Sunday, 4 November 2012

How I started Card Making

Oh! so many years ago that I have lost track!!!  I started with my cross stitching and then branched out into 'paper' and the original idea was to recycle .......... whatever I could so that was wrapping paper and ribbons and whatever else I could lay my hands on.  I am not an artist by any means and many of my cards leave my side with me thinking - that's not good but it will have to do.
As with so many areas in my life ...... when I'm good  .... I'm very good, but when I'm bad ..... I'm hopeless!!!!
I didn't record them all - which is a shame for me but a blessing for you!!!

I discovered Webshots back in 2006 so that is where my records start.  I hope that you and I will see a big improvement over the years but .................... 

I joined a card swap group on Yahoo to encourage me to make a more varied style.  I joined the challenges first so that I had a starting place.

A member sends a selection of papers and embellishments to a designated partner.  The partner makes a card out of this and posts it back to the sender.   
This is my first recorded swap ................

These are the 'bits' that were
sent to me
These are the 'bits' that I sent

I always found these challenges to be very exciting although I don't think my work conveyed that!
I made this card
Ann made this card
I made this card as another
I was very pleased with both my cards and very surprised how much
differently Ann interpreted her card.  I love it!

No cricut, or other cutting machines here - not invented yet!!!
How sad!  lol

So now I am on my long and winding path of becoming a cardmaker..............

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