Sunday, 10 July 2016

July Birthday

I wanted to include the chickens on PJ's birthday card .... they have been a focus in his life for some time.
Once I found the chickens on A Day for Daisies Blog I knew I had found one set of elements for my card.  I went into the shop but couldn't find them anywhere so I emailed Customer Services explaining how I had found the chickens on the blog but could not find them in the shop.
Within hours I not only had a reply with a link to all three chickens, but had bought them and printed them out ready to use!  The best Customer Service!!
I printed out lots of copies of the chickens as I wanted to make their pinnies out of different papers.  I spent several hours over several days, cutting and colouring all the elements. 
I cut out the number 0 from a grunge paper with technical drawings, the 7 from a kitten paper.

Once the card was 'complete' I realised that the chickens were not going to be happy on this card! 
Then I added an acetate cover ...... the chickens were quite happy to sit upon this ..... so I tied a raffia bow along the fold line.  Finished.

So here is the card .....

It is difficult to get a good picture of the chickens sat upon the acetate, I popped the acetate open with an eraser, don't know if it works but it's the best I could manage. 

Don't know if this is any better?

Hope PJ likes it. 

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