Thursday, 4 December 2014

WOYWW #287

Sorry I am late coming to the party but at least I am here!!!  Thank you Julia for leaving the door open so that I can sneak in!
I spent yesterday at this desk …… 

My first attendance at an Art Class!!!
I cannot draw so let’s get that straight immediately – I don’t intend to learn to draw, I don’t have enough time!!
But I can learn about shading, proportion, perspective …. Sounding arty already aren’t I?
I had a lovely session with similar minded people, oldies in body – young in mind, beginners, nothing to losers. 
I have wanted to go to Art Classes for years (my family are very good at art, nothing left when this late baby came along!!). 
The Lord says in His Word that He will give us the delights of our hearts so excuse me while I explain why I am there.
It was when I stood on the banks of a very wide and deep river in Africa baptising folks that I realised the truth in His Word.  As I looked out across the river I heard in my head the voice of a little girl saying “when I grow up I want to be a Missionary in Africa”  and here I was – 50 years later …
So now I am going to an Art Class.
Woop! Woop! To Jesus!!! 
And being an age when I ‘have the time’ to receive His Blessings.

Now you know why I am late attending WOYWW, but this won't stop me visiting …….  See you even later!!!


  1. Art class sounds like great fun. And I am very impressed with your work. Cala lillies are one of my favorite flowers.
    April #43

  2. Well, it seems to me tha tyou had great fun. And OK if you wanna say you cannot draw I'll accept that. Judging from your work book though, I'd say you're absolutely great at shading! So I'm late commenting, you were late's all evens!!

  3. Art classes are always so much fun! It looks like you certainly learned a lot and enjoyed yourself and that's what it is all about!
    Beth P
    #49 WOYWW


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