Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Christmas Wreath

I know that this is not a card but, with WOYWW in mind, I thought it might be of interest .......
At our last CRUNCH meeting one of our ladies showed us all a wreath that was quite a few years old yet still looked good.  She had made the wreath from plastic food bags - can you believe that!!!
This I had to do!!!

I bought some wire coathangers from our local Wilko - white coated how about that! - and a roll of plastic food bags.  

After dinner we settled down to watch some tv so I started off.  

Remove one bag, clip off the bottom sealed end and then knot the 'bag' round the coathanger - continue in this manner until the hanger is full.

I separated the sides of each 'bag' so that it could be 'fluffed' up a bit.  That was my evening - pull, cut, tie, fluff, pull, cut, tie, fluff ....... and so on.

I shaped the coathanger into a sort of circle but once full of of 'bags' I shaped the hanger part into a circle. 

The bags float and 'flutter' in whiteness, b e a u t i f u l.

I gave this one to DDC, she was really pleased with it, amazed but pleased.  She will decorate it and hang it on her door, just what she wanted for this year!

I am now going to buy another roll of food bags .........


  1. Looks good Christine - worth the fluffing xxx

  2. Wow Christine! This looks amazing and has set me thinking. ..Thanks for the inspiration! Chrisx


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