Sunday, 19 April 2015

St George's Day

April 23rd - St George - Patron Saint of England

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I don't go to parades or parties, but I do like to send out cards.

This year's cards are a bit plain but the verses are good!!!
So when St George's Day arrives
We English folk won't hide
For Elizabeth, England and St George
We'll wear our rose with Pride.   (Rose of England)

and also:
St George, he was for England
And before he killed the dragon
He drank a pint of English ale
Out of an English flagon

I created several cards using my little knight bear stamp.  
I stamped this knight with embossing ink and embossed it in silver, I stamped this little knight with sepia ink, I stamped this little knight with silver ink......
I watercoloured the bear with several shades of brown and then carefully painted the insignia with red.
I love this little bear ..... my knight in shining armour .... my St George!

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  1. Such a lovely card - a bear with a sword, ha! I came to re-visit you on a comment you gave on an old woyww-post (it was April 8 I think...) OhMy... I keep running behind on things - but it is nice to discover other posts on the blogs of people I visit much later - it gives another look into your creative life and I like that! Happy day to you, hug from HOlland, Marit


I make my cards for sheer pleasure so thank you for taking the time to comment.