Tuesday, 30 September 2014

July Swaps

This is a new Group and this is my first swap.  I joined the group some months ago and have been trying to work out how it goes.  I find that this is the best way to find my way around a group, not just checking files and databases but watching the posts as well.

For my first swap I wanted to present a tidy well balanced card and Iris Folding can't be beaten for that  in my opinion.

I used a kit bought from Craftee and made up at the WOYWW Crop.

I folded all the papers provided and used a double sided adhesive tape to keep them attached to the card.
Once finished I was able to attach all the sequins which were also provided.
A silver peelloff in each corner and the card is complete.

Nice and easy is how I like it but Iris Folding is never easy for me!


I received this super card.
Mary has used silver ribbon as a border for her image.  Love it.
Thank you Mary.

Monday, 29 September 2014

CWS August Swaps

I bought a magazine with free papers, toppers etc.  Here is my first card made with the kit.
1 to 1

I cut a page of paper to size and after attaching it to the card, went round the edges with a silver gelpen to give the effect of stitching.  I threaded up one of the toppers with blue ribbon, using double-sided tape to attach.  I wrapped a bobbin topper with another small amount of ribbon and also made a small bow.  After attaching the threaded topper to the card I added the bow to the top left hand corner, placed a small blue square, with faux stitching, at an angle in the centre.  A 'handmade' sentiment over this and the bobbin added to the lower right corner completed the card.

I received this beautiful card in return.  The paper has been embossed and torn before attaching to the brown card.

CMW - Pink card + Black embellishments

I struggled with this layout, I thought it would be easy but no.

I selected the printed ribbon and placed it around the card before settling for attaching it diagonally across the card.  I punched some small flowers from black paper, added small stones to the centre of each flower and placed them in groups in the corners.

The card sent back to me is so pretty.  Love the net bow over the black label and how the punched border was attached down the opening side.

Thank you Pat McC for two beautiful cards. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

WOYWW #277

Still travelling around ..... just found the free wifi in MacD's

Have a good week - see you when I get back .....

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Card Work Shop News!

I have been with Yahoo CardWorkShop Group from way back, watched it grow with folks joining from all over the world, sending out swap cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards and Easter cards.  There were a few condolence cards over the years but we have laughed and cried together!
Over the past year our membership has declined.  Why? I do not know.  Maybe people are finding the postage a problem, with costs going up is it surprising!  Maybe people have stopped making cards - not everyone is into recycling and card materials can work out expensive.  Maybe people just don't make cards for pleasure any more.  I don't know the answer.
What I do know is that our Group was about to close.
Such a shame, I love sending out my little cards - they may not be brilliant but I love making them - and I love receiving the swaps back, from really clever people I'll have you know!
I asked if I could take over the Group and people were really supportive and so the Group passed into my ownership.  I have changed very little, added a few more 'interesting' swaps, changed the way we choose which swap we want to enter .... nothing much.

I am forming ideas in my head, ways to increase the membership etc. - but first I have to sort out who wants to stay, who wants to join in with the swaps, who is interested if we .............
I hope to start sorting out all the files, folders and databases in October, when according to my Diary, I have a quiet month.
This is all new to me, I have never run an online group of like minded people before.
I feel that I am starting a new job but this time the Company is mine!!!

I shall be having a rest from home & garden till the end of the month so hope to come back with renewed vigour, but until then I shall be updating all my blogs so expect a fair few posts coming through the internet and into your mailbox!!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

WOYWW #276

Welcome to my desk - a bit vague this week as it is my place of quiet and peace until Friday.  If you really need to know why I am showing you this 'escape from the real world' place then click the tab at the top of the page .... 
Thank you Julia for hosting, yet again, our weekly meet up ..... 
.... where was I? ... Oh!yes! .... the desk ....
I am trying to Zentangle.

That's it really.

There is a swap for tangled circles and I thought this would be my opportunity to try out this artform.  I see lots of these designs on the web and am seizing the chance to try it out.

Do I know what I am doing? No!! 
Am I learning?  Yes!!  
Having fun?  YES!

I have been rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get swaps posted, clothes washed, shopping shopped and gardens gardened.  Why?  Cause I am going to say 'hello' to Aberdeen and Brixham - for non British followers .... Aberdeen is in Scotland (8hours north) and Brixham is on the coast (8hours south) - one follows after the other so we will be flying one way then coming back home and driving the other way .... that's if we are allowed out of Scotland!!!  lol  We are taking our passports but have been told that if the vote is YES then there will be an eighteen month transition period.   Only us could choose to go to Scotland at such an historical moment in time!

On with the post .... thank you in advance for visiting, I shall do a bit of deskhopping during the week and then, hopefully, meet up with you all next WOYWWednesday.
Happy WOYWWeek!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

WOYWW #275

There is a little voice in my head telling that the rest of the world has moved onto Thursday and I really had better get a move on ...
Well, excuse me .... it's still Wednesday here!
Maybe not .......  I am running to catch up .....

My desk from Wednesday (actually it's from Sunday and it's still the same Thursday!!)  There has been a slight hitch in the old lifestyle as you can see, let's just say there were Doctors, hospitals and Dentists among other words!  Not my favourite words but they ARE in the Dictionary.   All good now though and it is just a matter of catching up ... running .....

Up until the interruption I had started sketching out some ATCs for another themed swap, so there they are.  They will be finished and watercoloured, posted and blogged, hopefully by Monday - which should be a good normal washing day, Tuesday is ironing day .... sorry! mind still not under control  ..... I hear you ....  when was it ever ...... yeah! yeah! yeah!

I hope all the WOYWWsers had a good day and will try to catch up with a few more this week - good excuse to sit for a while .......

Thanks for visiting, click the tab at top of page to meet our adventurous hostess Julia and catch up on all the goss .....

Special message for Shaz - thinking of you and sending (((hugs)))

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

WOYWW #274

Thank you to all the visitors to my Blog over the last two weeks.
I am sorry that I did not get round to visiting everyone, life is very complex at the moment and more keeps being added .....

So complying with the 'Rules and Regulations' of WOYWW, see tab above, here is my desk ...
... but I am not there!
I thought I would be, that was the plan - one should always have a plan - but then the Postman knocked the door and presented me with a parcel containing PLANTS!
So here is my desk for today ....

There is the parcel, the seed trays, labels and my phone so I can Blog this later on Recollections.
Our large white plastic table is always covered in this bright yellow tablecloth because ... I came home with a gift from the Church in Africa of a parcel of this cheerful yellow material.  I made three tablecloths from it, it is always brightening up my Patio, when it is dirty  ... take it off and put on a clean one!!!

Here is my tool for the day ... it is not a kebab stick! 

Yes!  I know that's what it looks like but ... 
...round here it is known as my plug poker!!!

What happens is this ... one pokes one's poker up the hole in the bottom of the plug and the little plant pops out the top!!!

Clever eh!!!

 This is what they will look like and ... if you're lucky ... you will get two plants in one plug, which means when planted out there's more to share.

Off to 'work' I go ... it will take all day cos I have to keep sitting down to protect my back and we all know about that sort of thing.
Then I will catch up with everyone  ...... ta rra a bit ....