Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mother's Day Cards

At this time of year ... I really miss my Mam ... really, really.  I miss buying the bunch of violets that I bought every Mothering Sunday, the look on her face ... she knew I would buy them and yet .... she hoped I wouldn't forget .... I didn't .... ever.
Violets are not on sale anywhere nowadays .... I have  a small patch growing in my garden!
This year I am sending Mothering Sunday cards .... to my children ... to remind them that I love them.
I searched on the net for an appropriate sentiment, printed it out twice with different borders and trimmed to the size I wanted.
For C it had to be purple, for N it had to be red ...

So I backed the quote onto the individual colours and added flowers in the corners.

Whilst looking on the web I found a suitable quote for TK and changed all the lettering and borders to Pink - a very modern girl is TK!

I backed the quote onto a pink sparkly background and added a leatherette flower.  Modern girl is TK.

My cards were loved .... 

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  1. Lovely work Christine.. you're right mother's are precious. Shaz in Oz. X


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