Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Love and Best Wishes for 2015

WOYWW #291

Happy New Year!

My desk has my lists on it for today .... One with lots of lovely red cross outs and one that hasn't even been started - WHAT?!?
Oh! My goodness!  
Well that's today taken care of .... 

Weeeell, no actually.  Today is already booked .... I am going to Sunrise Crafts to spend my Christmas money ..... retail therapy beats cardmaking .... only just though!!!!

So as we cross off another year, may I take this opportunity to thank you for all your friendship, laughter, inspiration and encouragement during 2014 and pray for more in 2015.
I pray that you will all have an inspiring 2015 with the best of health and if not .... then the best of strength to carry on.  Here's to health, wealth and WOYWW.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

WOYWW #290

.... and as we get ever closer to 'the day' ......


I hope you all have lots of hugs and laughter ...
My desk .....

I have spent a couple of hours making the clay figures into Christmas Tree Decorations for our two girls.  I made the decs at my Craft Group last week and now decided to 'dress' them up.  I am having the star and the green angel, N will have the red one and C will have the preggy angel with the purple 'dress' and feather wings.
This last one caused many a giggle and rude comments whilst in the making.
'Preggy angel' I hear you shout with mirth - yes!!
Not only does she have a 'lump' under that purple dress but boobs as well!!

This will not be the last of the 'Christmas Stuff' on my desk as my online craft Group will be making Christmas cards throughout 2015.

However, for today I say - thanks for all the visits last week, thank you Julia for hosting yet again and further information about the WOYWW thing can be found by clicking on the tab at the top of the page .....

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

WOYWW #289

YES!  *hits the air*

All done!
Even the extras!
All posted!

'Doing' the cards has seemed to take a looooong time this year ..... don't know why .....

I have set up another challenge on my Group for 2015 - Make a Christmas Card.
I am making eight suggestions each month so we can make none, one, or all eight .... as the mood takes us!!!
I have suggested making a box for January and then we will have a 'safe' place to keep our cards ..... one we can find later!!!

That's it for today ..... I am off to visit 'all' of the others on our WOYWWser day.  Oh! if you need to know more .... check out the tab at the top of the page and then you can visit 'our Julia' who is the hostess with the best attitude ever!  Thank you Julia.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

WOYWW #288

Empty Desk!!!

I am in the middle of making Christmas Cards, see the glitter, see the ribbon, see the pictures .....

These are finished - yeah!!

Oh! Not quite ..... need some inserts ..... hence the empty space on my desk, needed for cutting and folding and sticking and stamping and ..... POSTING!

That's my week taken care of .... except for visiting with my friends ..... my WOYWW friends that is.

So off we go .......

Thursday, 4 December 2014

CardWorkShop November Swaps

1 to 1 Swap
I used one of my stitching cards for this swap.  The gold butterfly peeloff and corner peeloffs were stitched with red glitter thread and the orange card cut to size.  I stamped corner motifs onto the card, added a doyley and then attached the butterfly to the top.

Colour My World – Yellow card with Pink
I struggled with this concept – don’t know why.  I made a card with a diecut sentiment and wreath of flowers all in pink …. Don’t like it but why I cannot say.  I started again with the yellow card but this time used some negatives from the diecuts and felt much better with this.  An added butterfly in the corner and a gold sentiment strip across the centre.  Love it!
I received this card in return and isn’t it pretty?
Thank you Pat.

Make a Card with .... Feathers

This card is big, bold, brash!  I cut the vase shape from a takeaway cup and then placed some gold & red flowers in a large spray.  The red feathers were place behind to add height.

I received this exquisite card in return.
Thank you Pat.

Follow that Sketch ......

I am so not happy with this card.  This is my third attempt!!  I have several books of papers; I am trying not to collect them but Volume 4 just fell into my basket when at W H Smith’s!!!!
This enables me to tear out matching and/or coordinating colours which, in theory, should make my cards more pleasing to the eye.  A Sketch seemed a good time to try this.  As I said this is my third attempt……
This is an orange and ‘blue’ selection.  I don’t know whether it is the size I cut the papers or just the placement  ….
This is the best one?!?!?!

Enough said.

WOYWW #287

Sorry I am late coming to the party but at least I am here!!!  Thank you Julia for leaving the door open so that I can sneak in!
I spent yesterday at this desk …… 

My first attendance at an Art Class!!!
I cannot draw so let’s get that straight immediately – I don’t intend to learn to draw, I don’t have enough time!!
But I can learn about shading, proportion, perspective …. Sounding arty already aren’t I?
I had a lovely session with similar minded people, oldies in body – young in mind, beginners, nothing to losers. 
I have wanted to go to Art Classes for years (my family are very good at art, nothing left when this late baby came along!!). 
The Lord says in His Word that He will give us the delights of our hearts so excuse me while I explain why I am there.
It was when I stood on the banks of a very wide and deep river in Africa baptising folks that I realised the truth in His Word.  As I looked out across the river I heard in my head the voice of a little girl saying “when I grow up I want to be a Missionary in Africa”  and here I was – 50 years later …
So now I am going to an Art Class.
Woop! Woop! To Jesus!!! 
And being an age when I ‘have the time’ to receive His Blessings.

Now you know why I am late attending WOYWW, but this won't stop me visiting …….  See you even later!!!