Wednesday, 22 June 2016

WOYWW #368

Good to have Julia joining us this week.  Keep up the good work.
Thanks to Jan for hosting again - hope that this weekly meet up is getting easier to arrange.
What's it all about?   Check out the tab at the top of this post ......

So what have I been up to I hear you ask? 
 Why has there been no input on the old PC?  
Well, I'l tell you .....

This is the desk I have been working on.  
I have ticked off my list of swaps....tried to print out some paperwork.  
My black inkwould not co-operate so I had muted grey, which is very nice but not quite right.  
Have managed to get it to print now, it has taken nearly all week off and on but then again .....  I have been at the Chemist, Doctors, Hospital ........ 

 I had some new tablets from the Doctor, I felt fine but he did insist so ...... This rash appeared ...... return visit informed me it was just a side effect and would go away - yeah!  By Friday night both legs were burning up, I stopped taking the tablets and applied cold compresses.

Saturday morning I was awoken with a phone call to say that PJ had fallen and (he was in Derby with the Steam Engine 6201) would be on the next train home.  I met him at New Street Station with his glasses and ended up in Hospital with him having his head stitched.  As the Doctor stitched his head she noticed my leg - couldn't miss it really! - and suggested I went back to the Doctors with it.
I went back Monday and now the Doc wants me to try a different tablet  ... hmmm ....
SIL's foot got crushed at work so we were at a different A & E for him!!

All in all an eventful week ...... 

I'm afraid visiting, crafting, life in general was put on hold but we are all ok now and getting our lives back ..... I would say back to normal but  ..... that's not us!!  One of the good things to come out of this is that I have crocheted another pile of baby blankets!

I hope to catch up with as many desks as I can this week, also with the life that was put on hold while I was incapacitated.   Maybe I will take up a craft .....

You all have a good week, take things easy but above all ..... enjoy!


  1. It seems everyone is in the wars at the moment and this sort of malarkey just gets in the way doesn't it x Jackie

  2. Goodness, you've had a week and a half..I really hope that everyone is getting over the various issues and that no more occur.
    The link seems to be happy this week but I'm not going to tempt fate by saying that it's all ok!
    Hugs, LLJ xxx

  3. What a week and I do hope it get better for you and your family. Did you go back to your Dr.??
    sandra de @18

  4. Hi Christine, blimey, you will need your own parking space at A&E if you keep this up.Glad you are getting the pills sorted, nothing worse than having an allergic reaction to some.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xxx

  5. Good grief! You certainly have been in the wars! It's awful to have adverse reaction to meds. I smiled when the A&E doc told you to go to the doctors!
    I hope things will get back to normal and that all the damage will be healed soon.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Greetings from sunny Spain,

  6. Is that all?! (sorry, couldn't resist) Hope you are all fighting fit soon, and over your rashes, cuts, bruises, scrapes and the rest. take care, much love. Helen #1

  7. Yikes - sounds like quite the week! I hope they get you sorted out with the tablets and Pj's head feels better.

    Take care!
    Sharon K #37

  8. Gosh, that just had to be the worse stroke of bad luck I have read about in a long time. Just hope you are all feeling much better now and that your SIL's foot is ok.
    Take care this week and stay indoors when you can.
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  9. Wow - lots of accidents going on - I hope you all heal quickly.
    April #34

  10. Speedy recovery to all of you & welcome back to crafting, xoxox Donna #4


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