Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WOYWW #217

Actually ......... it's WOYFW  #1

My workdesk is unimportant at the moment - LOOK AT MY FLOOR!!!!!!
How good is that?  
Darling DH brought the vacuum cleaner upstairs to clean the rooms and I managed to get my carpet done as well - on occasion he is allowed in.......... specially when there's a vaccy about!!  It's not perfect, my hands don't like me lifting, manoeuvring, gripping ....... insert endless list here (stupid hands!)
but just l o o k . . . . . .  and enjoy.......... I am !

Happy WOYWF day!!!

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Off the web....

We are changing providers tomorrow. Looking forward to a day of sewing, and cable connecting!!

Monday, 29 July 2013

The Last July Birthday

So we are arriving at the end of the month - and I forgot to post the last card!!
Had to run round with it and sing 'Happy Birthday' to him as way of an apology........
It's a long story but suffice it to say that there is talk of R buying a moped one day to make the travelling a bit easier for him - cue 'Funky Moped' by Jasper!

The motorcyclist was coloured with watercolour pencils and attached to an Action Wobble          (details can be found at top of page)
The background papers are two pieces of wallpaper and these are backed onto a silver card.
R was very pleased with his card!

Friday, 26 July 2013

ANOTHER July Birthday

This is for my neighbour - I hope it makes her smile!

I never listed where the digi came from, she is rather old although you'd never think it!!! 

 Watercolour pencils came out and coloured the image which I backed onto pink paper backed onto music paper - all corner rounded.
I printed the sentiment and popped it onto some pink paper.

Like I say - I hope it makes her smile!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

WOYWW #216

I am not here - guess................

At the hospital for PJ's first Physio?!             We're having fun ...........................

Here is my desk just as I left it last night.  The remnants of a Grab Bag from ATC's for All forum, an orange net (something to do with stamping!) and my ATC ruler - specially marked for measuring.

So that's it for today ...............
If you want more................ go visit Julia 
If you want to know why.......... go visit Julia................ links at the top of this page - WOYWW

Happy WOYWW week!!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

July Swaps for CardWorkShop Group

Included in this month's swap is a Technique one - this is always a challenge and a lovely surprise.  This month it is to make a tissue flower.  Melody tries to include a video along with written instructions and although I found the written instructions hard to follow, as soon as I saw the video I remembered them.  I have spent many happy evenings making 'carnations' for other people's desks in various offices I have worked.
That aside...........
I decided that this month I am going to use up some of the printed / coloured digi images I have downloaded at some point in time and left in a box.
My first one is the little girl blowing bubbles.
I used a green 'bubbly' paper as backing and used a 'bubbly' corner punch. Some of the punch outs I placed inside the bubbles in the picture and round the edge.  I did not add a sentiment as I thought it was 'busy' enough!!

I received this card from Robin, a beautifully painted rose, blinged up a little.

I found some 'sandy' wallpaper and cotton twill with footprints for my second image.  I used my pencils to colour the image and gave it an appropriate background.  The card is folded so that there is a margin over and I filled this with the twill.

Colour My World this month is a brown card with Orange, not my favourite colours I must say but after some searching I found brown card and cut it to size.  The flowers are from my stash as is my ribbon.  I printed out the sentiment - which I would have preferred to be on orange paper but ............

I had found this little dress fold while searching for an easier fold to do than the one for a challenge.  I gave up on the challenge fold and made this one instead.  The fold is called Garries's Challenging Double Kite Fold and is in my 'Library'.  The bodice was definitely challenging.   I knew that I had some dolls in my folder on the PC but while looking for them found this little Ballet Dancer - from With Wild Abandon that I bought some time ago.  I printed her out (she comes on an A4 sheet) several times till I found the right size.   

The brown paper is from my stash - probably Paper Wishes!!  I added a little bit of Flower soft to her straps, tiara and right hand, then a small sentiment on background paper popped in the corner and finished.

Angela has also been thinking 'outside the box' and sent me this beautiful fan.

My Technique card did not really turn out as I expected ........... I spent a lovely couple of hours making the tiny flowers, edged them using an inkpad and added some Flowersoft to the centres.  The background paper I had chosen was a bit too heavy but it wasn't till it was cut out and on the card that I realised.  To try and balance it out a bit I backed the sentiment onto a piece and then lightly 'grunged' the details - edge of sentiment, bird and flowers. 

I am happier with it but not as much as the Ballerina!!

Angela sent me this card with beautiful rosette and great sentiment.  She has used a Peel Off round the outside of the embossed square.  Love it!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The best July Birthday!!

I have blogged these days on my other Blog.............

I have had this image since PJ started working on the train engines and kept forgetting to use it on a card for him, I wanted his card to be the first one I made using this image.

I printed the image out and then just added relevant colours - the colours have some significance to us both. 

 The background paper is just that bit different - as I don't make Valentine cards it would never get used!  
PJ loved the card but the colours significance passed him by!........... I will explain one day......... and he will apologise ............. then he will say 'you're very clever'........... and I will say 'I have my moments' ........... we will laugh ............

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

WOYWW # 215

You have caught me 'mid hop' as it were - I am in the middle of making some ATCs for a swap named Keys.  
On my desk are the half completed fronts - and 3D Crystal Lacquer (re-discovered!) - and pencils - and the cake's still there! 
For the more curious.............. the piece of milk bottle is my 'palette' when I am actually painting - disposable you see!!
So by the time that you read this I will (hopefully) have inked up the backgrounds, added the keys with a brad, attached the backs and blogged them......... hopefully!

If you want to know what this is all about  click the page above.

Thank you Julia for hosting and happy WOYWW days to everyone, I notice people are still, like me, visiting later in the week.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Second July Birthday

I have these neighbours who collect vintage dolls. 
It is Si's birthday today - I hope he is celebrating by chilling at the pool!!! - and when I saw this young man I knew he would be perfect for a vintage doll collector. 

 I used watercolour pencils and a dark green veiling as a backing - reminder of seaweed perhaps..........
A silver greeting popped and over the road he goes in his smart matching blue envelope!!!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

WOYWW #214

Betcha thought I was going to miss this week .......... wrooong!!!

I have been a dutiful wife and .......... sat up the hospital most of the day going from clinic to xray to clinic to xray to Physio and then a bus home............ so there!
And in case you are nosey enough to wonder why ........... PJ had to have a check up, still has his 'space boot' and we go back again in two weeks .  
My desk is how it was last evening - it is too hot outside for me so I am in the craftroom colouring and making cards - just trying out printing on watercolour paper, (don't ask me why my printer only did half an image - must be a friend of the computer!!) and then wet the paper and then colour using a pencil.  This is all new to me so I am having a great time ....... I am really........

Eagle eyes may spot a new stamp that happened to fall in my bag while PJ was buying a book at Waterstones, a rolled up Bus ticket (to use on a travel ATC) and not one but two half finished started cards.
So have a good evening, thank you Julia for hosting and call back anytime ........ you may see those cards finished!!!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WOYWW #213

If I don't appear one day then watch you news items - someone may just have killed her PC - nay! not killed - chopped it into little pieces!!

Here is my work desk - eventually.

I am making ATCs...........messing around with watercolour paper actually if the truth be known.  I am having a wonderful time .............. till I come to record everything on my dear sweet old slow *na*ker*d computer.  I wish Father Christmas would hurry up  .......... not really as I am sure that if I turn around he will be here .......(and he had better bring me a new computer or ... or.... no mince pies!!)

I have embossed the daisies and entered it into a challenge but the others are not finished yet ......... I am still thinking (which is not an easy thing to do!)

BTW  I have received some more Anniversary ATCs check them out HERE.

As I am sure I don't really have to explain, we are just joining in the fun found here.

I hope to visit a few more desks this week, I only made twenty last week so my apologies to everyone I missed - do you have any idea how many we finally ended up with - heck of a lot!  
Don't we just love it........... happy WOYWW  day everyone.