Wednesday, 29 January 2014

WOYWW #243

As you can see I have been back at my desk.... not full time but here and there for a short while, hence the mess!

I have been ill with a chest infection and in bed for, what seems like, forever!  I am well on the mend now, even venturing out for a short time today.

Thank you to all who have visited me this last two weeks, I will catch up with you at some time and organise swaps etc.

Eventually, I sat in bed with my laptop, and posted a few items on the Blog, but then started to 'do a bit' towards my monthly swaps.  This meant getting out of bed .... so one day I did a bit of colouring, with my new inktense pencils which I bought ages ago but have only just tried them out.
Another day I have managed to use the Calibur and use up a few envelopes, but as you can see from the box, not a lot!!.
I managed to put some of the cutouts together to make a few ATCs and also an extra one of my inktense picture.
Lots of mess to tidy up.  

Now is that a good thing or a bad thing?!?!?

Have a happy WOYWWeek!!!

Monday, 27 January 2014

2nd Birthday in January

Following closely after M is my ex-colleague L, a gentle lady.  I have gone modern with her card design today, something a bit different ....

I used my Calibur for the first time, trying out the dies on different pieces of card and paper saved from Christmas wrapping and packages.  I used the black frame and flowers die cuts, also the black leaves.  I edged the flowers in gold ink before I rolled them but the beautiful paper I used did not really like the ink and it looks like a brownish splodge  on some of the petals.

I requested the sentiment from TLC Creations, Paulette was quick to respond, and after I had printed and cut it out, I tried to cut a border out of gold paper.

Putting it together was pure enjoyment and I am so pleased with how it turned out even though, as DH pointed out, the sentiment is coming down to earth!!!

It looks a bit white in the camera light but it is pretty shades of cream and gold.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Love this bike digital

Following on from my previous post I thought I would show a few more cards I made using the guybike digital and a wobble!!!
The digital is from Bugaboo Stamps and I have used it for:
J .... who loves his bike as much as his wife loves her horses.  He has several bikes and in all sorts of conditions, most of them are working I am pleased to say!!

Here he is in his 'leathers' raring to go - possibly over to the field where the horses are stabled, hence the mud reference.....

I printed out the design on card, coloured it with watercolour pencils and fussy cut the whole picture.  I attached it to a navy blue card with the Wobble and then added  a printed text cut in a banner shape.

R .... who needs to buy a bike so he can get to work easier.  He has to travel across the city and it takes a big chunk of time out of his day.

Here he is in denims whizzing along on the road .....

I coloured the design with watercolour pencils and attached it with a Wobble to a piece of Metallic finish wallpaper.  I cut a different piece of wallpaper to the size of the card and then, after covering the card with this darker paper, I attached the design and Wobble on top.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

First Birthday Card of 2014

Since I found out about these wobbles (see tab at top of page) it has made making guys cards so much easier!
I take a lot of pleasure in making this card  .... he is a lovely guy kind and funny.  DH and himself have taken on an allotment, no doubt this WIP will be blogged on Recollections but it means that I can go just one step further with this card ......
Select one picture from the internet of similar plots, one picture of a nice easy chair and a PC printed sentiment, attach to card - simples!
M loved the Wobble card I made last year.... so I have to let him play again .....

the easy chair is attached to the wobble and ......


I can't seem to find the posting for last year's card so here it is .......
M had just bought a new motorbike, so proud he was ........

It was/is bright pea green ....... embarrassing green .... not the sort of green one would pinch!!

I have enclosed a small video of the wobble - if it works!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WOYWW #242

I am like the clock on my desk ..... telling the wrong time ....
.......I am not at my desk ..... I will be back next week.

Being unsociable I will say - sorry to Julia who goes to all the bother of hosting a 'desk visiting time', see tab above, and I can't turn up .... sorry.....

Have a good week all.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

WOYWW #241 - One Year Anniversary!!!! yeah!!!!

Today is my one year anniversary of playing WOYWW, I cannot believe I have only been here one year - thank you so much Julia for hosting this event.


I  have made so many friends, prayed so much, learnt so much and been astonished so much. Wednesday really is an important day of the week for me now - I used to love Saturdays but, since I retired, every day is a Saturday and now I have Wednesday.......... why?  checkout the tab at the top of the page!!

So ..... here's my desk ....

Lots going on then .... trying to make some ATCs.   Some to celebrate my first anniversary and to send out to anyone who's interested, just let me know and we'll 'do a swap'.  I haven't defined the finished ones yet but so far I have this ......

....... so while the layers are drying ......
.......  I am also colouring and finishing some ATC's for a monthly theme swap ..... they will be posted on my other Blog - ATC Wannabee.

Have a great WOWW and I will pop in later to have a natter .....

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

WOYWW #240

Today we had sunshine and no rain - that was when I rose to make the tea and toast, it is now overcast but .... it is still a happy day - it's WOYWW!!
Thank you Julia for hosting and allowing us to share our mad goings on  work  mess  creativity.  (check the woyww tab at top of page for further details).

My desk is busy this week, I have several projects going on .....

 I don't intend to list them all but, for the eagle eyed, here are a few.  
January swap cards, stitched peel offs, sketched Snow Queen, prepped APC for an Alice swap.

Talking of which .... I have wanted to enter one of these swaps 'for ever' but never had any cards.  I am determined that this week I will buy a pack and then, whilst looking for something else, PJ found a pack in the bureau!!! 
Isn't it always the way?!?!??
They must have been a complimentary pack from a stackatruck company when he was working back in the day. 
 Now I have a small problem - the royalty cards are just sooooo beautiful, I can't use them.  I don't want to cover them over, I suppose I could use acetate so they shone through but  .....
Any ideas of how to use them so that I can show off the pictures?

Happy WOYWW everyone, thank you in advance for your visits, I will return the favour later today.
Stay warm.