Monday, 9 September 2013

September Swaps for CWS

Continuing on from my earlier post I have decided to send my 'doily' card as one of my swaps this month.
This very pretty card popped through my letterbox just as I was leaving for my Autumn break.  I didn't have chance to look at it until I came home and I love the pink flowers on the grey background.
Thank you Jane

I used a Scrapito card and backed it onto a pale orange plain card centred on a cream card.  I did not feel it needed a sentiment as there was so much colour already on it.

This very delicate card, created  with so much thought came through the post while I was away.  Pink again and so delicate looking with its parchment flower.
Thank you Robin

I puzzled abut this month's Colour My World Swap for some time -  Pink Card with Red Embellishments and one other colour.
I had found all my Spirelli equipment when tidying up the other week so decided to make some more discs, and chose white ones with red threads.
I attached a doyley and then centred the larger spirelli in the middle.  The smaller one fitted onto the top using a 3D sticker which I decorated with a red multicoloured dragonfly.  I used little flowers along the bottom of the card and then coloured a sentiment in matching red.

I received this pretty pink card in return.
Thank you Jacklyn 
UPDATED: 29.09.2013

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