Tuesday, 25 February 2014

WOYWW #247

This post should earn me some green points!!
I am into recycling in a big way and I have found another piece of recycling - not purposely of course, I think most recycling is discovered by accident.
On our way home from Shilden, we stopped at the services and had a hot snack to keep us going.  I love the Emmental and Mushroom toastie from Costa so that's what I had.  We had the food and drink as takeaways and I kept the wrapper .... here's what's left of the wrapper!!!

I have managed to get two frames for multicolour swap ATCs and I have enough wavy material left for another one.

I am sharing my desk 'cos it's WOYWWednesday ... see here for more information.  

I'm not visiting today as I'm going to watch the Birmingham Royal Ballet tonight and I have to make sure all my props are ready - we're dressing up for this one!!!  
See you later ..... Have a good week.

Monday, 24 February 2014

February Swaps for CWS

What a month for swapping .... no theme I 'm afraid ....

1 to 1

I used two cards from my Hunkydory card kits for this swap.

I chose this card as I have used some of my own stash and design.

Very pretty card, although damaged in the post it still looks good.
Thank you Pat. 

This card was made from some of the leftovers of the kit which I thought went together well.

I used the Red flower from a wallpaper sample and placed a few leaves behind it.  A gold bow completed the card.

Very pretty embossed rose with jewel butterflies.
Thank you Pat.

Iris Folding
This is one of several Iris Folding kits from Craftee and I really enjoyed the challenge.  I made several cards but decided that this was prettiest.  All the papers and instructions were supplied.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Found in a box!!!

While I was trying to tidy up, throw out, finish projects, I came across some card kits cut out ready for putting together.
I will endeavour to find out the original designer and update this post with some credits.
In the meantime I have one golden yellow fairy card .....
I used gel glue to attach the decoupage pieces and found this a lot better than foam pieces as I could bend the hair and wings etc to add extra motion.

I think it needs a bit more trimming  .......

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

WOYWW #246

The rain eased off these last two days so I have been outside clearing the Greenhouse ready for disinfecting etc.  Now I am not one to moan but I have to say that when I was asked if I wanted to overwinter the houseplants in the greenhouse there was no mention of a time limit ..... there wasn't no mention at all ..... 
I really want to be sitting at my desk .....
Here's why .....

Waterfall card kit and teabag tiles ... all waiting for me to make into a card!  I do hear them calling, quite loudly at times, but there is other work to be done so I try to keep the door closed!!

Why am I showing off my desk?  'cause I'm nosey, like to look at how others keep their desks .... and it's a case of I'll show you mine and you show me yours!!!  So go on then .....

BTW  it's all that Miss Julia's fault - see the WOYWW tab at the top of the page?  Click it and you'll find out all you need to know....

Happy WOYWWeek!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Cards from a Magazine

Sometime ago I bought this magazine, thought I would try to make some of the cards - I am not usually very good at this sort of thing but there's always a first time!!

Following the instructions in the mag, I made a circular easel card ...

.... and an oblong one ......

..... used some leftovers on a pre-embossed card ........

........ pretty butterflies, almost the same as the one in the magazine .......

..... a few more 'bits' left over.....

I had the holographic card and the jewel embellishments in my stash so it was just a matter of measuring, cutting, folding, gluing and enjoying!!  
I still have some card sheets and toppers left so this has been very good value.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Another Sympathy card ....

So sad that I have to send this, it shouldn't have been but the dratted 'c' struck again and there was only just time to say goodbye.  Thank Goodness she knows that her son has a good girl at last.  My brave C has been terribly strong, this is the first death she has encountered but she has stood strong for R, I am so proud of her.

I love this design but did not have any organza ribbon so had to use twill.  I think it is a bit heavy but it is all I have.  I did not tie the ribbon in a bow but just left it tied singly.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WOYWW #245

Thank goodness for WOYWWednesday!  
As I woke to another windy, rainy cold day it was really cheering to see Julia's post waiting in my mail box.  Such simple pleasures bring so much joy on a day like this, even the postman has given up delivering - we have no mail for two days, I'm sure there's a good reason ....
So onto the happy, happy, joy, joy bit.  (find out why at the top of the page under WOYWW)
Thank you Julia and here's my desk ....

Not really anything going on ... just getting ready!
Starting from the lower left we have some emery boards and magnet, found during a clear up.
Slide mounts found for an ATC swap, reason for clear up
Left over Christmas Card waiting for a reply that appeared, decoupaged card topper (found during clear up!) and 3 finished ATCs.
In the centre there are some oriental papers ready for an Oriental ATC swap, another reason for clear up.
On the top right some new stamps bought from 'Works' who have a whole newly stocked craft department - in my local, and the cashier said they should be in all the stores. Wonder if they have bought all the stock from Osbourne Stationers as the stamps are DoCraft!
Lower right I have some cross stitched inchies, I don't know much about these but a large piece of material with tiny alphabets and images marked out was also found during clear up.  I think they were intended for keyrings way back when - 1996-7ish.  These I am thinking about .... 
So that's it for today .... I now have to put all this in some sort of order and get to work.   Maybe tomorrow as I think I will spend today visiting desks and oohing! and aahing! ..... takes me mind off the weather!!!
You all keep dry and warm, take a leaf out of my book if you want to!?!?!?!

Happy WOYWWday....

Monday, 10 February 2014

December Swaps for CWS

The last card swap of the year - will have to make up new folders before January 2014 .... 2014!?!  

Another sad thing .... I forgot to take photos before posting!!!

Ah! Well, let's hope that my partners remember to scan them even if they don't send any to me.

Here is my first 1 to 1
Pink mulberry paper with a pink peel off.  Added a velvet ribbon on a buckle down the side.

A Christine Haworth fairy was such fun to put together.  Matted onto some music paper and then foam flowers added down the side.

This rose is printed on Acetate and placed over a deeply embossed background matted onto white glitter card.
Thank you Robin

Here is my Technique card, discussed in a previous post.

The swap cards are a bit sparse for this month but I will update this post as, when, if I receive any cards.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

First Birthday in February

This is Cs birthday - I wont tell you how old my baby is!  She let slip today and I am shocked!  I cannot have a baby that age!  ....  Apparently I can!!

She loves purple and yellow so I chose a purple card for her.  I layered a sheet of yellow card with punched corners and then added two more layers cut with a nested die.   I die cut two sizes of flowers from the takeaway cups, see previous posting, and rolled them, adding glitter glue to the edges of the petals.  I die cut some leaves from green paper and adhered them with the flowers.

I could not wish her Happy Birthday (her partner's Mother died a few days back) so I added a 'Just for You' gold peel off.

The photograph does not show what a pretty mauve the card is or the mauve flowers.

When this little baby of mine was asked what she wanted for her birthday replied "some socks" therefore I spent some time shopping yesterday for socks.  I didn't have enough paper to parcel them up so I just boxed some and wrapped some in tissue paper.  By the time I had tied them up with ribbon and bows, this was her present - some socks.

The last box has some earmuffs in to keep her little ears warm!!!!

She loved it all.  The big softie!

But she can't be THAT old .... she's my baby!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

WOYWW #244

Wednesday already!!! 
I have been so busy since the antibiotics started their work trying to make me fit again, and then catching up with everything, every day sortof melts into each other.  I did manage to visit a few desks and thank all those visitors to last week's desk but I have not yet caught up .... but I WILL!

What am I prattling on about?  Check out the tab at the top of the page, go visit our Gracious Hostess Julia and join in the fun.
Here is the infamous desk .....
I had tidied - honest!  I never finished the ATCs, just added a bit more and then put it all away (tidied).
Then I went out for some fresh air, bought a magazine which had free card making kits and papers.  I can do that I thought!  On my desk today is as far as I got!  

There are also a couple of purple takeaway cups - to be used in the making of a purple b'day card for the daughter.  
On the lower right is my first stencil bought specially for using with paint etc.  Besides having a chicken net background it has a great 'dancing' girl - here.
It's blowy and rainy today .... and I have a theatre date tonight with David Essex ..... so I will stop by as and when I can .... but in the meantime - have a good WOYWWeek.

PS  This is the magazine

Monday, 3 February 2014

January Swaps for CWS

The new folders have been created and the cards for 2013 placed inside.
So here we start with 2014 and CardWorkShop first swap of the year.

Happy New Year!                                       2014 is the Year of the Horse.

1 to 1 Swap

I downloaded some pictures of horses and background papers.  My first card has some gold fibres as a background.  I cut out the horse on its gold background and popped it on the complete picture.  I added some Chinese charms to red silk to hang down on the side.

Beautiful card comes from Cyprus.
Thank you Carol H. 

On my second card, I placed some corner rounded horse background paper on top of the gold fibres which had also been corner rounded.  The horses picture was printed twice and the second horses were fussy cut and decoupaged.  I didn't add any more embellishments as I felt that the multicoloured horse paper was enough.
This is a Mo Digital Pencil image
Thank you Helen
I have a third swap this month as one of the girls forgot to enter so I am swapping with her as an extra.  I used the left over papers, stacking them down the page but there seemed to be something missing ..... I framed that horse with a red and gold ribbon and added a bow.  Done.

The Rose is on acetate which is fixed atop of glitter paper.  These are fixed to a pink matt and the whole attached to a green card.
Thank you Robin.  

CMW Swap
I found a sheet of beautiful hammered gold peeloffs in one of my drawers  so I placed them on a blue card for the Colour My World swap.  I added two butterflies to the top of the card for my third colour.

I received this pretty card as my swap.
Thank you Pat McC.

Teabag Folded Swap

I cut a piece of grey cardstock to size, folded some tiles and edged them with some fancy scissors.  Using a purchased background, I daubed it with matching ink and attached it to the grey card.
With the rosette placed n the centre, I printed the sentiment, cut to size and adhered it to a daubed background, a shiny flower in the centre of the rosette completed the card.

Technique Swap

The Technique Swap this month is a Waterfall Card.  I used some scrapbook papers to make mine and then added some gold braid as a pull.  A thin line of peeloffs along the top and bottom corners completed the card.

The second and third layers contain sentiments  ......

The final page is the main wish!!
BTW - I fixed the layer of paper on the pull page so that it lay flat before I posted!!!