Thursday, 14 February 2013

Washi Tape and Pokey Things

Woo! Hoo!  I have used the Washi Tape referred to in my previous tape.

I was busy 'sorting' and re-arranging in my craft room when I found a pack of felt tip pens, so what's a girl to do but try them out.
 So I did, I spent a lovely couple of hours colouring ......... lovely couple of hours.
When it came to tidy up time I didn't want to put them away so I left them out and went to do tea.  Whilst discussing the afternoon's work with DH I realised I needed 'something' to store these pens i, and suggested we went to McD's soon so I could get a (clean) coffee cup to hold them.
You know the light bulb feeling?
of course you do!!
As I spoke I realised I could use one of his infamous tins - suffice to say he works on steam engines and needs tins for his paint, oils etc. so we always save tins (and butter tubs).  He just happened to have one I could use, but it needed decorating and what was still on my desk - you got it!  Washi Tape.  There we have it  - unplanned pretty container for pens + one happy lady.

I have also remembered to take a photo of my pokey thing in operation ...........

You will probably have to enlarge the photo to see better, I used my phone camera and forgot to zoom in!

After ignoring the rather large coffee cup ring, you can see my pokey thing with bling attached.
I am placing black beads along the pink ribbon on this card; I dip my pokey thing on the top of a Pritt Stick, give it a bit of a roll so that it picks up a tiny amount of glue.  I can then place it on the back of the bling and transfer it to where I want.
I also use a poky thing for poking my die cut decoupage pieces out, poking out the corners of my Teabag folded tiles, scratching my back............
A pokey thing is a very useful thing to have around!

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