Friday, 7 October 2016

Gelli Printing for the first time

Drum roll please!!
I have sorted out my Gelli plate!!!  
This was bought for me for my birthday last year and has stayed in its wrapper ever since.  
Now I have a swap on ATCs For All Group - For this swap create a beautiful Gelli Plate background and then Stamp, Colour, and/or Zentangle on top!  - just have to find where I put the Gelli when I moved rooms!!

Cos I am slightly - in my opinion - pernikety, my Gelli is in one of my mushroom baskets, which has been labelled, and has the stamps to go with it.  
How sad am I?! Don't answer that!  
I have also put a pack of white card in there as well!
PJ bought me this stamp to go with the Gelli Plate, I am so looking forward to using it.
I also purchased some Reverse stamps ............ that made you stop and think!!!  
They can be used on the Gelli Plate and when you print off ..... the words are the right way round ..... not like the stamp opposite!

So here are the afternoon's efforts .....

....... I have had a superb few hours .....

.......... I did manage to print and stamp exactly how I envisioned the final print out.

I also used the reverse stamps .... Love Lives Here ...... but I wasn't really very good with the stamping so I only completed one sheet.

As an afterthought, I used some blue acrylic paint on the XXL stamp and spritzed it with water and printed.  
Can't say as I was impressed.   
After the paper was dry, and while using the stamp with the black Versafine ink,  I ghost printed over the blueprintout.  
Now I am impressed!
I have to choose which printouts to use for my ATCs ............that's maybe tomorrow ...... and the leftovers I can use for cardmaking ......

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