Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Background Making Day

I had such fun just trying so much out.  Some I like and some I will cover over with something else.  Who knows which or with what.

I sorted out all my stencils, nets, punchings, stamps, Gesso and glues.
I mean business.

I am using green card as I have an excess of it at the moment.

Card One - spread with Gesso using my fingers to form smallish swirls and put to dry.  I then used three sizes of bubble wrap with red ink stamp pad to press the pattern all over the A4 sheet.

Card Two - while the Gesso is open I covered the Art Nouveau 'stencil' so that the outline stands proud.  I stamped a banner stencil with yellow, an ivy leaf with blue, some punchings in various colours.  I painted through the Art stencil with yellow H2O pearls, brushed it over the gesso in the top right and then, using all three colours brushed it zig zag style in the lower corner.

Card Three - I tapped a varied colour ink pad over this sheet, spritzed with three colours and put to one side to dry.  When dry, I used an open card to spray a circle or two.  I stenciled a few flower shapes using the punchings and then .... used my brayer and various inkpads to bray along the 'lines' to give a cross hatch.

Card Four - I used an ivy stencil with a red inkpad and then turned it over and pressed it down to give a negative, and then pressed it again  which gave a slightly paler print.  Taping down one of my nets I sprayed the page with spritzer and stencilled some of it with yellow H2O.  When dry I used an ivy patterned brayer in lines of green.

Card Five - I placed circles of card randomly on the paper, stamped with the varied inkpad, dabbed Gesso randomly, added some gold paper bits and put to one side to dry.  I then removed the circles and stamped random images over the dry paper.

I took a sheet of white tissue paper and scrunched it up tightly into a ball.  Opening it out, I stamped a fir tree stamp in blue and black along the length.

Going back into my room the next day I decided I wasn't really happy with the randomness of sheet five so I adhered the tissue paper using Gesso and put it to dry.

I still don't know!!

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