Wednesday, 27 November 2013

November Swaps for CWS

I was in two minds whether to continue with these swaps - out of 11 swaps only four have been completed, a bit sad I thought.
As this group is the only card swapping one that I am a member of ....

Decoupaged Lady for my first 1 to 1 swap this month.

I tried Bargello technique for my second 1 to 1 card and added a premade topper.  I rather like the effect although it was difficult to find just the right coloured paper to match the topper.

My return swap was this fantastic Waterfall card.  The photo does not show the neatness of this card - I love it.
Thank you Robin 

My Peel Offs swap has them all!  A silver peel off dress cut out on red paper, silver lettering and 'jelly' peel offs all placed around a beautiful scenic background.

Blue bird on roses on an embossed background  is the Peel Off return swap.
Thank you Carol J   (Welcome back to the Group) 

CMW asked for a gold card, black embellishments and one other colour.
I used one of the die cuts from my winnings, found an appropriate sentiment which I popped above.  I punched some red flowers and added them in the corner.
I was a little disappointed with the gold cardstock, it had to be treated very gently as every mark showed.  This is my second card as, after I had cut the first one, I found scratch marks all over it

On this return swap card the poppy centre is black lace with red diamante on blue, all on a beautifully embossed gold card.
Thank you Carol J

WOYWW #234

It's Wed .... nes .... day!
Time to go visiting .... See the WOYWW tab at top of page ....
If I show you mine, you can show me yours ....
Here's mine  ....
  and why are there little envelopes in the cherry tomato pack?  Cos I have just received a swap ready for Christmas!!

Excited!  Excited!

The ATC swap is 12 Days of Christmas and I won't bore you with the details .... suffice to say we all receive 12 little envelopes which we can start opening on 14th December.  
I haven't quite worked the date out as that is my birthday and I always thought I was born ten days before Christmas .....

Just look at them ..... patiently waiting to be opened .... so pretty ... 

I will be good .... I will be good .... I will be good ....

.... and while I am being good, you all have a good WOYWW week.  

I won't be visiting till the weekend ish as I am off to the ballet tonight (it takes me all day to get ready and be there on time!) and Liverpool for the day on Thursday .... but I'll be back ....

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

WOYWW #233

So another chaotic week passed here at  - wherever I am!
I think that Wednesday is the only stable point in my life at the moment ......... Wednesday ....
Here's my desk .... taken on Tuesday afternoon (it was dark!)

Just messing about on it really .... that's masking tape ....  I read somewhere that you could do something with it and I thought 'what a brilliant idea', went out and bought some masking tape.
Needless to say I can't remember where it was or even WHAT it was ... so I have three strips of tape, some ink daubers and some stencils ... sort of washi tape do you think?!!
This is all I have been doing in the craftroom since Friday but .....  In the lounge I have been stripping paper from walls, washing skirting boards ready for painting, fitting carpet and placing new suite - don't ask!!! All will be revealed on my 'recollections' blog in due course ...
Have a happy WOYWW  week!

Keep safe.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WOYWW #232

I am sure the clock is going faster ......Wednesday again!?!?!
A day for showing off my workdesk .... why you ask .... I blame that Julia.... all her fault .... but .... if she hadn't started the WOYWW factor I would not have so many good friends .... among them are Peggy and Patsy over in the Philippines.
I am so relieved that they are ok but sooo many people are not .... the BBC World Service is playing requests for help in finding family from the islands and it is heartbreaking .... our love and prayers and (((hugs))) MUST go out to the Philippines as the World reaches out to help with aid.
Here is my work desk today - taken early this morning and now much changed but at that very early hour ....
I know it is dark - I had all the lights on - even the sun was only just waking up!!
I am making ATCs again ..... blinging ones!!!  I have finished the 'Kitchen' ones and put to them side, now I am starting on the bling ...... sparkly peel offs, and nail varnish .... yes! you heard  right .... nail varnish.  I can't find my glitters, and embossing powders, so nail varnish is the next best thing - all the sparkly ones that is.  The paper with lines on is where I have been testing all the colours that I think will work.  Interesting!
So tonight - now I have remembered what day it is!!! - I have the cards on the side waiting to be finished (dried) and my desk is all clear ready to start on some cards.
So that's what's happening here .... I am off to visit other desks now so toodle pip ...

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

WOYWW #231

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night ....... we had a super time, good conversation, good food and good fireworks.  We did manage to find the cat eventually, she is still not talking to us - we are being glared at even with her back turned!!!!
But today is another day .... a WOYWW day!  yeah!!
If you want to know more then click the tab at the top of the post.
Still into Christmas round at mine ...... stamps, paper, inkpads, card, glitter ....  you know how it goes ........

have a good WOYWW week!