Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WOYWW #312

Thank you Julia and Congratulations for another wonderful year of friendships and sharings and viewings and laughings and cryings and learnings and .........

I am one of those people who never know what day of the week it is BUT I always seem to know when it is Wednesday!!!

I had such plans for today ..... lots of visits and addy swapping for ATCs but ..... it has all gone by the board.  I'm afraid the time allotted for YEAR 6 goings on has been spent in sleeping .... those with children will understand ..... even then they are grown up, and have their own children, they are our children ...... several hours last night were spent at A & E for my brave little new mother to be 'sorted'.  She is now back home and much more comfortable ......... but I 'lost' those few hours and if you saw my schedule for the next seven days ........... well!!??!  Every minute counts round here ..... so here is this week's desk .... in much disarray .....

Yesterday I was at our Craft Group which happens to have a large W H Smith's nearby so I popped in ........ for a TV paper!!!   Thought I was going to buy some mags didn't ya?  Well ....... three but look at those free gifts!!!!
We visited B & Q for some soil .... I visited the wall paper dept. - never miss an opportunity dear friends ..........
So there you have it .... maybe not ....... I spy just a few (9 to be exact!) little atcs peeping out there ..... leave me a comment if you would like to swap and I will get back to you ....... maybe not this week .... busy schedule and all that!  lol

You have a good woywwing week.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

WOYWW #311

Desk Sharing Day - details on the WOYWW tab above - Thanks go to Julia for hosting.

I am slowly coming to terms that I could not join in the much anticipated Crop on Saturday.  My thoughts did flick over there but intermittently I must admit.

So here is today's desk - slightly changed from the normal and, for the time being, a one off!!!

As you will notice blue inkpads, baby stamps, baby peel offs .... looks like 'it' has started .... proud grandparents and all that ......

We are still recovering from an energetic and exhausting time, although it would appear that the parents have recovered quicker than us!!!

So here is the cause of all the waiting, worry and exertion ......

Dexter Nicholas, born on 17th May at 18.32hrs weighing 10lbs 9ozs.

Now the fun begins but ....... while they are far away on the other side of Birmingham ..... I hope to get in a few hours crafting birth announcement cards.  I have not managed it so far .... 

It has been an experience I would not like to repeat, almost a replica of her elder sister's, but he is so worth it - bet all the girls say that!!

Today is desk visiting day and I am going - I need to see that there is life outside hospital wards, which is where I have spent most of the last two weeks.

See you all soon ..............

Sunday, 17 May 2015

New Baby!!!!!!

Our first Grandson was delivered today by C Section - Dexter Nicholas.  
After three days in labour, progressing from Gas & Air to an Epidural, the Staff discussed a Caesarian with the parents and then she was taken to theatre!  
The first boy born in theatre on 17th May, he weighed in at 10lbs 9ozs ..... quite a shock to us all..... but he is gorgeous .... of course!!!   lol  
I will also be taking pictures when we visit him tomorrow.  After 'living' at the hospital (C was transferred from a local hospital to one 13 miles away so we had to stay there) for three days, we were then told that it was too late to go on the Ward as visiting hours were 19.30hrs to 20.30hrs.  

I do feel cheated as I have been with C since she told us that her waters had broken (Friday) and now it is all over and we have the baby ......... ah! well!  c'est la vie!

I hope to be back making cards once I have caught up on my sleep ..... zzzzzzzzzz 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

3rd May Birthday

This card is a little lot late!  Hospital visiting takes away all sense of time and date, especially when it is one of your little girls!!!

I have made this card up using a kit that was given away free with a magazine.
I placed the background paper to the left of the card and then added toppers from the kit.... easy .... peasy .....

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

WOYWW #310

Desk Sharing Day - details on the WOYWW tab above - Thanks go to Julia for hosting.

Here it is ..the desk .... actually the remnants of a super card making time .....

You can read about this mess making card here.

..... and you should see the floor!!!!!!

I think I had better start clearing a space on my desk - those ATCs won't make themselves and the floor needs a vaccy!
Will have to wait until Sunday for visiting your desks ...... if baby doesn't arrive ..... after spending last week visiting my other daughter in Hospital, hoping that baby held on, there's now a chance that baby will be born in a hospital over on the north side of Birmingham!!!!  
Our two local hospitals do not have room for her at the moment so have transferred her - she is sooo worried, none of us know where this hospital is so we have to rely on Google  ............

WATCH THIS SPACE or the next post ....he! he! he!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

2nd May Birthday

N has been in hospital for the three days preceding her birthday so I wanted to make a really good card for her, something that would express 'her'.  I decided to make a card in a box for her - flowers, shoes and handbags, soooo her!
I used one of the cards that I bought sometime ago from Craftwork Cards, a diecut sheet from Craftee and the cellophane packaging from a die.
I decided that I would also add some punched flowers and cut shapes for the sides / back from some of my book pages.

I cut out all the struts, the cellophane strips for the flowers, handbags, shoes and labels.  I covered the outside of the box, used some washi tape across the 'top' of the box and down the back strip - it can't be seen much in the photos but it's there!!!!
I 'arranged' flowers on the strips of cellophane, added a couple of butterflies and put to one side to dry.  I then added the struts which pulled the box into shape and I adhered the small flap to complete the box.  

Once the flowers were added I felt some greenery was needed - to fill the spaces.  I used some of my paper leaves - from my stash.

I added shoes and handbags to the drop down flaps of the box.  The labels were attached with small prices of double sided tape, making sure that the holes matched so that I could fill it with gold stickles, which I also added to the buckles of the shoes. 
A small swipe of silver stickles to the centre of the flowers and on the butterfly wings and ....... one completed card ready to take into the hospital.  

There had been a steady stream of visitors with cards and pressies all day so when we arrived she was a bit 'visitored out' but the sight of this card revived her spirits somewhat.
She is now safely home and recovering well.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

First May Birthday

This card was made in April and then I found out that the recipient was forty!  Oh! Well!  It was made and posted before I looked at facebook .........

It's another kit from Craftee, I have ordered some more kits this month - steam trains!!

When the kit arrives, everything that needed is enclosed in a polybag, I usually layout all the pieces and then follow the instructions - printed with a picture - easy, peasy.

I love this waistcoat, ideal for a male card.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

WOYWW #309

Desk Sharing Day - details on the WOYWW tab above - Thanks go to Julia for hosting.

And here is mine!

Sneaky eh!   

Guess what I am doing?!!!

Oh!  You did!!  

Say no more then!

Yes, I am having fun - I think I am up to about 10 cards now ...... 

No news on the baby front, yesterday was the due date so now we all wait .... we all think about the 15th, although PJ and I are down London way on the 13th ..... anyone want to take a bet???

Off to link up and make some visits ......

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Secret May Birthday

No secret anymore!!!

I found this birthday out just in time, so have managed to make this card for her.

I sorted out some papers from my book, my wonderful book!  
I used my vinyl numbers, tracing round the numbers with a pencil then cutting out with knife and scissors.  I am not very good with a knife so I only use it for hard to get out  pieces like the centres of the eight and nil.
I then cut another sheet of pink paper to use as a background for the pale lilac card.  I attached the number using 3D sticky pads, letting the eight overlap the nil.  
I used gold peel offs in the centre of the numbers to celebrate the day.

I used pale pink for the insert and after cutting it to the size I wanted, I folded the paper in half and punched a rose and corner rounded the corners.

Happy Birthday my friend.