Wednesday, 29 April 2015

WOYWW #308

Desk Sharing Day - details on the WOYWW tab above - Thanks go to Julia for hosting.

I saw a stamp used on a card and I thought  .... 'what a smashing stamp!'

A few days later I spotted another stamp by the same artist used on a card.

I have to get myself some of these I thought.  I followed the link of the blog and, once on the website, I found a link to Pink Tulip Creations ...... a few miles away from where I live!!!!

So here are the results of a grand day out .... but not on my desk .....

PJ's actually - he has more space!!

Once emptied out  ........

 Please know that this is two orders!!!

My stamps, stencil, sprays and the best buy - BRUSHOS.  I never really thought I would get to buy this product and these four tiny tubs have made my day even more special.

PJ found some stamps and decided to do some stamping and colouring, so he picked up a few things for himself. 

So there it is ...... and now I am off to visit a few of your desks before C arrives for a visit ........

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

WOYWW #307

Desk Sharing Day - details on the WOYWW tab above - Thanks go to Julia for hosting.

Happy St George's Day for tomorrow.   
Want to know more?  Look here .....

As for today desk.....

Photo taken on Tuesday  - I am having a ball! - but it is all cleared away now.  
I finished off all these cards, had a lovely time all thanks to the photo stood up in the glass at the back.
If you want to know how lovely a time, check out my other blog - ATC Wannabee.

I may not visit until tonight, we have a busy day ahead .... but until then .... have a good WOYWWing week!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

April Swap

Nooby swap

I used a page from one of my paper books as a background for this pale cream card.
The ATC is stamped and embossed, matted onto green card and then attached the whole to the card.

I received this beautiful card which has an amazing amount of work on it.  The flowers are 3D but each layer is added by 'hinges' so that the layers fold flat for posting.  Thank you Olive for this unusual card. 

Alphabet Swap - D

This piece of black/white dotted paper just fits onto a bright yellow card.  
I bought some of the dotted ribbon some time ago in the sale at Craftee, so attached a piece across the middle of the card.  
I sorted out a sentiment, a round dot, and attached it to the middle of the card.

I received this absolutely gobsmacking card from Liz.  This card is so bright and immaculately decoupaged.  Thank you so much Liz.

Monday, 20 April 2015

An April Birthday

My eldest grandaughter has her birthday this month - one day short of St George's Day!!

This is my choice for her this year.

This card is a little different, printed, then cut out and decoupaged.  
I cut an insert from some cream vellum but no verse.

I think this is one really cute fairy!!

I hope TK thinks so too!

Happy Birthday TK!  Love you loads.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

St George's Day

April 23rd - St George - Patron Saint of England

Want to know more?  Look here .....

I don't go to parades or parties, but I do like to send out cards.

This year's cards are a bit plain but the verses are good!!!
So when St George's Day arrives
We English folk won't hide
For Elizabeth, England and St George
We'll wear our rose with Pride.   (Rose of England)

and also:
St George, he was for England
And before he killed the dragon
He drank a pint of English ale
Out of an English flagon

I created several cards using my little knight bear stamp.  
I stamped this knight with embossing ink and embossed it in silver, I stamped this little knight with sepia ink, I stamped this little knight with silver ink......
I watercoloured the bear with several shades of brown and then carefully painted the insignia with red.
I love this little bear ..... my knight in shining armour .... my St George!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WOYWW #306

Desk Sharing Day - details on the WOYWW tab above - Thanks go to Julia for hosting.

Whoo - oooo!  
Caught in the act!  
Sorting out my latest purchases!
After buying those initial few tubs of paints, I decided they were a good buy so went back yesterday for some more.  Here they are at present stacked in an empty box, ready to be daubed and named in the little 'black' book. 
In the tub to the left are some Avon sponges, they're for spreading/dusting nail polish but I thought they would be ideal for my paints ...... and they were on special offer!!!
To the right ..... my St George's Day cards-in-the-making.  These are the toppers to go on the cards, (I know I had better get a move on!) but then I bought the paints which needed to be recorded and stashed ..... super quick ..... know what I mean .... wink! wink!

Thanks for visiting, I am off to visit my fellow deskers ....... enjoy the week ......

Friday, 10 April 2015

March Swaps

Alphabet Swap - C

I used another kit from Craftee Cards, love how it turned out.  The card was already die cut and the cuts are sent with the papers and card.  The tiny beads for the top of the cupcakes are placed inside a small plastic bag to keep them safe.

I received this brilliant card by return.  It is a tiny ATC size card and opens out into an easel card.
Thank you Caro

Make a Background

I carved some polystyrene blocks for the background of this card.  I stamped round the edges in shades of green ink and added an owl which I had fussycut from wallpaper.  The butterfly was also from the wallpaper and then I added a white peel off sentiment.

I received a real beauty by return.  The herringbone background is made up of different pieces of paper and is a work of art in itself. 
Thank you Lucie

Noobies Swap
More cards that I neglected to take photographs.

I received this little cutie by return.
Thank you Olive. 

Colour Yellow

I received this bright and cheerful card by return.

Thank you Olive for another great card.  

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

WOYWW #305

I have been a good girl!   No!  Really I have!!!  

Look .......

I already had the two packs of Alphabet Stamps but today I resisted temptation and bought .... just one!  
There were lots and lots of packs of stamps but resisted the temptation to buy more than this one pack.  I think that these letters will be a real asset to my ATC making - clear and strong letters.  The other letters are good, one for colouring and one ornamental, but sometimes one needs a different letter!

Now why am I showing you this?  
Because it's WEDNESDAY!!!! 
What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  
A time to share our desks with fellow deskers around the world, click the tab at the top of the page for more info.
All these visits are courtesy of Julia our wonderful hostess, thank you Julia for hosting another week.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

CardWorkShop March Swaps

1 to 1 

I neglected to take a photograph of my card before I posted it but hopefully my partner will upload one.

CMW - Brown with yellow

Follow that Sketch ...

I used some paper and embellishments from the Potting Shed collection.  It wasn't until I looked at this photo that I realised I missed the flowers from the right side of the circle.  Oh! Well!  I hope that my partner likes it.

Make a Card with .... Vellum

I love this little fairy .... so after embossing the stencil, I then coloured her with watercolour pencils on the back.  I attached her with stcky dots to a white card and then added blue ribbon at the top and bottom.  I used some leftover ribbon to tie a bow and attached it to the top strip of ribbon.

I received this very pretty card by return, the vellum is an overlay on the butterfly wings.
Thank you Elaine

Monday, 6 April 2015

CardWorkShop April Swaps

1 to 1

I decided to go 3D on this month's card, seems ages since  made one of these.

Colour My World - Red card with Gold Letters

I folded the card and then die cut the letters from one gold sheet of card.  I sorted the letters to form the word - HELLO - and then added the other letters around the card.  Pretty good eh!

Make a Card With ..... Iris Folding

 Isn't this beautiful?  It's another card kit from Craftee .... I love their card kits.
This card needed a lot of concentration as the actual folding was very tiny.  Although all the papers are provided along with the diagram, it is all very tiny work but ..... super when finished!
Add a bow and a sentiment and it is finished.

Follow that Sketch

I have had to really practice this layout as I am determined to make it correctly!  I checked the paper layout, courtesy of my book of papers, tried several ribbons and flowers and then pulled it all together.  
Oh! No! 
I missed the very top right of the design but managed to find another black diamante to seal the turned over corner to complete it!  Yeah!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

WOYWW #304

After riding and walking through the snow, wind, rain and sunshine with a bit of frost thrown in ...... we are back home safely.  The whole trip was an adventure but I know at least one thing - sitting in a nice warm room watching the snow fall on the firs and mountainside outside is BEAUTIFUL!!  We left Scotland on Friday morning after having breakfast to that view ........

Back to reality!
Missed you all last week - not much internet up there ..... lots of weather and views so I didn't mind.
I went on a coach holiday with a much used company - Highland Heritage - and managed to create 5 little blankets and the back of a matinee coat ...... every ones's a winner.
Here is my desk, blankets being sorted to go to my local Maternity Unit, I have attached little appliqu├ęs.

So fellow deskers, I thank you for your visits last week and I am now off to visit you!

FYI - Those visitors who are curious  .... click on the tab at the top of the page.

Thank you Julia for hosting these little get togethers.