Monday, 26 November 2012

Card Challenge - July to Dec 2006

July found me receiving labels, jigsaw pieces and pretty paper, I did not record my challenge but it consisted of a shaped card, some paper flowers, buttons and a ribbon.
Received Challenge

Sent Challenge

My card

Received card
Interesting insert
Sent challenge
August brought some interesting pieces sent to me, tiny beads forming initials, ribbon and printed borders. 
Received Challenge

 I sent another shaped card, ribbon, peel offs and pretty paper.

My card

Received card

September Challenges were interesting. 

Sent Challenge

 I sent some yummy stickers and pink chiffon and silver card while I received cut out butterflies, flowers and pots. 
Received Challenge

 Unfortunately I forgot to scan my sent card but I am sure it was a most excellent design!  lol

October meant that I could sent beautiful Autumnal shades of brown - brown ribbon, leaves on paper and brads. 
Sent Challenge

Received challenge

 I received lavender card, patterns and butterflies.

my card made from my challenge pieces

my sent card

And my last recorded Challenge for 2006

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  1. Hi, Christine,
    You have such pretty cards! I especially like the lavender and yellow one, with flowers.
    I want to tell you that you made my day with your comment! I really like to do challenges, so that is where I find the different layouts and other aspects to make the different cards. I also like to concentrate on one type of card each year - I just do not like to make so many alike! A word of warning, however, about this hobby - it can be easy to start with limited supplies, but it is also easy to find so many things to try!
    By the way, there are digital images available at low cost, and some freebies, too, if this is a product you can use.
    Please let me know if you receive this. I would be glad to give more information about my cards if you are interested.
    Maybe it would be best to exchange ideas by e-mail if you are interested.


I make my cards for sheer pleasure so thank you for taking the time to comment.