Wednesday, 6 February 2013


First off -  Thank you for all your kind comments left last week.  I am much recovered, not at full strength - whatever that is - and getting about, I have even been out for a walk.
But onto the reason we are gathered here today ................. What's On my Work desk (all is explained on the tab marked WOYWW)

Please now do your morning neck exercise .......... I cannot tilt the picture horizontal.   I have tried and tried and tried ........... I think blogger has decided that the colour should be at the top of the picture.  (I have loads of horizontal copies in several programs but blogger likes it this way up!!)

The ladies are ready to be placed on cards and my new best friends are in sight, namely the bit of plastic and the two strips of metal.
I am trying to make an easel card for one of my swaps, may even find itself entered in a challenge, we shall have to see how it goes.
I cannot cut a straight line, even if I measure it.  I put it down to being left handed using right handed shears - yes! I have tried left handed scissors but they don't cut correct either, the paper is the wrong side!!! (after 50 odd years of using right handed scissors they just don't feel right!).  Then I had a light bulb of those plastic triangle thingys would give me a correct corner - hence one of my new best friends.
I don't have much feeling in the ends of my fingers - figured they are worn out after a lifetime of use!!! The two strips of metal are pokey things ...... I know they look like very old rusted double ended knitting needles but come round here and I'll prove they are excellent pokey things!!!

Enjoy the day!


  1. Hi Christine - you need to put the photo on the other side next week or we will all have lopsided neck muscles!! :-) You made me chuckle. Gorgeous ladies whatever their angle. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 52

  2. Christine: Love those vintage stylish ladies! Your coloring is fabulous too! Thanks for the visit and kind words. Week 2 of WOYWW for me and having a blast.

  3. Well that did give me such a chuckle and I imagined hundreds of WOYWWers with their heads craned to one side! I was also going to suggest, like Helen, next week put it on the other side so we don't get stiff necks Better still, easy peasy, take landscape photos in the first place! Keep on improving healthwise!
    Love jo x

  4. I like your images of the ladies very clear and dressed to impress. Are they stamps or digital? Tamika #126

  5. Taking your word for it on the pokey-ness of your pokey things!! Genius idea for the corner thingy..necessity being the mother of invention and all!

  6. interesting concept of pokiness! I love trying different things so might have to try the pokey goodness there! Love the images of the girls you colored! Very vintage! Thanks for sharing and visiting my desk! Hope you have a great week! Vickie #32

  7. hahaha I thought you were lying on your side to craft
    Bridget #2

  8. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, Christine. I hope you haven't got a crick in your neck from all that crafting at a 90-degree angle lol!! Thanks for your nice comment. I like a girl who has her priorities right - although I might just get my new ARTHaven sorted BEFORE I sort the bed lol!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,

  9. Oooh, are those some Kanban stamps? I've just discovered how wonderful they are and I love your ladies. Colored very very nicely! :) But what do you use your pokey things for? I've reread your post but still can't figure it out! lol I know what you mean about cutting a straight line, I gave up and just use a guillotine or a craft paper cutter, which both work pretty well and give you perfectly straight lines. I think I understand about your picture...then again your program may be different than mine, but in my photo editing program, and in the folder before I upload them too, if I right click on a picture it will give me the option to rotate it by angle and then I can get it right, but I have to do that before I add it to blogger. You've probably tried that though, huh? :) Anyways, glad you are feeling better this week and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment already. :) Deeyll #42

    1. Queen Lightwell, they are free digi stamps from here:

  10. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I love those vintage ladies, thank you so much for the link to them. I've printed some out and they are waiting for me to color them. :-)
    HeatherM #159


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