Monday, 2 May 2016

May Birthday One

The first birthday in May has arrived!  It is for a Nautical Engineer, he tends to spend an awful lot of time crawling round the insides of ships, checking that they are safe to sail...... yeah! one of those!  Ship's Health and Safety!!

A friend created this embossed stamped image and I have saved it just for this time.  The scene is beautifully embossed in a warm shade of brown on a creamy parchment, which I matte onto a tan card.  Then the whole is backed onto a black card.  I used a cream parchment paper for the insert and the sentiment was written with a brown biro.  
One thing that nearly always happens when I make my own cards ....... no envelope!

I found a beautiful patterned paper in one of my Debbie Moore's envelopes, perfect..... Measured to fit round the card, cut then stuck .......

Just imagine his face when this little package drops through his letterbox!!!

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