Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Just a short post today - 

Not my usual desk because I have not been crafting this week.  The dreaded 'I don't feel very well' hit again so I just sat, read emails and knitted.  THEN I had a reminder from my cross stitching group - Quilts for Breast Cancer Group on Yahoo - that I needed to get this month's square posted.

I signed up to do two squares, one each for two sisters.  After I had read the requests I was in tears and felt it was the least I could do.  I have finished one square and I am now sitting and trying to get the second square finished.
So I sit and stitch............ tara for now.......

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Project Life Week Titles

I am not participating in this project but I happened to find these which I thought were rather snazzy - 

showing here: -

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Yes! I know!  late to the party and it's only my second time of being here .... yes teacher .... I will try to do better but .... it's snowing!........ my PC is only loading at 1.0Mbps which - whatever it means - is s l o w ............. and in any case - I'm here now!!

So what exactly do we have here ........ therein lies a tale ........... paper and paints, oh! and a little pot of water.
I went shopping yesterday -  only to one shop ..... it's snowing....... but they were selling art stuff.

I bought some tubes of watercolour paint and some brushes and some paper.  Only it's not paper - not as I know it!  
It's a canvas type paper, so I am just playing around at the mo.  So far I have discovered that the tubes of paint are brill, much better than my little paint boxes at the side of my desk - although I am not prepared to stop using them yet.  I was born after the war so 'use up every bit and don't waste any' is built into my physchi physci physcy whatever!

A long time ago my brother in law taught me to draw scenery, well, just one....... a bridge by a tree and that is what I do ..... a tree.  
I do not colour, paint, stitch etc freehand, I have no imagination so always follow an outline, pattern etc.  (frustrates the life out of my DH he!he!) so now you can understand why that piece of paper is folded into quarters and I say I am playing around at the mo.

BTW  any one used this type of paper?  I brushed the surface with water before I applied the paint but I was just wondering if you have to 'crack' it or just use it straight ........ any help appreciated as I am stepping outside my comfort zone here.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Action Wobble Alert!!!!

I have discovered Action Wobbles - and I am Wobbling all over the place!

I am waiting to enter a challenge with my Action Wobble cards but I have to post this one.......

The postman brought me this today as my received 'New Year' swap on my Yahoo group.

Looks gorgeous, the heavily embossed gold card with a gold embossed blue circle. 


The circle is attached to an Action Wobble and........... it wobbles when you take it out of the envelope!

Love it!

Love, love it!

My very first wobble card - I have made several but they don't count - this has been made for ME!!!

I first saw these on a blog - thescrapbookingqueen - and then found out that there were none in England but I was not deterred.  I wanted to make a wobble card and so I contacted Theresa at Royal Shoppe and a few days later a pack of Action Wobbles arrived.  

Excited I was.  

I have sent out my cards and I just know that the recipients will laugh at them but ......... will have to have a play!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


OK! OK!  I can't resist.

OK! I became addicted ...... so much so that Wednesday is a WOYWWednesday!!

I have stopped lurking and decided to be open about this and join you crazies.

If you want to know more .............visit here............ WOYWW  where Julie is our very kind hostess and sortof controller - he! he!

I happened on this blog some time ago and visited now and again.

Then I took a photo - yes! I know! I was warned............that first one ............. and you're hooked!

Then 2013 started and I thought 'why not?' and took another photo ........... hooked....oh! yes!

So here is my desk this a.m.

Notalot going on as I have finished a batch of cards but ........

look there in the box........

a new find...............

Nail embellishments!                    



I had made a pretty card, see previous posting, and I wanted some bling to finish it. I went searching, as one does - never mind what is on the desk already - and found these nail embells on my dressing table - no! I don't remember how they got there!!   
I have had these for a few years so, obviously, I will not be wearing them soon so maybe they were what I needed.  
Suffice to say - I was wrong again.......... but ........... they're very pretty....... and tiny.......... and sparkly....... and will not be returning to my dressing table but appearing in my 'bling' box soon.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Bling for Lesley

While I have been so poorly there have been days when I have felt well enough to do something but not anything energetic ..... I coloured digitals.

I managed to make a few cards as well this one I can share now.

The Digi is from WhoopsiDaisy - sheet 406 - I think this is good value as you get four digis, two are part coloured.
The card, ribbon and bling is from my stash.  The bling is actually nail embells which I have had for ages, but never used, so they have found their way into my 'bling stash' box.
The sentiment was found on the web.  While I have been 'under' the weather' I have sorted out some sentiments etc., formatted them on a Word doc, printed them out, placed in a box, and then they are ready for me to cut  as and when needed.  I corner rounded the sentiment and used dimensionals.

I think she is so very pretty, just right for my ex-colleague whose house she will visit.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

croak, croak........... just popped in to share....

I'm not very well at the present - really good start to 2013, at least it can only get better!!!!

Just about able to smurf the internet and I have found this - Abstract Doodles - will have to buy a book, they are soooo creative and not just with doodles!!
One book could inspire sooo many cards ..............