Saturday, 1 April 2017

Sympathy Cards

You know how it is when you know you ought to do something but other things take preference ...... then it catches up with you ....
I just knew I should replace a couple of cards in my stash ......
Saturday says 'Do it NOW!

One to go to a female friend and one to a male neighbour.

I love this decoupage design and use it frequently in various forms.  This time I have decoupaged just the oblongs and put the rose to one side.  I attached the design to a kraft card from my stash and then added some brown velvet ribbon along the lower edge.  
I used this ribbon from my stash because it matched the brown on the image borders and, although appearing dark and hard, is quite soft to the touch.  The tiny flowers were added as a finishing touch.
This card is for my friend who has recently lost her father.

During the course of this week, our neighbour informed us his had lost his sister .....
I wanted to make a 'soft' card this time, but not too floral.  
I tried to keep it simple ....a small bouquet and matching mats.  
The sentiment maybe a bit harsh but it is all I have for the moment.

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  1. Both Beautiful card and I don't think the sentiment is harsh, - it is with sympathy!


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