Wednesday, 24 February 2016

WOYWW #351

I mark my weeks by Wednesdays.  I am busy although retired with 'nothing to do' so the days just merge one to another ...... except for Wednesdays!  
WEDNESDAY is just that .....
                                                        .... a CAPITAL day.
I am so glad that Julia continues to host this meeting of friendly folks, sharing a moment in our lives.  I learn so much, laugh, cry and wonder at the talent of them all.
Thank you Julia for being such a great hostess.

My desk today shows a new format (for me) ATC.  It is Double Sided, taken some working out but now the basics are done.  I have sketched out my ideas and am ready to colour in. 
Although I have both my paints and watercolour pencils on show, I know that I will use the pencils and then give the cards a water wash to merge the pencil marks.  Please note that I have managed to keep a pretty clear work top!!!

My evening job ...... the saga goes on .....
I did complete the jumper, it fitted Little Soldier but looked like a crop top on him!!  After we had stopped laughing (someone a little ruefully) I put it to one side and started a second one ..... I am a tryer!!  lol
During the course of the evening PJ suggested just undoing the original jumper and reknit the front and back to a longer length.  I couldn't bear the thought of undoing it all but thinking about what he said  ..... if I could save some of the pieces I would only have to reknit the front & back.  After careful unpicking of the stitching I saved the sleeves, the collar and the button band and was so chuffed!  A good evenings work.
I knitted up the front and back, also the buttonhole band and voila!!!

A completed jumper which, hopefully, will fit Little Soldier better this time.

Hope the sun is shining where you are and your work is making you as happy as I feel at the moment.  Take care.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

WOYWW #350

This is WOYWWednesday - if you want to find out more then checkout the tab at the top of the page - and our thanks go to Julia for hosting this weekly meet up.

I had a clean up, clearing my desk and windowsill and cleaning them both down ...... and it was good!!!!

Now it's back to work, two swaps for March are in preparation - Children and Lemon & Lime - so I sorted out my ideas and now I am waiting for paint to dry.............

Of course this is only the day job ......

..... Watching TV causes me to do the evening job .......

I am busy knitting Little Soldier a warm jumper to throw on when he is out of the car and in the stroller.

I knitted this pattern way back in the 80's for my Godaughter's boys and now I am off again.  

I am not a knitter ....... I won't tell you how many times the back has been unpicked!   

I also found out that ins. and cms. do NOT mix!!

But onward and upward say I  .....I'm off to visit a few desks.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

February Swaps

Noobie Swap

Another image coloured and finished some time ago, my stash is being depleted.
I searched among my blank cards for the right shade and thought this blue one was perfect.  
Once attached I added the gold rub-on sentiment.

A wonderfully thought out card - diecut window over watercolour image.
Thank you Linda A.

Colour Swap

I have had this image from TLC for absolutely ages and thought it would be perfect when coloured.  
I used my watercolour pencils and then painted the red colour with a water brush.  I cut the border from a doyley, cut it in half and then glued them behind the diecut image.  

I then attached the whole to the red card. 

What beautiful background paper for this card.
Thank you Karen D.

Alphabet Swap

My favourite card of the month!!!  Another kit from Craftee ......
Once this was completed I added the gold rub-on along the lower edge.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

WOYWW #349

Nothing much to report round here ... somebody managed to do a bit of colouring and then that same person became ill with  .....?!?!?!
Today is my first total day out of bed .... I did manage to put my latest stash on the desk ....

I presume that the Little Soldier shared his chest infection with me ..... he's fine, crawling/walking everywhere, causing mayhem ..........  lol

With reference to my dollshouse which I mentioned last week, it appears that I never actually blogged about it, so I corrected the error and the details, sort of, can be found here.
I shall be back creating tomorrow, I have at least to try out my new stamps!!!  I have the month's swaps to finish and several ATCs, the washing, the ironing, the ................. maybe I need another day in bed!!!!!

So with that thought in mind I will wish you all a good week, with lots of fun and laughter .

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

February Birthday

A certain girl loves the colour purple and every year it becomes more and more difficult to decide how to use purple on her card.
Mark this year down to another success!!

Beautiful selection of papers, folded and quilted with a sparkly sentiment.  The card itself is a kit I bought from Craftee before the change over of owner, I do hope the new owners will be offering these kits for sale again soon.

I used lavender paper for the insert, corner punching all round.

After I had finished the card I wondered if I had folded the corner punching the correct way ...... fold the corner behind or in front?  Any suggestions? ....

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

WOYWW #348

Didn't think I would make it here until later but I have woken up bright eyed and bushy tailed.  
I spent most of Monday night/Tuesday morning back at the hospital with Little Soldier and DDC as he fitted in the early hours.  He was kept in for six hours under observation, sent home and then we looked after him while DDC caught up on her sleep and get over her fright.  He is fine, chesty with a gunked up eye but still managed to climb and wreak havoc!!!  lol
I am pleased that we went to Heartlands as the Doctor told us that fits can happen if there is a sudden rise in temperature ...... learn something new every day.
My desk is how I left it on Monday - a magazine found from my 'sortings' and pen & ink ready for a new swap/challenge.  This swap will be interesting, a real challenge - details will follow on my ATC blog later.
I have a beautiful Doll's House, old and hand built which I bought several years ago and will ....I WILL .... refurbish ...... I hope to start this year in the Summer but don't hold your breath!!!
Thanks for all my visitors last week, I didn't manage to get round to some of you but do appreciate you popping in.