies when you need them - just cos they appeared on tv doesn't mean they can shirk!)
And then .......... my received ATCs, for which I thank the senders.... Cindy for the busy bee, Jan for the heart and our beloved Julia for the blue cards theme.

My cards went into a post box we happened to be passing over the holiday and, on reflection, maybe I should have picked a better situated one .... I just hope that the postman collects from there ..... I will wait patiently to hear that they have arrived ..... 

Now here is a story of my life ..... today we are going to buy a swing for Little Soldier .... it is pouring with rain ..... ha! ha! ha!

Thank you to my visitors last week, I tried to visit as many as I could but if I didn't make your desk then please forgive me ......  White Rabbit syndrome remember!