Friday, 13 December 2013

Sympathy Cards

Sadly I have had occasion to make a couple of Sympathy cards just recently.  I am not very good with writing sentiments so I made one that was really plain and yet ...
The first card came as a kit - from a long time ago - and was not intended as a Sympathy card but I changed the peeloffs.
One white card with the lower half covered in black/white paper - here I have used dots but, on occasion, I have also used stripes.  I wrapped a black ribbon round the patterned paper before attaching it to the card.  Use another piece of ribbon to tie a bow round the ribbon strip and the stem of a flower.  Tuck a small tag with the peel off behind the ribbon using a glue dot.
I wrote my message inside, without a verse, and sent it off.  I hope that my love came through.

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