Tuesday, 17 September 2013

WOYWW #224

Eagle eyed people may notice that there hasn't been much activity round here this week ...........
Room was tidied once the Velcro was found, books and doilies placed ready for use on desk top but since then    .................

The cold has hit in - aches and pains also arrive - We went to town and bought the lace for the cushions, and bought the fire, and bought a TV Unit, and we moved some slabs, and laid some turf in their place, and then it rained and then we were so k*******d we spent most of the next day in bed!!!  Sleeping!!

I did make a start on my cushions, all three sides stitched ready for the lace when I discovered the machine had decided to stop sewing, not completely just here and there.  A whole day was spent sorting this out, new needles, new bobbins, new cotton ................ new machine needed!!!

And....... our new ISP has been very hit and miss, so I didn't bother switching on!!

Altogether an eventful week!   ............ and how was your week?  .....more importantly .....how's your work desk?

Have a happy WOYWW week ...........


  1. Well what a week you have had!
    I hope the rest in bed has recharged your batteries!
    A new sewing machine needed......... That's a cost you were not expecting!
    Good luck
    Jackie 31

  2. Sounds like you have had a busy week. Desk is lovely and tidy, wish mine was this tidy but never is!

    Thanks for sharing your crafting space and have a great week

    Candace #60

  3. Poor you - a bit of a grotty week! I do hope the coming days see you feeling 100 per cent better and that that sewing machine either gets fixed or you can replace it: what a nuisance! Have a happy WOYWW! Julie Ann xx #45

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Are you making a dress with those doilies? happy crafting #1

  5. There may not have been much activity on your desk but you have been a very busy bee! No wonder the aches and pains have kicked in. Hope things calm down so you can fit in some crafting. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 67 x

  6. Oh dear !!! Sounds like you have a few Gremlins :-( I hope it all gets sorted soon and you feel a bit more energetic too :-)


    IKE in Greece #49 xx

  7. oh Christine
    you poor thing you have had a dreadful week I really feel for you.
    I am right there with you one the aches and pains as the cold wet weather is causing my arthritis to flare up.
    I am hoping and praying that you have a much better week and things start working for you
    Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
    Ria #61

  8. Hi Rita,

    You sound quite upbeat despite your eventful week!

    I hope next week is a better one.

    Cazzy x #95

  9. Definitely sounds like you have had better weeks. I hope you are feeling better soon and you get your sewing machine sorted. Happy WOYWW! Danie #38

  10. That little doily dress is amazing!

    Marissa #120


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