Thursday, 29 November 2012

Twist of Faith Challenge - Blue

I have decided to try my hand at entering Card Challenges.  Come with me on this new adventure. 

 This is the card I have made for Twist of Faith - Challenge Blue.

I have used basic card stock, patterned paper from Paper Wishes and the Digital from (I think) 
vintage-spice-everything-nice blogspot which I coloured with watercolour pencils. 

 I use a small Cannon camera and I hope that this shows the card in its best light!!  
Any tips and hints will be most welcome.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Peel offs from 2006

I enjoyed printing on very fine paper, almost clear with a metallic finish - note to self:-  find more of this paper!

I used it torn up this time.

Used a whitish paper, still with metallic effect,  with Peel Offs to celebrate a little brother's birthday!

Talking of Peel Offs  ...................................
                                                                                      I tried chalking them,

using them straight,

 with Scrapito - that was an experience!!!  may try that again!!

and matted!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Number cards for 2006

Now I am getting into the swing of things, trying out new templates and styles of cardmaking. 

I am only reading the occasional magazine and creating my own versions.  

My Great Nephew hit four years old.

              My 'adopted' daughter hit ............ what!!!!

and my eldest Grandaughter became a teenager.  

This card was greatly appreciated and a lot of people were amazed but this little boy (hic!) and his two brothers were a big part of our life.

I love these cards and you will find that they appear often in one form or another!!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Card Challenge - July to Dec 2006

July found me receiving labels, jigsaw pieces and pretty paper, I did not record my challenge but it consisted of a shaped card, some paper flowers, buttons and a ribbon.
Received Challenge

Sent Challenge

My card

Received card
Interesting insert
Sent challenge
August brought some interesting pieces sent to me, tiny beads forming initials, ribbon and printed borders. 
Received Challenge

 I sent another shaped card, ribbon, peel offs and pretty paper.

My card

Received card

September Challenges were interesting. 

Sent Challenge

 I sent some yummy stickers and pink chiffon and silver card while I received cut out butterflies, flowers and pots. 
Received Challenge

 Unfortunately I forgot to scan my sent card but I am sure it was a most excellent design!  lol

October meant that I could sent beautiful Autumnal shades of brown - brown ribbon, leaves on paper and brads. 
Sent Challenge

Received challenge

 I received lavender card, patterns and butterflies.

my card made from my challenge pieces

my sent card

And my last recorded Challenge for 2006

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Card Challenges - Feb to June 2006

Ribbons and butterflies and an oval - Jackie received netting, flower ribbon with gold 'dangles' 

Received Challenge
Sent Challenge 

My card

Jackie's Card 

For April I sent a shaped card, paper and a stirrer from McD's!!!  Lucky me received satin, stars and silver wire.  At this time I now suggested that I also make up a pack for each member of my local card group.  They were in agreement so once a month we all rose to the challenge, myself included so this meant that when my swap wasn't returned, I have a card to show!!!
Received Challenge

Sent Challenge

My Card

My group card

June and I receive papers, wool and a little gold rose.  I sent paper, label and a gold material with glass bauble.
Received challenge

Sent Challenge

Jean's card

My Card

Paper Wishes Catalogue

I bought a magazine and Paper Wishes catalogue was inside, I found this very interesting, and I sent off for some templates waiting patiently for delivery as they had to come from America.

I used various wallpaper samples would you believe, mixing and matching as I went.

Peel Offs add the finishing touch!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Foiled Cards

I dabbled with Foil Embossing.
Friends and I went to a Hobby Show and bought some squares of foil for embossing.
I also bought my first Glitter Girls embossing board and several templates.
I embossed a small frame in silver
and added a Cinderella peel off

Using red I embossed flowers
and added a border
The embossed flowers were
cut out and added to an
embossed basket
Using duck egg blue
peel offs this time

I think this was my first attempt!!!