Tuesday, 1 April 2014

WOYWW #252

Hello there ...
Another busy week and it is Wednesday again!   WOYWWednesday ... Thank you Julia for hosting ....

I want to record that I have at last managed to make my BIG BOX for my cards.  I finish my cards and put them to one side in a box, so I am accumulating several of these boxes ... what I need is a bigger box to put them all in and one day I will make one ...... that day has arrived!
So far I have covered the outside in Winnie the Pooh paper - orange (what?) with Tigger on (Tigger's ok).

Now that it is finished - for the time being, now I will recycle that McD's bag on the left.  I aim to use that for ATCs.  The Hat things are still there, I dare not move them or they will just disappear ... I know they will and ... while I was looking for the paper, I found some Easter sentiments, pictures and embellis so they are also in my desk ready to use.    
I may appear to be very busy and 'organised' at the moment but I am on a 'high' as we are arranging a trip to Paris.
I am suffering from severe Paris withdrawal symptoms and, anyhow, I need some new underwear ....  from C & A .... in Paris .... not my fault if they closed all their branches in England!!! 

Enjoy the week ... thank you in advance for your visits ....au revoir ...


  1. Doesn't it feel good to complete projects! Had a giggle about your underwear... Hope you find what you like! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol n #25

  2. Tigger's great,he always makes me smile! Such a happy box to house all your lovely cards! Enjoy your trip to Paris and the new knickers! :)
    Kate #62

  3. So satisfying to build up a collection of finished cards instead of chasing to do one by the deadline, eh? Something I'm always intending to do. And visiting Paris? Yes, another thing on my bucket list - enjoy! Chrysalis 53

  4. Very organised Christine...and you'll be getting new undies too ;D
    I thought C&A were a thing of the past but if my hubby hears they're still around he'll be arranging a trip. He still wears some C&A thermals! Oh no that's probably too much information and now you'll be scared by that vision.
    My apologies.
    Just think about Paris. It's been 20+ years since I was there but the memories are still so vivid.
    Enjoy WOYWW and thanks for sharing.
    Neesie #86

  5. Love your box! Must say Paris is still one of my favourite places to visit and always includes a trip to both C & As - they do great kids clothes as well as for ourselves!! Have fun when you go! Chris96

  6. I always try to reuse boxes and cans and cover them up with paper or paper mache! I have been to Paris twice and always, it's been too short a visit!!! I would never think of buying underwear there though! I am more likely to haunt a flea market!!!

  7. Isn't is a blast when ya finally finish something . I wouldn't know that feeling lately.. LOL
    Hi happy woyww to you! Thanks for sharing!
    Kimmer #109 last, but not least, yet again... I think this is a record! LOL

  8. Great storage solution. Enjoy Paris- its a beautiful place, I agree. Have a great week, running around late this week, I lost Wednesday completely, lol. Hugs Shaz #55 xx

  9. On well done, nothing like actually doing the thing you've been thinking about. I love that you buy your undies in Paris, it's one of those references that makes us all so individual!


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