Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bikini Card

This is the 'sketch' for this month.  I love this idea but don't really have a clue how to even start.  In all good offices, a 'brain-storming' meeting ends with some really good ideas .... some useful, some not so useful, but better than when the meeting started!!

So I filled my bag with paper, cards, pencils, template, photos etc and went off to C.R.U.N.C.H., my local craft group.
I arrived early so laid out all the goodies and waited for the members to arrive, which they duly did and were immediately intrigued.
After lots and lots of discussion, some smutty remarks, much laughter, cups of coffee .... we started.

There were only four of us round the table, the number of members attending varies from week to week, so we had plenty of room to spread our stash.

We drew on the pink cards, some folded first, some folded and cut the other side to match.

We chose our papers, discussed how to cut them, drew the template on the card (!) and stuck down the papers, added ribbon trims.

We laughed so much it was a really good session.  
We decided to alter the template shape slightly after we had stuck down the main papers so that we could add 'straps', this caused more laughter as we tried to work out the best way to cut the card.

Everyone said what a great morning it had been, and how pretty the finished cards were.  I think that even the 'non' cardmakers were surprised at what a good time we had all had.  

It is very difficult to photograph the card to show the inside (or backside) decoration, I didn't really have the time to photograph them separately as we had overrun by 15mins.

I will show my complete card once it has been received by my partner.

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  1. LOVE those bra cards, great papers, great to have a group to sound off and have a laugh with. I look forward to seeing the big picture ;)


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