Wednesday, 4 February 2015

WOYWW #296

Welcome to my desk on this very cold but sunny Wednesday.
I am showing you my desk in all its glory as part of the What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday Blog hop hosted by our wonderful Julia.  Please do join in - we have a lot of fun and .... sometimes we even learn ....
So here I am, busy making ATCs.  I have already finished Chinese New Year - Year of the Goat swap cards which I have drawn and painted.  I have nearly finished Flying Creatures Swaps which I have Iris Folded with some soft papers and touches of glitter.
I am about to start on Paint Sample cards which, apart from the actual paint samples, I have only ideas on how to finish them.  The paint samples all have wonderful names - Pretty in Pink, Woolly Mint - which caused YD and me much amusement when we were choosing the samples.  The suggestion was ..... polo mints with fluff on!  Ho! Ho! He! He!
See what  I have to put up with?  I doubt if we will be allowed in the shop again!

So now I have shown you mine ..... so I am off to have a look at yours (if you leave a comment or not).


  1. I have a picture in my mind of a polo mint that has been lurking in the corner of a jacket pocket for a while...gathering lint...Love your pink hair is that colour in real life...not quite all of it, but about half! Thanks for the visit already. I am slow to get around today, we have country wide electricity issues and we are having load shedding...makes blogging rather dodgy at times. #56

  2. Haha I would have been laughing with you on the fluffy mints. Brilliant !!!
    Lynn 25

  3. Oh, I understand the hilarity! It's the stupid names on Distress Inks that gets me going.....Swampy Sage, Shark Infested Custard, that sort of thing :-) We'd have been tittering too!!
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  4. Awful when you get the giggles in shops isn't it! Mind you I can understand why - and one thing leads to another….Hugs, Chrisx43

  5. Hello!

    Thanks for stopping by today - much appreciated.

    Woolly Mint - hilarious.... I had visions of green sheep as well..... LOL The ATCs look fab.


  6. I like the sound of your shopping spree it does make you wonder though how people come up with these names. Makes it more fun to tell people you've got woolly mint on your walls hehehe. Thanks for visiting today it's really appreciated. Anita 49

  7. Well that got me thinking ..... Polo mints with coats on .... Well they are cool aren't they ha ha.
    You sound very busy with all the swaps etc.
    The reasons for the what lies beneath prompt Really aren't at all interesting. ...... I'm simply painting over something in a different way .... Sort of lol
    Have a fun week
    Janet @18

  8. Lol! Love the idea of choosing new names. If you want silly names, you don't have to look any further than Stampin' Up. I mean to say, "Certainly Celery"??? Give me a break.

    Thanks for your lovely comment - I really appreciate your prayers. I think the course is going to be very helpful, and I just hope I manage to get to most of them! No idea yet when my operation will be.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #89

  9. Hi Christine, I am so glad that you found my idea useful, I am here reading your comment over and over again, thrilled that I have inspired you to start a Backgrounds Journal. Can't wait to see what we come up with :P keep in touch :)

  10. Hi Christine, wow you have been busy - two swaps and now colour chip cards...great idea, I have used them but usually cut off the to rethink things don't I. Anyway have fun and thanks for visiting my desk Cheers RobynO#20

  11. I wonder how they come up with such weird names... stick words in a hat and pull them out maybe? Hope you get your swaps finished. Thanks for visiting. Helen 8

  12. Love your sense of humor! :D My husband acts up like that too in public, lol! Good luck with your ATCs and God bless!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #9

  13. Hi Christine, I often wonder how they come up with these names but they do make you smile.
    Thanks for the visit and happy crafting, Angela x

  14. Mm think somene must have been bit woolly in the head to chose Woolly Mint!!! Really?
    It's good being late as see other posts you've busy with. Lovely!!!
    Thanks for sharing and popping over too.
    Shaz in Oz.x

  15. Thanks for stopping by, it sounds like you and YD had a great time choosing paint samples. Do you think they employ someone to just come up with crazy names... what a job.
    sandra de @13

  16. Oh yes - I would have been chuckling too :) The swap sounds a fun one!

    Carmen x #53

  17. Love working with paint samples. Such pretty colors you found to play with! Creative Blessings! Kelly #83


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