Wednesday, 10 December 2014

WOYWW #288

Empty Desk!!!

I am in the middle of making Christmas Cards, see the glitter, see the ribbon, see the pictures .....

These are finished - yeah!!

Oh! Not quite ..... need some inserts ..... hence the empty space on my desk, needed for cutting and folding and sticking and stamping and ..... POSTING!

That's my week taken care of .... except for visiting with my friends ..... my WOYWW friends that is.

So off we go .......


  1. I don't use inserts for my cards but stamp a greeting into the card... saves me so much time!! Great work though. I forgot the glitter this year, lol!! Helen 8

  2. cards coming together ! such a relief to have everything posted - I posted mine today - phew ! Ali #64

  3. Well done, Christine, you're nearly there! I did inserts on the PC and am very happy with the way they turned out. I get two on an A4 sheet of paper, then fold in half and punch rounded corners. A dab of glue and Bob's your uncle. Have a great week, Chris # 13


I make my cards for sheer pleasure so thank you for taking the time to comment.