Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WOYWW #232

I am sure the clock is going faster ......Wednesday again!?!?!
A day for showing off my workdesk .... why you ask .... I blame that Julia.... all her fault .... but .... if she hadn't started the WOYWW factor I would not have so many good friends .... among them are Peggy and Patsy over in the Philippines.
I am so relieved that they are ok but sooo many people are not .... the BBC World Service is playing requests for help in finding family from the islands and it is heartbreaking .... our love and prayers and (((hugs))) MUST go out to the Philippines as the World reaches out to help with aid.
Here is my work desk today - taken early this morning and now much changed but at that very early hour ....
I know it is dark - I had all the lights on - even the sun was only just waking up!!
I am making ATCs again ..... blinging ones!!!  I have finished the 'Kitchen' ones and put to them side, now I am starting on the bling ...... sparkly peel offs, and nail varnish .... yes! you heard  right .... nail varnish.  I can't find my glitters, and embossing powders, so nail varnish is the next best thing - all the sparkly ones that is.  The paper with lines on is where I have been testing all the colours that I think will work.  Interesting!
So tonight - now I have remembered what day it is!!! - I have the cards on the side waiting to be finished (dried) and my desk is all clear ready to start on some cards.
So that's what's happening here .... I am off to visit other desks now so toodle pip ...


  1. love the look of the nail varnish on the dark ATC's. i picked some up at a thrift sale the other day-
    I'll get back to the ATC swap after the new year.
    thanks for visiting and the snoop around your place
    Robyn 14

  2. Nail varnish - I'd love to see how that worked out. Thanks for your visit earlier. I'm afraid we still only have half the kitchen doors, but that is better than no kitchen doors at all! Can we hope for a kitchen in which to cook the turkey??? We'll see! Have a great WOYWW! Julie Ann xx

  3. Good idea using the nail polish. I have a beautiful sparkely purple. Should be pretty on black.

  4. Ooh, I love your fireworks, they are pretty.
    Have a good day.
    Chris #41

  5. Love the pop of color on the dark background. Peg R #102

  6. The black ATC make the bling all the blingier ! Great look ! Ali #36

  7. Glittery nail polish excellent! and thanks for giving me permission to treat myself, I might just do that when I am feeling better, getting there - thanks for visiting me BJ#64

  8. Love the colours - look like fireworks! Enjoy the bling. Thanks for visiting earlier - yes, I am most blessed having a lovely long space to work in - mind you, I still fill it right up!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #42

  9. Love the sparkle! Hmm! Drak days are never good for photos are they? Thanks for your visit earlier, I'm afraid the film was disappointing - GC had a helmet on most of the time and all the rolling around in space made me feel a little queasy (may have been better without the 3D effect!) Chris61

  10. I love the two cards I can see beside your new ATC´s. :)

    Thanks for sharing your desk.

    Have a great week!
    Susan nr 44 woyww

  11. Wow lots happening on your desk. What a great idea to use nail varnish.
    Thank you for visiting me.
    Karen #62

  12. Happy Belated WOYWW. Will have to get my nail vanishes out now ! Ali x #73


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