Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas Day!!

Happy Christmas to you all.
May God bless you with peace and joy at this wonderful time of the year.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

December Birthday

Not the best day to have a birthday and I know how she must have suffered while growing up! My birthday is also in December but a bit before ... not on the day!  
No doubt she had the 'I haven't bought you a birthday present cos I thought you'd like a big Christmas present'.  Bet they never said it to anyone with a birthday in July!!  lol

Anyhow, when I first saw this Woodware stamp I just knew that I could use it for C's birthday.  Once I had removed it from its backing paper, I used my craft knife to cut out the 'Christmas' word.  

My theory was that once this was removed, the stamp would leave a blank space on which I could write the word 'Birth'.
So I now have a customised stamp for C's Birthday.

This year I have made her card in Teal, Turquoise, Blue - its December's birthstone.

I used Versafine Onyx to stamp the image onto watercolour paper and then trimmed the paper to fit onto a piece of glitter paper (6 x 6in pad from The Works) which I had already trimmed to fit my white base card.

I used my Neocolour crayons to colour in the digits, holly, border and highlight the word in yellow and, using a very fine (size 1) brush, added some water.

Once the image was dry I attached it to the glitter paper, which I attached to the card base. 

I used some blue paper to make an insert, punching a rose out of each corner to complete the card.

Oh! I forgot to say - I wrote the 'Birth' word with a fine nibbed black unnamed pen!

I have posted the card now so, if you're reading this C .. happy Birthday Darlin'.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

November Swaps

Noobie Swap
I made this card some time ago and couldn't think of an appropriate sentiment but looking at it today I don't think it needs a sentiment.      The teabag tiles are split tiles and I embossed the corners the old fashioned way using my Fiskars embossing board ... such excitement when they brought it out !!!

I have received this very pretty decoupaged and embossed card.  Thank you LindaS.

Sketch Swap

I used some of my stash paper for the background and then couldn't really find an image to fit the card.  I am not very good with square cards so I have bought a pack for me to practise on next year.
I found this image, also in my stash and managed to cut it to a better size using fancy edged scissors.
I die cut the sentiment and added it as near to the sketch position as I could.  
I hope partner likes it.

My return card is beautiful, extremely well made and thought out.
Thank you ChrisN.

Technique Swap - Parchment
I really looked forward to this swap but when I settled down with my image and started to emboss, I realised that it's been a long time since I last attempted parchment!!!
I embossed the image and coloured the back of the parchment with Inktense pencils.  It didn't look right so I added small amounts of water to the back and outlined the 'stained glass' sections with a black gel pen.  Once it was all dry I wanted to attach it to a dark blue card but could not think how ..... in the end I used glue dots along the long sides.  I sealed the edges of the parchment with a peel off ribbon and border, not only hiding the glue dots but securing to the card.

I was thrilled to receive my partner's card.  She had gone to all the effort of finding a design with a 'C'.  Clever!
Thank you Olive.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

October Swaps

I have only entered one swap this month, I always try to keep away from celebrating the end of October ..... I find it very pagan but that is just my opinion.
Noobie Swap

This is my card .... courtesy of Helen who was a member of CardWorkshop.  I love the impression of Autumn and happiness and a really cheeky face that makes me smile....
.... and there's glitter!

My return card is fabulous!  I don't know how it was made, I shall certainly have to look into it a bit more closely!!!

It opens out like this .......

...... and there are gold peel off decorations.......

Thank you MaryC.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

September Swaps

I entered three swaps this month.
This card is courtesy of Helen, a panelled card with lace, ribbon and flowers.

Super Card, love the doilies!
Thank you Olive.

Sketch Swap

I used some embossed papers from a pad of papers bought from The Works.  A diecut sentiment horizontally raised over the vertical papers.

I have just noticed that the Sketch has 'Seasonal' printed above the sentiment ..... oops!  Sorry.

Technique Swap

I used a pop up die set to make this card.  I don't think I have quite cracked this technique but I will definitely try again...... when? ..... hmmm.....

I found the instructions very easy to use and added some Hunkydory toppers for the tabs and also for the front.

I have not received any other cards by return post ..... shame.....

Sunday, 24 September 2017

August Swaps

Noobie Swap

I finally get to post my little train - details - I hope it's liked, I still love the technique and colours.

Superb centre stepper card - love it.
Thank you LindaS.

Colour Swap - Yellow

I used a plain yellow card and a piece of acetate.  I added peel offs to the centre and corners of the acetate and then backed foil onto the back. 
I attached the acetate to the yellow card along the centre spine.

This is a really beautiful card.
Thank you Olive.

Technique Swap - Stencil

This is my third attempt to make this card.  I tried various mediums but this one - Cosmic Shimmer Chalk Cloud - has worked out tremendously, so pleased with it.  I backed it onto a lavender paper onto a white card.  The sentiment was also stamped with Chalk Cloud.

I received this stencilled card with Metallic Paint as the medium.  Sparkles and shines great.
Thank you Caro.

Caro had the forethought to make all her swap cards prior to her going into hospital.  Kudos to her and I hope she's feeling better now.
Style Swap - Summer Holidays

I used one of the images given away on the Group page to make this card.  I used the Cosmic Shimmer Chalk Cloud colours again.  The backing paper is taken from a pad of small paper bought from The Works.  I smudged the card when adding the sentiment but luckily I found a suitably printed length of tape ribbon which just fitted neatly across the corner and my smudge!!!

I received this beautiful Parchment card by return - wow! is all I can say.
Thank you JackieP.

Jackie also enclosed a local postcard, shows Yorkshire and this was very interesting as my parents used to visit that county when I was young.

Sketch Swap - Bikini
Not exactly a sketch more an interesting project!!  You can catch up with all the fun here.

The 'Bikini' is created from a sheet of paper from one of the paper books bought a couple of years ago.  Some smidgens of lace as trimmings and then a diecut gold initial and some gold thread for a necklace.

I forgot to add the sentiment which should have read: - 

I'll support you ....   
                        .... if only from behind!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Wedding Cards

We have been invited to a Wedding Celebration.
This is not just any wedding though, this is the youngest son of the neighbour across the road, a lovely family who came to live here when the children were small.  The youngest son is especially dear to us and we feel very honoured to have been invited.
I have made an acceptance card and a wedding card. 

The red DL card has a band of gold paper across the front and then I used a cream paper inside.  I edged the band and the insert with the same Fiskars punch.

The wedding card was A5, again I used a red card and this time I added a cutout from some wrapping paper.  I love this verse from Corinthians, have kept the wrapping paper for some time now, using pieces from it as it is cream with gold script.   I used the same cream paper for the insert but printed the sentiment in gold coloured print on the PC.  I edged the gold paper and insert with a different Fiskars punch and placed the gold paper along the edges of the front of the card, symbolising the canopy used at the wedding.
The acceptance card was taken across to the house by PJ but the wedding card will be given along with the pressie on the night.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bikini Card

This is the 'sketch' for this month.  I love this idea but don't really have a clue how to even start.  In all good offices, a 'brain-storming' meeting ends with some really good ideas .... some useful, some not so useful, but better than when the meeting started!!

So I filled my bag with paper, cards, pencils, template, photos etc and went off to C.R.U.N.C.H., my local craft group.
I arrived early so laid out all the goodies and waited for the members to arrive, which they duly did and were immediately intrigued.
After lots and lots of discussion, some smutty remarks, much laughter, cups of coffee .... we started.

There were only four of us round the table, the number of members attending varies from week to week, so we had plenty of room to spread our stash.

We drew on the pink cards, some folded first, some folded and cut the other side to match.

We chose our papers, discussed how to cut them, drew the template on the card (!) and stuck down the papers, added ribbon trims.

We laughed so much it was a really good session.  
We decided to alter the template shape slightly after we had stuck down the main papers so that we could add 'straps', this caused more laughter as we tried to work out the best way to cut the card.

Everyone said what a great morning it had been, and how pretty the finished cards were.  I think that even the 'non' cardmakers were surprised at what a good time we had all had.  

It is very difficult to photograph the card to show the inside (or backside) decoration, I didn't really have the time to photograph them separately as we had overrun by 15mins.

I will show my complete card once it has been received by my partner.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

June Swaps

Full house again for this month - really good selection of themes.

Colour: Red & White
I have had this beautiful red lace 'on show' in my craft room for a long time.  Today I am going to use it!!!

I covered the front of a plain white card with the lace and trimmed it to fit.
I added this die cut rose which was plain white but it just didn't seem right.  
I showed the card to PJ who said that the rose needed some colour.  We were both agreed on this so I used a stencil and painted in the centre of the rose with red and added a tiny bit of green to the leaves .... much better!  
I attached the die cut sentiment across the lower edge.

I received this beautiful card by return.

Thank you Olive.
Sorry about the placement of the photos .... Blogger having another strop!

This card, courtesy of Helen, has paper flowers, green wooden butterflies and trim.  They are all attached to soft grey paper.

This beautifully embossed card has a stamped fairy image and sentiment along with a glittered butterfly.
Thank you Olive.

Sketch - A new Theme to replace the Alphabet Swap.
I used a pink card for this swap as I had several pink offcuts lying on my desk.
I cut the papers to size and added a diecut butterfly and sentiment. 
I have never thought of die cutting sentiments in white but it makes sense as then they can be coloured to match the card.

I received a blue card with a diecut sentiment!
Thank you ChrisN.

Style - Roses

I used some of the free papers I received with a recent magazine purchase to make this card.
I stamped the sentiment and edged it to match the blue.

This card has been carefully put together, so many peel offs placed and then a half wreath to embellish the image.
Thank you MaryC.

Technique - Teabag Folding
One of my favourite techniques!
I placed my medallion onto a red circle and then added the gold frame.  Although the papers are not Christmas themed, I thought the colours were festive so added a peel off sentiment.

I received this beautifully executed card.  Neat folding and excellent use of peel offs.

Thank you MaryC.