Wednesday, 18 June 2014

WOYWW #263 (starts with a rant which can be skipped!)

I love Wednesdays and visiting desks ..... I must remember not to phone the Doctors's Surgery until after I have 'signed in'.

I am in need of new tablets - in April I had a heart 'incident' which meant I spent the day in hospital and am now taking a googly selection of tablets - so, in my simplicity, thought I would find out if they were on a repeat prescription or if I had to order them.  I phoned and gave them my number (D.O.B, quite Scriptural as the Book of Revelation says we will have numbers) so that they could find out my name ..... I then explained that I wondered if my new tablets were on Repeat Prescription, the receptionist spoke over me so I had to stop speaking to listen to her and the upshot of it all was that I was soooo upset over this 'me trying to say something and her talking over me' when all I wanted was a yes or a no.  
She couldn't give me one lot of tablets because the computer said I was too early              that shut me up     
Finally, after much 'discussion' the answer was yes .... I can go to my Chemist and pick up my tablets.
What a to do!  I am left angry, upset, my blood pressure must've gone through the roof (yet again after talking to them) and I am now in tears as the pressure is released and I am venting out to you all.   
Why do I not change Doctor's you ask?  'Cos I live in an area where that surgery is the only one I can reach without a car ..... I do not drive or ride a bicycle and there is no bus to the only other Drs near to me.   
THANK YOU - I feel much better now ............ 
END OF RANT .......

Let us talk of better things ...... my desk (or dumping ground)

 I was creating some 'fairy' ATCs when I was called out to visit a DIY shop (wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper...).  Wallpaper samples later were cut and placed into red edged rexels and put under a weight to flatten.  Then, when looking for embellishments, I found an article on Ribbon Embroidery, this has to be revisited.  
On the way to Crunch (Craft at Lunch) I popped into W H Smiths. as one does, and saw some ribbons at 24p a roll so they fell into the basket along with a mag (four embossing folders free!).  I did make it to crunch where we made an 'envelope' photo album wrapped with a band - a piece of red paper in my case!!?!
Eagle eyes may also see my Summer of Colour ATC still on my desk and the envelope to a WOYWW 5  ATC sent from Dianne (midteacher).
I will tidy up at some point today - if it rains - otherwise I shall be working and it will have to wait until tomorrow!
So that is my desk for today - messy but happy.
I am thankful that Julia is back safely amongst us, nay leading us, and is hosting, once again, all these desks (so varied and noisy!)  More WOYWW info can be found at the top of the page.
Thank you for visiting and listening to my rant - or skipping past if you're wise - have a good week with lots of laughter .....


  1. Love the Fairy ATC's! I also spy the my envie on your desk. Diane #40

  2. Oh poor Christine you do seem to be having problems. Hope you get them sorted soon.
    Nice busy desk there, have fun playing with the ribbons and the embossing folders
    Bless you
    Chris #34

  3. What an upset it's been for you Christine , I hope you feel better soon . A lovely busy desk . Happy woyww Jill #9

  4. Oh dear, Christine. Sorry you are having such problems with your surgery. I have to confess that ours is just brilliant. I can ring at about 8.15 and get an appointment for that day, or ask for a Dr to visit, or ask for advice and a Dr to ring me back - and all is done with cheerfulness and courtesy. The receptionists are lovely, and I am always able to have a good laugh and natter with them. Great fun desk, lots to peek at - and note to self - look out for that magazine!!
    Take care. God bless.

  5. Hope you get your health problems straightened out.
    Desk has lots of goodies! Enjoy playing! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #59

  6. Hi Christine- you would expect a receptionist to have better manners, really I agree. How rude! Love your desk shot, so much to see! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #30 xx

  7. Hope your surgery soon sorts you out, I cannot believe how rude some of them seem. Great desk, and some bargains to boot! Helen 11

  8. May your surgery be soon so you can be on the mend waiting sucks, and it seems that doctors don't want to listen past 30 seconds.
    4 embossing folders for free in a magazine what a steal :)
    Happy late woyww hugs Nikki 6

  9. Oh! How frustrating! We have moved away from a very annoying system to a new improved surgery - except that when it works it's brilliant, and when it doesn't it's the most annoying place to be ever! As for getting a prescription "early" I was virtually put on trial before they would allow that!!! Meanwhile….love your bargains - hope you get some playtime!!! Chris47 x

  10. Hi Christine, I can never understand what it is with receptionists. Some of them speak to you as though you are guilty of something or disturbing them.
    Anyway, have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #45

  11. Just so you know, sounds much like my doctors, the grass is never greener and better the devil you know that the one you don't. Hang in there and praise the LORD that the answer was YES no matter how difficult it was to get it. HUGS BJ


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