Wednesday, 25 November 2015

WOYWW #338

I am late today as I have been 'shopping' with DDC and that meant early out and late in!!!  We have had a very successful day though so I am not complaining .... just worn out.  Not too tired to join up with my fellow deskers (see the WOYWW tab at the top of the page for more info) around the world though - I am sure it is morning somewhere ......

 So here is my desk ....

.... as you can see, blank cards, a few paintbushes, torn sketches from the newspaper and my box of paints.  Really exciting intit?!

I am about to start a few handpainted ATCs - for this swap the theme is Mug Shots.  I have thought hard and long about this subject, sourced it out with my friend Google and then went shopping at Waitrose.  Waitrose??  I hear you say ........ well, while perusing the shelves I noticed a free newspaper which, when I looked through it later at home, had several sketch photos which would be perfect for me to sketch and change.  All being present and correct I will make a start tomorrow ...... results on my ATC Blog. 

I will try to catch up with you all later, but in the meantime - have a good week.

Monday, 23 November 2015

November Birthday

I actually have a card to show today!!
I made this card using a topper that I recently acquired as an afterthought to make up the order to 'post free'.
I love the little folks on these toppers so expect to see them often on here.
I folded a piece of brown card with a left hand fold, and added my topper to top half.  Among my stash I found a scroll peel off which would be perfect for this card.  I added a 'Happy Birthday' peel off to the banner and attached the whole to the lower half of the card.

I managed to find a piece of cream paper with a textured effect on one side which would be perfect.  I folded the paper and cut to size, then used a floral punch to decorate the corners of the insert.  It is cream paper although in the photo it looks white.  I didn't have an envelope so used one of the papers from my book to make the envelope, using the pink side as the inner lining.

Happy Birthday Helen!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Christmas Wreath

I know that this is not a card but, with WOYWW in mind, I thought it might be of interest .......
At our last CRUNCH meeting one of our ladies showed us all a wreath that was quite a few years old yet still looked good.  She had made the wreath from plastic food bags - can you believe that!!!
This I had to do!!!

I bought some wire coathangers from our local Wilko - white coated how about that! - and a roll of plastic food bags.  

After dinner we settled down to watch some tv so I started off.  

Remove one bag, clip off the bottom sealed end and then knot the 'bag' round the coathanger - continue in this manner until the hanger is full.

I separated the sides of each 'bag' so that it could be 'fluffed' up a bit.  That was my evening - pull, cut, tie, fluff, pull, cut, tie, fluff ....... and so on.

I shaped the coathanger into a sort of circle but once full of of 'bags' I shaped the hanger part into a circle. 

The bags float and 'flutter' in whiteness, b e a u t i f u l.

I gave this one to DDC, she was really pleased with it, amazed but pleased.  She will decorate it and hang it on her door, just what she wanted for this year!

I am now going to buy another roll of food bags .........

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

WOYWW #337

Desk Sharing Day - details on the WOYWW tab above - This get together is organised and hosted by Julia with all the knowhow here.
My desk is in an 'organised' mess this week as once again I am about to make some ATCs. Can you guess the theme?!?  lol  
Lots of Christmassy items, obligatory hieroglyphic  card!  I am still using up the Panettone  card - may have to go buy some more cake methinks!!!

I have two swaps to complete with a Christmas theme - the first theme is 12 Days of Christmas, 12 cards of which one to be opened per day leading up to Christmas.  The second theme is to make, decorate and fill a matchbox - this is my first swap in the matchbox world.  I am hoping that I will enjoy this last swap, it is an entirely new area of creation, and I am looking forward to working in miniature.
I intend to make the 12 days ATCs first so to see what happens you will have to check my ATC Blog.  The Matchbox is a different kettle of fish - do I file under Card or ATC?  he! he!

Enjoy your week and thank you in advance for visiting.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

WOYWW #336

Desk Sharing Day - details on the WOYWW tab above - This get together is organised and hosted by Julia with all the knowhow here.  Thank you Julia for letting us all 'meet up' at yours! lol

I am trying to get organised.
I am!  
I also feel like I am fighting a losing battle but ..... it is in the small things that I have success.

My organised area ...............

I am hoping to join an ATC swap with the theme Vintage so I have gathered together all that I think I will need, backing paper, flowers, frames, buttons and ribbons.  The small pieces of Panetonne box in the top right are my ATCs - I cut my cards from all sorts of packaging, cornflake boxes are the best!!!
I really needed to move the painting etc. to one side so that they can dry thoroughly, I used the push-to-one-side method to clear my desk top.  

My thanks go to all my visitors last week for their wonderful supportive comments, much appreciated, and I am still smiling(hic!) when I look at my painting.

I am visiting the dentist first thing this morning so this is a scheduled post.  I am hoping to control my panic attacks enough to have my smile restored - yes!  It's a front tooth to be repaired...............

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

WOYWW #335

This is WOYWWednesday - checkout the tab at the top of the page for further info - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting again.

This post is for all the folks who have said 'I can't do that'.  My desk this week is simple .........
'First Steps'

My first canvas.

I have wanted to do this for so long but never had the courage to go and purchase the equipment just in case I couldn't do it and wasted all the money.   This week an old sim card holder was 'found' so I knew it was just what I wanted to apply the paint.
Over the last few months I have been 'collecting' bottles of acrylic paint and storing them in my cat food boxes, the outer neatly covered of course.  
I have a large paper pad in my stash and while I have been stamping and trying out my paints I covered the desk with one of the sheets of paper.  The sheet is a little larger than the box which is ideal, so all the 'wipe offs' and stamp offs are now looking at me!

I remembered buying a canvas pad some time ago but where have I put it?  This morning I sorted out the canvas pad, taped a sheet down to my work top and with paints and card ..... I cannot explain the feeling when I look at this  .............. 
 It is sooo vibrant IRL!   

WHO can't?!?!

Have a good week everyone, I hope you have your own happy dancing moment like me.