Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Love and Best Wishes for 2015

WOYWW #291

Happy New Year!

My desk has my lists on it for today .... One with lots of lovely red cross outs and one that hasn't even been started - WHAT?!?
Oh! My goodness!  
Well that's today taken care of .... 

Weeeell, no actually.  Today is already booked .... I am going to Sunrise Crafts to spend my Christmas money ..... retail therapy beats cardmaking .... only just though!!!!

So as we cross off another year, may I take this opportunity to thank you for all your friendship, laughter, inspiration and encouragement during 2014 and pray for more in 2015.
I pray that you will all have an inspiring 2015 with the best of health and if not .... then the best of strength to carry on.  Here's to health, wealth and WOYWW.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

WOYWW #290

.... and as we get ever closer to 'the day' ......


I hope you all have lots of hugs and laughter ...
My desk .....

I have spent a couple of hours making the clay figures into Christmas Tree Decorations for our two girls.  I made the decs at my Craft Group last week and now decided to 'dress' them up.  I am having the star and the green angel, N will have the red one and C will have the preggy angel with the purple 'dress' and feather wings.
This last one caused many a giggle and rude comments whilst in the making.
'Preggy angel' I hear you shout with mirth - yes!!
Not only does she have a 'lump' under that purple dress but boobs as well!!

This will not be the last of the 'Christmas Stuff' on my desk as my online craft Group will be making Christmas cards throughout 2015.

However, for today I say - thanks for all the visits last week, thank you Julia for hosting yet again and further information about the WOYWW thing can be found by clicking on the tab at the top of the page .....

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

WOYWW #289

YES!  *hits the air*

All done!
Even the extras!
All posted!

'Doing' the cards has seemed to take a looooong time this year ..... don't know why .....

I have set up another challenge on my Group for 2015 - Make a Christmas Card.
I am making eight suggestions each month so we can make none, one, or all eight .... as the mood takes us!!!
I have suggested making a box for January and then we will have a 'safe' place to keep our cards ..... one we can find later!!!

That's it for today ..... I am off to visit 'all' of the others on our WOYWWser day.  Oh! if you need to know more .... check out the tab at the top of the page and then you can visit 'our Julia' who is the hostess with the best attitude ever!  Thank you Julia.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

WOYWW #288

Empty Desk!!!

I am in the middle of making Christmas Cards, see the glitter, see the ribbon, see the pictures .....

These are finished - yeah!!

Oh! Not quite ..... need some inserts ..... hence the empty space on my desk, needed for cutting and folding and sticking and stamping and ..... POSTING!

That's my week taken care of .... except for visiting with my friends ..... my WOYWW friends that is.

So off we go .......

Thursday, 4 December 2014

CardWorkShop November Swaps

1 to 1 Swap
I used one of my stitching cards for this swap.  The gold butterfly peeloff and corner peeloffs were stitched with red glitter thread and the orange card cut to size.  I stamped corner motifs onto the card, added a doyley and then attached the butterfly to the top.

Colour My World – Yellow card with Pink
I struggled with this concept – don’t know why.  I made a card with a diecut sentiment and wreath of flowers all in pink …. Don’t like it but why I cannot say.  I started again with the yellow card but this time used some negatives from the diecuts and felt much better with this.  An added butterfly in the corner and a gold sentiment strip across the centre.  Love it!
I received this card in return and isn’t it pretty?
Thank you Pat.

Make a Card with .... Feathers

This card is big, bold, brash!  I cut the vase shape from a takeaway cup and then placed some gold & red flowers in a large spray.  The red feathers were place behind to add height.

I received this exquisite card in return.
Thank you Pat.

Follow that Sketch ......

I am so not happy with this card.  This is my third attempt!!  I have several books of papers; I am trying not to collect them but Volume 4 just fell into my basket when at W H Smith’s!!!!
This enables me to tear out matching and/or coordinating colours which, in theory, should make my cards more pleasing to the eye.  A Sketch seemed a good time to try this.  As I said this is my third attempt……
This is an orange and ‘blue’ selection.  I don’t know whether it is the size I cut the papers or just the placement  ….
This is the best one?!?!?!

Enough said.

WOYWW #287

Sorry I am late coming to the party but at least I am here!!!  Thank you Julia for leaving the door open so that I can sneak in!
I spent yesterday at this desk …… 

My first attendance at an Art Class!!!
I cannot draw so let’s get that straight immediately – I don’t intend to learn to draw, I don’t have enough time!!
But I can learn about shading, proportion, perspective …. Sounding arty already aren’t I?
I had a lovely session with similar minded people, oldies in body – young in mind, beginners, nothing to losers. 
I have wanted to go to Art Classes for years (my family are very good at art, nothing left when this late baby came along!!). 
The Lord says in His Word that He will give us the delights of our hearts so excuse me while I explain why I am there.
It was when I stood on the banks of a very wide and deep river in Africa baptising folks that I realised the truth in His Word.  As I looked out across the river I heard in my head the voice of a little girl saying “when I grow up I want to be a Missionary in Africa”  and here I was – 50 years later …
So now I am going to an Art Class.
Woop! Woop! To Jesus!!! 
And being an age when I ‘have the time’ to receive His Blessings.

Now you know why I am late attending WOYWW, but this won't stop me visiting …….  See you even later!!!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

WOYWW #286

Well, hello there!
I'm back at home, not my desk as yet so it remains the same as last week except for the ephemera that was dropped on top as I passed through ......
We collected all this on our visit to Abbots Langley to see Rover 3 in his show, and stay over for a meal and catch up.

Then it was all left as we rushed off to catch a train to see Rover 1& M in Paris - I cannot believe that on Sunday night I was sat out on a Balcony with friends watching the sunset and the next day, freezing cold here in my frosty home town!!  Guess I'm just lucky!

So now I have to sort out my craft room and start back crafting - I have 12 Cards of Christmas to post before the 30th ...... I'm off to make a start ..... see you all later ......

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

WOYWW #285

This is my week for travelling so it is very hit and miss with the computer - if you're here then I guess I'm back in town - nah! only kidding, this is a scheduled post!
I am in the middle of trying to complete my November swaps so my CardWorkShop cards are on my desk ready to complete.

The Theme is Weddings and my cards will be: -
Wedding Dress
Tuxedo Suit
Wedding Cake

The ribbons and nets are for the dress, so far so good but I have to leave them now till I come back ..... have I mentioned Paris?  yeah! 

After I have made the cards I shall paint some more ATCs so I have the sheet of pictures ready for my paintings - top right hand corner of the photo.

There you have it!
Now why am I sharing?  Cos there is a kind lady who just loves seeing nosing sharing her desk with us and then we share back to her!
What a great idea!
So good there are others who are starting the same thing but under a different name of course!
Have to laugh .... we got there first!!
And like all good ideas, and I stress the good, they have to be copied.

Thanks Julia for WOYWW.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

CardWorkShop October Swaps

Since I instituted the new swaps it is all change every month, although the 1 to 1 swap still remains our own choice.

1 to 1

I love this design.  I printed it out, rounded the corners and backed it onto a dark brown card.

I received this beautiful card by return.
Thank you Pat McC.

Colour My World -  Gold card with Orange embellishments plus one other colour.

This is made with the papers and card from my latest purchase from Craftwork Cards.  I applied the background paper and then added a strip along the left side.  From a third paper I diecut a label, ran an orange inkpad round the edges and attached it to the background.  The image on this paper just fits the description of the swap. Oh, I also grunged round the edge of the card so it looked like a bit of dirt!!
I received a superbly made hallowe'en card in exchange.
Thank you Patty.
I'm sorry but I do not agree with hallowe'en so will not show the card on this blog.

Make a Card with … Beads this month!  
Any design can be used so long as there is two or more beads incorporated in the design.

This was a first for me.  The use of wire.  I found the kit amongst my stash and managed to thread some beads into a pattern  and attached them with black brads, twisting the wires so that they looked like loops.
I used a diecut to add the colour and sentiment - smart!!!

I received this card back - love the way the beads drape across the card!  That is one superb bow.
Thank you Pat McC.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

WOYWW #284

Hello Wednesday!!! 
Thank you Julia for hosting yet another fun week of visiting - all info as per the tab at the top. 

Well, the Christmas cards got put to one side ..... the stamps are beautiful but I remain a very poor stamper!!!
Now I have new dies to play with ..... 
I cut a load of pink paper, and then tried to make some flowers .....

I am going to enjoy playing with these dies but ...... I have to use up all these 'bits' first!!!

I hope I can visit a few more desks this week, last week ran away with me before I could get round to everyone - sorry, will try harder!!!   
Did I mention that PJ has bought a new pond base?  It's much larger and will need two of us to clear the land and dig holes for it!!!!!!

Hope to see you later ......

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

WOYWW #283

This is our outside thermometer ..... Lefthand side is night temp and righthand side is daytime temp, I press the button in the middle every morning to adjust the temps.

...... in case you can't expand it .... the left hand side reads -3C ........

...... so here is my 'craft room' today ......

..... here is my 'desk' .......

The Fig Tree is about 3 years old ....

..... and here is some more of my 'stash' ......

Do not worry my friends .... I am well wrapped up and hope to have these 'potties' secure in the warm greenhouse and back room of my house before the temperature drops again tonight!

Then I will be visiting you as I sit in front of the fire  ..... warming up!!!

Tomorrow I will be back outside again - rain permitting - this time at my Training Garden getting that one ready for the winter ...... sometimes cardmaking has to stay in the house  .....

Until later .... have a good week, thank you Julia for hosting - who's Julia?!?!  
Click on the WOYWW tab at the top of the page for more info.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

WOYWW #282

I shall delight a lot of folks this cold, dull morning ...... I have succumbed to making Christmas cards! 
I don't usually start until after Bonfire Night but, you see, I bought these stamps ready.... and well ..... you have to try them out to see if they work doncha!

You can see them at the side of my photo, still in the wrapper - I started sorting out my 'Christmas' box and then remembered ..... It's 'What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday' and I don't want to pass.  Visitors please note all the details are on the WOYWW tab at the top of the page.
Thank you Julia for hosting and enabling this weekly meet up between friends.
That's it then .... off to visit a few desks and then start the really hard work of trying out my new stamps, using up stash bits, testing out the old stamps, hoping the inkpads haven't dried out ...... such hard work!!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

WOYWW #281

Welcome WOYWWowers.  Any questions can be answered if you click the tab at the top of the page.  

I have a shortish post - but a happy one!

I am trying to clear down some of my rubbish, junk, scrap stash at the moment .... PJ has mentioned selling the house and I don't want to be caught out.  Theory is .... remove one box .... a day ....a week .... a month ....whenever .... but remove it!

Today I opened another box and started to sort ....

There we have it!  
What? you ask .... 
.... my Honeymoon!  
My first trip abroad ... Spanish Translator book, my notebook, fading photographs, receipts, postcards and lots and lots of memories!
Where in the box was all this? 

 In this cereal box!

..... and now this box is ...... ATCs 

and all the mementoes?

Most of them are chucked but some are kept ...... especially the two photographs of two little children ......
........the youngest of whom sent me this photo yesterday  ......

Now I am off to start my journal ......

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Found my glue gun!

I have been busy trying out something new, to me new, a technique that featured on this blog.
I haven't used my glue gun in ages, absolutely ages.  I saw the post on Yogi's Blog (Art of Yogi) and decided to try it out.
Woo! Hoo!  what fun!

Here are my 'drawings', hot glue used straight onto my worksheet.

Once they had cooled down, I peeled them off the sheet and placed them on some cream card.
I never stuck them to the card but sprayed some glimmer inks onto the card and and lifted off the stencils.  

Once the paint was dry, I cut an edge up into four ATCs, or nearest as I could!  This is brilliant!  I have wanted some small stencils for my cards, something dainty ish .... not being dainty myself ... ish!

Further thoughts on recycling led me to this container .... just the size for storing my new stencils.

BTW ... I have a whole pack of glue sticks!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

WOYWW #280

This will be short and sweet today I am afraid ... all information about the whys, whos and wherefors can be found on the WOYWW tab at the top of the page.
I am busy getting my post ready to take to the PO tomorrow.  My desk is covered in cards of one sort or another and information regarding them will be, at some point in time, found on this blog or my ATC blog.
ATCs (Stamped and Coloured, Monthly swap, Stencilled) are finished and just need envelopes and stamps.  The cards on the right are also ready to be put in envelopes and sent to various swapping Groups, mainly my own CardWorkShop Group.
The ATCs in the centre of the photo are some paintings ready to go on a Domino ATC.  This one is not quite finished but I hope to get it ready for the post tomorrow, details will follow on ATC Wannabee as per usual.
Sooooo have a good week, hope the weather is kind to you wherever you are.
Thanks for visiting.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Plantlets update

I know that this is not cards but I have been asked how my little babies are coming along so I have taken some photos today for you all .....

Remember my lovelies arrived suddenly on 3rd September ....

.... and were transplanted into larger pots .....

Here are my babies today 10th October .....

.... some of the pots still have several plants in them .....

... lots of pots ....

.... and I have more babies further around the garden ....

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

WOYWW #279

Good Morning!
Good Morning!  
Why am I so happy!!!  
It's been raining!  
My garden is loving it ....  and I have to stay in and ... craft!

I am trying out some ATCs that I have seen around the web .... painted text.

So here's the desk .... my desk....
I drew out the ATC shape onto my text page, actually pages from the local free paper!
Then I painted over the text pages, ignoring the drawn shapes, each one a different colour.  After they were dry, I drew some flowers - different ones on each card - and started to paint them in.  I shall show them on my ATCWannabee Blog.

So here we go on another WOYWWeek ....WHAT!?
To find out more about WOYWW check out the tab at the top of the page and to thank our hostess for letting us all visit each other ... .. check out the Stamping Ground Blog.

UPDATE: - Cards completed click here

Friday, 3 October 2014

CWS September Swaps

Another month passes by but this time it has been my first month as owner of this wonderful card swapping Yahoo Group.  If you would like to join in with our swapping ....  check us out -

Back to the cards .....

1 to 1

I pulled out the free papers kit and sorted out some paper, card and toppers.  Placing the paper which I cut to size, I turned the topper background one turn and then placed the image topper square on.
A little heart with a bow completed the card

CMW - Grey card with green embellishments + one other.

At last I get to use my super green peeloffs!!!!
I cut a page from my paper book to size and then placed my peel offs across the paper.  This is too easy to produce such a beautiful card.

I received this pretty card, damaged in the post but I placed the flowers back as I thought they might have been originally.
Thank you Pat.

Make a card with ... Buttons.

I have several of these small cards with 'windows' down the side so when I thought of what I could make ..... one of these cards can be used.  I found buttons to match, paper ribbon and a butterfly, just a matter of putting it all together.  I found a sewing thread to match the colour of the buttons, threaded a small amount through each one and tied it in a knot.  I tied the paper round the card and attached the butterfly at the top.

Follow that Sketch
I chose a sketch that was featured here - the blog is closed now but has kept open so that we can use their wonderful sketches.
Here is the Sketch.

I gave out the sketch with a couple of card samples.  If it was me receiving this challenge then the samples would help me to make a card.

These books of papers are a wonderful idea as you have several patterns within a colour section.

So I took a plain blue card, cut some purple paper with fancy edge scissors, and the two oblongs from the butterfly paper.  I tied a ribbon round the paper, and then attached the whole to the blue card.

I received this little beauty by return swap ......

Thank you Helen.  

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September Swaps

From my free paper kit I managed to make another card.

This one was much simpler, a background cut to size, one topper matted onto blue card, two diecuts - one threaded with ribbon - and a sentiment from my stash.  Very quick but good!

I received this card back, Mary reckons it is made with wall paper - it is very beautiful!
Thank you Mary.

My colour card was pink and purple.

I selected two pages from my paper book, and cut some oblongs to matt onto the card.  The first layer being pink and followed by purple followed by pink ... I think you get the idea!!!!

I used a silver gelpen round each layer, basically cos it didn't look as though the layers were straight, but the layers still looked odd - must be looking through my wonky eye again!!!
I added the sentiment using peel offs to the centre layer, so made a small bow from silver ribbon and attached it to the top left corner of the card.

I received a very pretty card back with lots of butterflies, my favourites.
Thank you Mandy.

A very good month of swapping!