Wednesday, 12 June 2013

99 Birthday Card

This is the first time I have made one of these!

Doris is a lovely lady, trying to be independent in every way.  I made this card for her using some numbers I fell in love with while we were in Oban. 
 I found some card that had just the right amount of matching sparkle  and cut it to size.  

I then sat looking at it and trying to work out how I could decorate the card without detracting from the numbers. 

I made a mask the same size as the base card and then cut an oblong the same size as the sparkle card.  When this mask was attached I sprayed the base with my spritzer and left to dry.  Painting the edges of the numbers with a small amount of the spritzer from my work mat brought the numbers into definition   I punched the corners of the card and then attached to the base fitting it over the sprayed oblong, positioning the numbers, banner and stars in place. 

I used the spritzer on some plain paper so that I could make the insert and decided to round the corners of both the insert and the card.

Happy 99th Birthday Doris!


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