Wednesday, 28 January 2015

WOYWW #295

After Art Class - 'tis disrupting my WOYWW  no end! - I then had a hair appointment so I did not know if I would make it here today ........ click on the tab at the top of the page if you want to know why I am worrying about my desk ...........

Well, I drew and painted and rushed to my hair appointment only to find the appointment was cancelled.  We managed to rearrange for tomorrow morning.

I returned home and had to set to work ready for my appointment tomorrow.

I die cut some white and lavender paper and set to work.

It feels as though I am spending a lot of time making this line of cards just lately.

On a happier note ..... Thank you to all my visitors last week ..... if I didn't return the favour - I will try harder this week!  lol.
Have a good week everyone ..... catcha later .....

Saturday, 24 January 2015

2nd January Birthday

I used one of my free kits for this card - these sewing themed kits are just so me!!  he he!

I sorted out my pack of scalloped cards for this birthday - she is one special girl.

I cut two pieces of paper to sit diagonally across the card.  I used one of the toppers and set it to one side of the card.  I love the dress frames in any media so chose this large oval.

I popped the sentiment so that it stood proud of the paper and the topper.

Happy Birthday Lesley.

Friday, 23 January 2015

CardWorkShop December Swaps

Trying desperately to catch up so there will be a few back dated posts on here!!!  These were my makes for December although this post will have to be updated ......
1 to 1

I sorted my coloured pieces of paper for the background and coloured my Lacy Sunshine digi in matching shades.  I used my fancy cut scissors to edge the digi and after adhering it centrally to the card I added a sequin flower to each corner.

Colour My World - Silver Card + Purple embellishments

I diecut several butterflies out of embossed papers.  I used my purple promarker to colour them all, one colour pen but several coloured butterflies!
All down to the paper I guess!
After I attached them, used a rub-on for the sentiment i tied some wool round the fold.

Make a Card with ..... Sequins

I printed out the picture of the presents three times just to make sure that I had enough designs to decoupage the picture.  I decoupaged the striped parcels and added sequins to the dotted parcels.
I added a rub-on sentiment along the lower edge of the card.

I received this pretty card in return - brilliant interpretation.

Thank you Pat McC.

Follow this Sketch .....

This was my second attempt and I am very happy with it - see previous post.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Error and Error again ....

I am trying a new thing with these sketches, my first attempt was not pleasing to me but the second time I almost sank into despair!
This second sketch looked simple enough ........

I chose my papers and, in order to get straight lines, I diecut my shapes.  It was just a matter of attaching the shapes in the right order according to the sketch.

It just didn't look right.

Then I remembered my wall paper file and sorted out some of the patchwork paper.  Fawn and pink are not colours I would normally put together but these went perfectly!

I cut the papers slightly larger and added a few flowers in the corner.


Wallpaper recycled!!

Then there was the Button swap.....

I thought I would make the buttons into a flower.
The idea was to emboss some pieces of green paper in a leaf shape, and stack the buttons into a 'bud' shape.  I added a sentiment across the bottom of the card but it still didn't look right ......

I gave up and took the easy way out.

A green check diecut card and some green raffia surrounds the buttons which I pre-tied with some green thread.


This is, of course, an ongoing story.  
I do not profess to be a good cardmaker, I make cards for pleasure inbetween other crafting techniques.  So I can assure you that there will be more .... maybe I will make this a serial posting .....

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

WOYWW #294

This will be a shock to most of you but I do have an excuse!  

I've been sick!
I have ..... really ..... bad head cold, bed for three days, streaming orifices ..... you know the drill!!!

But I'm better now!!
and looking at that desk it's a good job.  Dies left out, diecuts also just lying there .... stickers hanging about (they're supposed to remind me to do something .....)  and a broken tape roller (bought from an infamous craft store - enuff said about it already BUT this was what happened the first time I used the roller!).
Looking at this photo taken earlier .... that's a big empty space .... think I have enough room to cut a few more diecuts!!!!  
That's today taken care of, I need lots of time to go visiting my fellow WOYWWsers .......
Have a good week everyone, illness free I hope.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

November Swaps

With Christmas rushing up to greet us, my forgetfulness  goes into hyper-drive and I reel under the apologies for not sending cards!!!

Noobie Swap
I used a decoupage sheet for this months swap.  I thought it was soooo apt.  I used the border and image on a pink card.

I received this card as my swap.
Thank you Lucie.

I cannot find photos of my Technique card and can't remember what I created.
However I received two cards for this swap.

This is a beautifully decoupaged magnolia blossom.  I then had a lovely surprise in that the card opened into an easel!  wonderful!

Thank you Kath.

I also received this absolutely stunning card.  It glittered and shone, then opened out to stand proud.

Thank you Angie.

Monday, 19 January 2015

October Swaps

Quite a mixture this month......
Noobies Swap
I used a gold frame over coloured digital flowers.  This was adhered to a square purple card and then attached a printed sentiment ......I though and thought .... and then I forgot!
Just like me!!!

I received this lovely blue folded card.
Thank you Linda A.

Colour: Orange / Brown

I used some of the paper from my latest kit from Craftwork Cards.  The background paper is perfect for the topper and the sentiment cut out as a label is so different.

I received this Thanksgiving card by return.
Thank you Linda

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Butterfly card

As many of my readers know .... I love wall paper samples!   

I couldn't believe my eyes in the wall paper department ........

There was some glittered wallpaper with these bright, wonderfully coloured butterflies.
I cut one of the larger ones with a border of the glitter paper.  I placed the butterfly on the card, the edges slightly offline, and then popped the sentiment along the top edge.

This paper is just so bright in real life .....

Wall paper samples are now in a folder and will be used more often!!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

1st Birthday 2015

The first birthday of the year ..... every year it's the same date and person .....  was I ready this year?  No!  So after a very enjoyable day, art class and retail therapy, I still needed a card!

I am going to use my new stamp, the train.  I stamped the image several times and on several different types of paper but really couldn't raise the energy to think ..... yeah!

If you can't win ... cheat!

So I opened up my 'Steampunk Box' and removed a card kit.
Thankfully, Heartfelt Creations included the instructions for making up the card kits ..... unfortunately I didn't have the inks so I had to compromise!

I managed to produce the stencilling on the folded card and remembered to photocopy the white oblong so that I could adhere it to the back inside the frame.

I cut one of the cogs in half and one of the printouts.  I grunged the designs and attached to the front oblong.

I added the flowers and leaves but nearly forgot the Birthday sentiment - heigh ho!!

So one card is now signed and delivered!!

WOYWW #293

Welcome to my desk, courtesy of our hostess Julia.  I have so much going on I am getting dizzy!
Centre is one of my new stamps, bought with the knowledge that I have a fair few cards to make for men - something to do with Steam Trains you understand!!  When I saw this stamp at Chocolate Baroque I knew it was made for me, there was one other but .... it was out of stock!!! A little further over is an embossed piece of green cardstock - hmmm!
I have yet to make the insert for my sympathy card .... it is for Poppa (see my post on Recollections and Memories).

I took the photo just after I came back from my crafting day and placed the pink hat on the desk. Jenny made it for me out of some left over project wool - all the right colours to match my hair... how thoughtful is that!!!  I LOVE it!

So that's it for this week, I'm off to visit a few desks around the world ..... and I won't leave my sofa!!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WOYWW #292

Weeelll  hello!  *blush*  *blush*

It would seem that you have caught me 'mid-cut' as it were.....

I am making my card using last month's sketch (one of the swaps we have in my card swapping yahoo group).
I don't make enough use of all the free sketches given out on the web and I intend to change that in 2015.  I don't make resolutions but, if an intention continues for 12 months or so, then it has to be done  - now or never!!!

So here is my desk, quite tidy and yet ......   so it will stay now until Friday as I am off to my Art Class today and visiting a country market tomorrow so Friday is the aim ...... maybe Saturday .... I have just remembered, on Friday Newson is coming round to put all our boxes (you know which ones!) back in the loft ..... 

Have a good week WOYWWers, my thanks to Julia for hosting and all details can be found on the tab at the top of the page.

BTW - The shop was shut last week but we had a lovely day travelling round the English countryside in the sunshine.