Friday, 31 May 2013

March Swaps for CardWorkShop Group

I entered the usual four swaps for this month.

I love this bird image and just coloured the crown and beak then backed it onto some pink card.  I attached a small piece of textured wallpaper to one side and punched some flowers from the pink card using two different punches.  I arranged two petals stacked to make the flowers along the bottom of the card.  Robin sent me this beautifully flocked card on a shiny background.

The green paper was cut to make both the backing and the strip along the side.  I rounded the corners on both the sentiment and the backing paper but could not stick them on straight  ........ think I have one eye higher than the other!  Ann sent me this absolutely gorgeous card using the fabric flower as the focal point.  It is difficult to stop touching it!!

My Peel Offs swap used some peel off sheets that N gave me some time ago and I used the letters to spell out the recipients name.
Ann used these really shiny peel offs against a patterned background - wonderful.

I used a Melonheadz design on this 1 to 1 swap, her designs are just so different.  I printed the image on paper, coloured and fussy cut it out. 

The white backing is from Craftee, I have bought several packs of these.  
The sentiment was printed out and then both it and the backing had the corners rounded and popped onto the card.  It still looked a bit bare so I found some buttons and added them along the bottom of the card.  My swap partner was taken ill so there is no return swap.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

February Swaps for CardWorkShop Group on Yahoo

With the Chinese New Year looming I made my 1 to 1 swaps along that theme.  

I had been to a Chinese Restaurant for a meal with C and her fella and managed to pick up a magazine there.  As the restaurant was in the Chinese Quarter there weren't a lot of English pages so I utilised them as backgrounds.

I haven't recorded the image designer's name so I am afraid I can't credit them but if I find out I will update.  I used watercolour pencils to colour the image on the orange card and just coloured the snake and flowers in her hair on the pink card.

Jacklyn sent me the metallised flowers on the blue card in return for the orange card.  She also very kindly sent me a copy of the original flowers for me to use later.

Pat sent me the pink card with the very pretty flower - I love this colourway.

For my Colour My World entry  - Green card + silver + one other colour - I used some grey leather flowers and blue ribbon from my stash.
Kathleen embossed the lettering on her sentiment........... reminded me I have some embossing powders somewhere...... 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WOYWW #208

Ho! ho! ho!
We're here and I will attempt to take a badge - learning curve me thinks!

My workdesk is not actually mine this week - it belongs to DH, but I have 'borrowed' the flat bit........  ta da!

See the white sheeting, white plastic, African parcel?  
See the machine and threads and scissors?
Gonna make sheet bag for inside my sleeping bag with the sheeting and everything else will combine to make a case for my laptop and bits.
That is the theory ......... check back on my other blog and see if I succeeded!
Have a good WOYWW everyone!

I have ATCs to swap if anyone wants to- drop me a comment and I'll get back to you.

I managed to finish the bag - very pleased I am with it - don't ask for the pattern...... I tend not to use one!!!  The bag is now posted.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

WOYWW #207

Home again, Home again, joggity jog ......... or something like that! 
I am home again for a while so I have been catching up with everything.  I found this box of goodies while searching for bling, ribbon, something brownish............. how excellent a find - lots of paper cutouts on a nature theme ......... thin paper, some coloured some plain ............. oooh! the possibilities!!!!

I know that the photo is not all that good but I think you can see the general idea.
Off now to visit everyone I can ........ those that are joining us on Julia's Wednesday fun!! (see the WOYWW tab at top of page.
Happy WOYWW week!

Birthdays and Ordinations

Sometimes it doesn't matter how you think you have things covered ................ a card is needed and you don't have one in your stash!!
So it was for me - a Nephew's birthday and a friend's Ordination happening this month.

Ordinations are not something that occur very often in our life.  Our very good friend in Manchester has worked hard to achieve this and we were going to go and support him.  I found the word cloud on the web and printed it to size, added a few gold peel-offs.  I found an appropriate prayer for the insert, not included as it was personal.  Different but meaningful.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WOYWW #206

What happened to 205? I went to Scotland and back, couldn't work out how to do the linky thing but heigh! ho!,,,,,,,,,
What's going on here I hear you say ................ it must be Wednesday say I.

Pop over to the Apprentice's site here and find out for yourselves.  In the meantime .............. I'm colouring .......... again? you ask.......... well yes!........... I like colouring............ I have some new gel pens ................ I am making some more ATCs.............. and colouring..............

Friday, 3 May 2013

May Card no 1

This is the first card for this busy month - for the Nephew.

I used some paper that I downloaded from Digilicious Designs at  Scrapbook Graphics.  I printed out the paper and then run it through my printer again to add the sentiment.  I cut out the large orange Cog and its little silver sister from some of the scrap paper and used a 3D sticker to add it to the page above the 'MEM'  in 'A DAY TO REMEMBER'  to give the card some 'lift'.

I printed off several of the cogs but chose another silver one to add to the insert inside.  The sentimemt reads:

As an afterthought, I could have possibly changed the words to read something like - your birthday falls at the weekend  - but no doubt he will inform me if he had to work on such a special day!

Is it Steampunk or is it not?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WOYWW #204

You lucky people!  I am in the middle of the 'great Tidy Up' so that I can leave a reasonably clean house for the house sitters while I am away ........... I will go ........... as soon as I have hidden cleaned up the mess.  I can't craft and do housework - I retired to craft not work!
Any way details of why I'm telling you this can be found here and ........... and.......... if you go there you can see another desk!  What fun!

Today you find me trying -  yes! I know I am! - to make an Iris Folded ATC. 
It's a long time since I have done IF........... a very long time.
It seemed at the time to be a very interesting swap and while I thought about entering it ............. the swap was finished and posted!  Time is flying by jet speed nowadays and sometimes I forget that fact.
Then a member posted that she had also wanted to join this swap so that's why I have been sorting through my IF box (mushroom tray to those in the know!).
Found a couple of simple patterns, printed and cut, so now we are folding ............. just a bit at a time cos I have to fit 'the other in' so I can eventually vacate in peace.
Toodle pip.  Have a Happy WOYWW 

New shot six hours and three successful Iris Folding hours later ........... ATCs can be viewed on my other blog ............