Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WOYWW #299

This is a good day!
The sun is shining and I am playing!!

This was my desk yesterday - partly cleared to install a new multi-socket.  I have a row of four - can just about be seen on the window sill in front of the speaker - and PJ has sourced an upright multi-socket  .... so's I can use more equip I suppose ..... I only use one piece at a time but's the thought that counts!

So once I had cl#+*ed the area, PJ appeared, unthreaded and threaded wires, unplugged and plugged in ...... and I was back in action.

One of the guys at Training has to have a new hip fitted so this was an excuse to buy some train stuff - you can always find what you need on the web!!!
Now it goes without saying that one has to make up a certain amount to avoid p&p - it wouldn't be a  saving otherwise would it??!!  So I added a few more dies - a banner and a mandala and a silhouette.
With reference to Julia's post yesterday ....  I tried out all my dies but have not managed to use the stamps yet.  I like to see how the dies cut and, if needs be, add information to the packaging before I put them away.  The stamps are another story - in the box and ......  I do check on them at a later day ...... usually.  I think that this time the train stamps will be used a lot, I aim to send a card a day while Roger is recuperating - lots of cards to cheer him up!!

So l've shown you mine, now show me yours!  Connect up with Julia and share with the rest of us - visit one or two desks and see what we are up to ..... all good fun.
Thanks to Julia for hosting us all again ..... I'm off to visit as many as I can before we go out.....

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

WOYWW #298

Another exciting week in store over here - I'm back gardening ...... this means that Spring is on the way ......... heigh! heigh!

My desk is the object of pondering today.

I am pondering ...... which brown paper bag shall I use for a swap of the same name?
There is a carrier from (no advertising here!), a plain unscrewed paper bag,  and two paper bags from the French Alps!!!  It's no contest really!!

All the pipes have water inside them, Wickes and PJ did a good job!  The Paint Samples are nearly finished - watching paint dry does not work for me, pondering brown paper bags does!

So why am I writing all this  ........ IT'S WEDNESDAY!  What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!
You can join as well ..... click on the tab at the top of the page for more information.

Thanks Julia for hosting us all again - it does get a bit crowded but I love it.
Thanks to all my visitors last week, sorry if I didn't get to visit you ..... will try harder!!!
Have a good week.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

February Swaps

Noobie Swap

Another card made from N's stash.  Love this one, the embellishments are heavy weight card.

Alphabet Swap - B

B is for Butterflies!

A smashing card kit from Craftee with just the right colours and letter ...... bought with my colour swaps in mind.  I sorted through several listings for my groups added in a few birthdays and sent off my order.

I received this smasher by return post.

Thank you Liz. 

 Colour of the Month - Pink & Purple

Another kit from Craftee!  They have a few Lace kits and that is one technique I love .... but the cutting that defeats me every time.
I used an inkpad on the back of the lace pattern and left it to dry. Once it was well dried, I folded the cut pieces under the small pieces - you have to have the card to understand me.
I attached the whole panel to a white square card and added a purple silk flower to each corner.

I received this beautiful card by return.
Thank you Kath.

Flower of the Month - Violet

I used nearly a whole sheet of felted stickers on this card but it was worth it.
I die cut some swirls and attached one in each corner of the front of the card.  I had a pretty little card for the middle of the card so I adhered this in the centre  The violets were tucked in and around the die cuts.

Monday, 16 February 2015

CardWorkShop February Swaps

1 to 1

I used  a card and some of the embellishments from the stash than N gave me some time ago.  I discovered a box under my desk and it was full of cards and embellishments so ......

Colour My World - Gold Card with Red

A gold card cut to size and one of the doilies I bought some time ago.  I made up a bunch of flowers, red with gold material for the centre of the doily.  I coloured a Peel Off in red to match and placed it on the lower half.

Make a Card with ...... Teabag Folding

This is a new fold, to me, that I found in my book so I thought 'why not?'

Once I had folded enough teabags to edge the mauve card I glued the folded inserts to form a mat.  I cut the butterfly from a wall paper sample and attached it to another doily, which I adhered to the centre of the card.  I used some DS tape along the back of the folded teabags and attached them to the corner of the card.

Follow that Sketch .....

I bought a pad of really bright papers last week.  They are all colour co-ordinated, somewhere I fail - matching colours.

I cut all the shapes to size but could not decide on an image.  Then I remembered my wall paper folder ..... little blossoms and a bird!  Just right to finish off this card.

Christmas (online only)

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

WOYWW #297

Borrowed the daughter's laptop as mine is playing up ........ several hours later I am now at my desk in the office!!!
So another Wednesday dawns - bit dreary and late .............

Here is my desk from last night - well, actually Monday night!  I had sprayed the ATC with mica paint and was waiting for it to dry.  I will make up the violets and add a butterfly to complete this month's swap.  I have just noticed the brightly coloured bag in the top right hand corner - I did wonder where it had gone.......  It fell off the top shelf along with a number of papers, which missed my head and fell onto the floor.  I searched all round but could not find the bag anywhere so put it down to 'the disappearing act'.  
I am glad to see it!!  lol

I am also showing you PJ's current 'desk'.  
I awoke in the early hours with all the lights upstairs shining brightly and PJ up a ladder looking inside this black hole.  There were towels all over the floor and it was quite an interesting sight!!
Apparently we had a surplus of water which cascaded down onto the floor and into the kitchen.  
Needless to say we awoke rather later this morning!

It is quite ironic really as, last week, we had no water coming out of the cold water taps!!!

I think know that we have a house that is getting very old and cantankerous! 

So this is Wednesday at my house - the desk will be changed once I have visited a few of you to see what adventures you are having .....

If you would like to join me on showing off your Workdesk this Wednesday then click on the tab at the top of the page.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

1st February Birthday

I have made a special card for this birthday .....

This is a really special birthday!  It is a part of the countdown now ......

I die cut the sentiment, and scissor cut the image, all from the same paper.  Purple and gold paper.  I searched the internet for images of a pregnant women, and out of the four images I saved, this was the one!
I printed out the original image and then, using paper clips, attached the image to the paper and cut.
I matted up the front of the card and corner punched the insert.

I know she will love it when she is given it tomorrow ......

Friday, 6 February 2015

CardWorkShop January 2015 Swaps

1 to 1

I have used some more papers from my free Hunkydory kit.  I love the quality of these papers.

This card is just soooo funny!!
Thank you Helen.

Colour My World - White Card with Orange

I love the way this card came together .... embellishments and peel-offs on a white card.  Clean and simple but I love it.

This is a beautiful interpretation.
Thank you Pat.

Make a Card with ..... Ribbon

I really did not know what to do for this swap so I googled for inspiration - I sorted a piece a paper and found some ribbons in matching colours.
I wrapped the ribbons round the paper and then adhered this to the left side of a white pre-folded card.
A rub-on in the bottom right corner for completion.

Love this bow and lace.
Thank you Helen.

Follow this Sketch ....
My sketches are taken from a closed blog.  I love this challenge and have had a superb return swap.
I made my card using some papers from CraftWork Cards.  I love this company - I watch the launch of new papers on Create and Craft TV and then buy what I fancy from the website.  I call it the best of both worlds!!
I used a pale lemon card and matted the small patterned paper to fit.  I cut the lemon plain paper to size and then wrapped gold raffia round the side edge.  I chose a corner flower from the main paper, gold foiled and cut to mat on the yellow paper.  On the plain part of the top layer I added two gold rub ons.

I received this very neat and tidy foxy card from my partner.
Thank you Elaine.

Christmas (online share only)

Thursday, 5 February 2015

January Swaps


This is a kit from Craftee which I had made up a week or so ago.  I didn't add a sentiment as the quilting is enough in my opinion.

Colour - White on White
I have been longing to make one of these cards for the longest time.
I took my white card and stamped an oval of flowers which I then embossed with clear glitter.  I didn't like this effect, felt it was not obvious enough.
After thinking about it for some time I die cut some flowers and trees and placed them round the embossing.  One white butterfly added to the centre of the card and it was finished.  I love it!

Alphabet Letter - A

I printed out and cut out two alphabets and set them at angles to each other on a peach card base.  I cut a strip, with the same wavy edging as the alphabets, and stamped the sentiment.  It wasn't the first sentiment ...... just the best one.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

WOYWW #296

Welcome to my desk on this very cold but sunny Wednesday.
I am showing you my desk in all its glory as part of the What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday Blog hop hosted by our wonderful Julia.  Please do join in - we have a lot of fun and .... sometimes we even learn ....
So here I am, busy making ATCs.  I have already finished Chinese New Year - Year of the Goat swap cards which I have drawn and painted.  I have nearly finished Flying Creatures Swaps which I have Iris Folded with some soft papers and touches of glitter.
I am about to start on Paint Sample cards which, apart from the actual paint samples, I have only ideas on how to finish them.  The paint samples all have wonderful names - Pretty in Pink, Woolly Mint - which caused YD and me much amusement when we were choosing the samples.  The suggestion was ..... polo mints with fluff on!  Ho! Ho! He! He!
See what  I have to put up with?  I doubt if we will be allowed in the shop again!

So now I have shown you mine ..... so I am off to have a look at yours (if you leave a comment or not).